Push-up grips, mini bars or parallel bars - there are many names for this helpful workout equipment. Now take your push-up, handstand & planche training to the next level with the high quality & massive MAX parallels that are perfect for home and outdoor training. To the Online Shop! | Parallettes MAX for Calisthenics Home & Outdoor Workout | GORNATION

Premium Parallettes MAX

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The workout equipment for more performance - maximum stability due to solid construction & non-slip feet, best grip due to optimal 40mm wood and accessories like tape and spare feet for a successful workout. Optimal for maximum variety in exercises & possibilities.


  • Perfect grip during your workout due to high quality beech wood
  • Your training partner for life due to durable wood/metal construction
  • Highest quality construction with non-slip feet
  • Includes useful accessories such as tape for even better grip, carrying strap for easy transport & replacement feet to replace if lost
  • Loadable up to 350 kg per pair
  • Easy assembly with a few steps and the enclosed tools
  • Included in delivery: 2x Parallettes MAX, 1x Tape 2.0 of 10m, 2x replacement feet, 1x carry strap, instruction manual with contents for your workout


  • Diameter wooden handle: 40mm
  • Length wooden handle: 38cm
  • Dimensions of the Parallettes (LxWxH): 50 x 35 x 30cm
  • Weight of both Parallettes combined: 5,7kg/12.57lbs

premium parallettes pro specifikations


  • Dispatch with tracking within 24h Mo-Fr
  • 30 days return policy on unused products
  • More information about shipping & returns HERE


  • The Parallettes can be cleaned with a wet cloth without using chemical detergents, as they can cause damage
  • Store in dry place & in case of contact with moisture, dry with a dry cloth
  • Avoid contact with salt water
  • For optimal grip on the floor, regularly clean the rubbers on the feet of the Parallettes
"Maximum exercise variety in a single piece of equipment"


Are you unsure about choosing the right Parallettes? We've written a guide that compares the three versions and shows you the right one for your purpose.

Maximum variety of parallettes exercises

With the Premium Parallettes MAX, your parallettes workout can be highly customized. Whether it's learning specific skills like the handstand or L-sit, or performing a workout routine for beginners, you'll have reliable equipment at your side. With a height of 30 cm, Ab-Workouts or certain variations of exercises can be performed on the parallettes that are difficult or impossible on low parallettes. Start with a parallettes beginner workout and progress through exercises like Pike Push Ups, Tucked Planche Push Ups, Tucked Planche Holds or Planche Leans to more advanced skills like Handstand Push Ups or the Straddle Planche. Because you have more distance to the floor on the high parallettes, the workout can also be made easier. You can perform Triceps Dips, Incline Push Ups or a Frog Stand, as well as preliminary exercises for the L-Sit or V-Sit. Take your training to the next level with the premium wood and metal Parallettes from GORNATION.

Safety during parallettes training

Due to high-quality processing of the wooden parallettes, an optimal grip, on the 40 mm wood, is guaranteed for safe training. With high parallettes it is very important to have high stability. The Parallettes MAX represent a sturdy construction with non-slip feet, stainless screws, solid metal, and careful workmanship. The solid construction prevents rapid wear and makes your new equipment your companion in calisthenics workouts, whether in the home workout or outdoor. For outdoor workouts, any surface is suitable, whether on the beach, on green areas, or stone ground. For an even better grip, you can take your Parallettes MAX to the next level with the included cotton tape.

New muscle stimulation with the parallel bars

With a variety of exercises, you can work different areas of your body or muscles, such as variations of Push-Ups. The parallel bars increase the ROM (Range of Motion), allowing you to go further down on the Push Ups, making this exercise more difficult. This provides a greater demand on the chest and shoulder muscles, allowing you to make greater strength gains and build muscle in these areas. Explore new areas of strength training that will allow you to reach your goals faster and allow your body to overcome new limits. Training with weights, like in the gym, is no longer needed because with the help of parallettes you can always increase your training and overcome new challenges.

Buy parallettes for advanced skills

The high parallettes are perfect for learning advanced skills at the highest level in Calisthenics. Not only skills like the Full Planche, Maltese, or One Arm Handstand, but also Deep Handstand Push Ups, Impossible Dips, or Victorian Holds can be performed very well due to the height of the parallettes. On low parallettes, some of the skills that require a certain range of motion such as Handstand Push Ups or Deep Push Ups cannot be performed optimally. You can also train optimally on the Parallettes MAX with a resistance band to learn some mentioned skills or to further strengthen already mastered skills. The Premium Parallettes from GORNATION support you on your way to high-level Calisthenics skills. With the included carrying strap, you always have the Premium Parallettes MAX by GORNATION at your side.