This summer there are several Calisthenics events waiting for you. Whether Freestyle Calisthenics, Endurance or Static Strength, cash and non-cash prizes await everyone, as well as an incredible atmosphere and experience. | Calisthenics Summer Events 2021 in Germany

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by Daniel Terechow June 29, 2021

The event season is coming and calisthenics athletes around the world are looking forward to meeting other athletes again. Of course, everyone is welcomed to join!

We're happy to present 4 events that we'll support this summer:

1. Bremen City Cup on 17.07.2021

The start will be a Freestyle Battle in the middle of July, organized by Flythenics and Hood Training.

The first Calisthenics Freestyle Event 2021 in Germany will take place in Bremen. Everyone is invited to participate in workshops, Calisthenics battles and sessions. There will be lots of prizes again, plus the winner will automatically qualify for the Frankfurt City Cup Vol. 3.


Frankfurt City Cups have always brought a great energy before, thus spectators also benefit from an incredible experience and motivation.

For more information, check out the Flythenics and Hood Training pages:


2. Static Strength Meet Up by NRNS Calisthenics on 24.07.2021

Everyone can participate and has the chance to win great prizes, no matter if you are a professional athlete, or beginner

The event will not be a normal tournament, but will be held in Meet Up style. That means everyone is invited to present their skills, learn new skills or expand their knowledge or share it.

There is only one rule:

For long held statics (10seconds+) or combos (3 static holds) you can win prizes.

The whole event takes place in Spiessfeld Dieburg, where you have enough bars to let your creativity run free.

Here you can find the last Static Strength Meet Up:

Join the Telegram group for more information:


3. Final Rep Endurance Cup on 21.08.2021

At the end of August the next event in Jena is waiting for you!

The goal of this endurance competition is to complete a given sequence of exercises as fast as possible. There are no weight classes and no additional weight for the reps.

There are a total of 2 qualification rounds, each of which must be completed in under 5 minutes.

The times of the two rounds will be added together and the faster half of the participants will move into the semi-finals.


Qualification round Men: 


Qualification round Women:

Find more information on their website:


4. Machbar Maxout Competition 25.09.2021

The craziest weighted competition atmosphere in Germany may not be missing this year of course! The strongest athletes put their skills to the test in the One Rep Max Competition.

The event will take place in Spenge in the Machbar Gym.


Here you can find the official trailer for the event:


More information can be found on the Machbar Spenge page:


Be sure to save the dates in your calendar and don't miss any of these incredible events.

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