How I began with calisthenics and how you can profit from my experience and progress faster. Read the whole article here. | My calisthenics journey by Tibor Grabolle

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by Guest Author April 05, 2018

Welcome to the second blog of GORNATION.

Let me just introduce myself very quickly. My name is Tibor, I joined the movement latest and I am managing the Instagram page. But first I want to tell you something about my own experience with Calisthenics. 

My first ever contact with the sport was about 4 years ago. I was part of a two days workshop with great people and if I would have take the lessons seriously and stayed with Calisthenics I could have made all the great experiences earlier but unfortunately at this time my mind was more after lifting weights and just getting some muscles. I have to mention that I was skinny as a goat.
So I did weightlifting for two years but never really got into it. I felt that this way of strength training was not the right one for me, so I quit after two years. Then went for travelling and had some time without sport
Luckily when I came back I could feel that there was something missing in my life and as by magic I got some gymnastic rings from my father. This was the point where I started with calisthenics.
Even after a short time I could feel how good this sport fits into my imagination of physical exertion and how different it is compared to classic bodybuilding.
Now this was about half a year ago and my life has changed completely. I started with Instagram, got many supporters and people I can feed of with motivation and valuable tips. I got new friends and new thoughts about how I can show people a great possibility to get fit and healthy, mentally and physically without paying money for gym membership.
At this time my goal was to get a official Calisthenics trainer. I already had a group of friends which I was training frequently but how life goes the local university was looking for a cali trainer and I signed in for this job.
As a result I did a license course and got a officially licensed Calisthenics trainer.
About this time GORNATION came into my life as well. I was supporting this movement from the beginning of my career and really liked their clothes as well. But I didn't know the message behind it. That Calisthenics has to be shown to everybody! That your passion can also be your job! That we are stronger together! And that support is the best way to create a community!
A huge community.

Now I will give you some TIPS what I learned in my trainer course and by doing the sport.

Especially when you are a beginner, stay with the basics. Push ups and pull ups are great to gain a decent level of strength and there are so many different variations you can do them. When you can´t do them both ways (positive and negative) just do the negative motion and it will improve your strength a lot. Also if you want to achieve the muscle up. Don't use the resistance band, go for the negative muscle up and try to maximise the time on the bar. Negative motion is very helpful for every kind of motion you want to learn.
Always pay attention on a clean form. I am not the best example all the way through but I give my best to adapt it because it will avoid injuries and help you to do the sport as long as possible.
Look on your body position, keep the hollow body position all the time when you do push ups or even a plank. For examples check out YouTube.
Use your full range of motion to get as many parts as possible activated for a maximum gain of strength and muscles.
Be varied with your workout plan. Your muscles have a brain and if you give them new stimuli (new exercises, different execution) they will grow better.
Know your rest days! It is so important to make sure your body gets the right amount of rest to recover completely before you go for the next session. It doesn't mean you should go home after your workout and fall on your couch without never standing up again.
Its very good to do some stretching and mobility exercises about 3 hours after the workout or on a separated day but I wouldn't do static stretching before or after the training. It will either decrease your strength or destroy your muscles even more.
If you have any questions don't hold them back and ask me on Instagram @simply_calisthenics
That's it from my side. I am very happy to be a part of this movement and there is so much awesome stuff coming in the future. I hope everybody of you will be a part of it.

And DON´T forget: Never Give Up Only Pull Up!

Tibor :)

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