Soon: New Bars

Soon: New Bars

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product shot of arm sleeves for calisthenics. Side viewproduct shot of arm sleeves for calisthenics. Front view
Arm Sleeves
Sale price24,90 €
High-quality ab wheel with knee pads by GORNATION for an effective abdominal muscle trainingKnee-friendly abdominal muscle trainer set with two practical foam pads
Ab Wheel
Sale price19,90 €
Two high quality Ankle Weights, each with up to 1kg weight Comfortable Ankle Weights with adjustable weight and size for maximum training variety
Ankle Weights 2x 1kg
Sale price24,90 €

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pre-orders will begin on June 3, 2024, 4PM CEST and will run until mid-July 2024. Make sure to mark your calendars and get ready to secure your new Bars!

Yes, there will be special pre-order prices on the new bars, but only for a limited time!
The discounts are only available for 14 days, so get your gear while the offer lasts!

The GORNATION pull up bars, including the Pull Up Bar Multi and Pull Up Bar Uni, feature a robust steel build with a black powder-coated surface for optimal grip. Both are designed for secure home workouts. The Multi is attachable to walls or ceilings and offers 30cm clearance, while the Uni is perfect for doorways, hallways, and beams, and offers 15cm clearance.

The main benefits of the Metal Parallettes are their dimentions, which offer a wide array of training possibilities. Both their height & length offer a lot of range of motion, allowing for deeper pushups, feet-assisted dips, L-sits and another exercises that benefit from a greater clearance off the ground. The sturdiness of the steel build is also a major benefit, in achieving an overall robust training experience.