Push-up grips, mini bars or parallel bars - there are many names for this helpful workout equipment. Take your push-up, handstand & planche training to the next level with the high quality & massive PRO parallettes, which are perfect for handbalancing. To the street workout equipment online shop! | Parallettes PRO for Calisthenics Home & Outdoor Workout | GORNATION

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Premium Parallettes PRO

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The workout equipment for more performance - maximum stability due to solid construction & non-slip feet, best grip due to optimal 40mm wood and accessories like tape and spare feet for a successful workout. Optimal for maximum balance & stability.


  • Perfect grip during your workout due to high quality beech wood
  • Your training partner for life due to durable wood/metal construction
  • Highest quality construction with non-slip feet
  • Includes useful accessories such as tape for even better grip, carrying strap for easy transport & replacement feet to replace if lost
  • Loadable up to 350 kg per pair
  • Delivered assembled, no mounting needed
  • Included in delivery: 2x Parallettes PRO, 1x Tape 2.0 of 10m, 2x replacement feet, 1x carry strap, instruction manual with contents for your workout


  • Diameter wooden handle: 40mm
  • Length wooden handle: 38cm
  • Dimensions of the Parallettes (LxWxH): 50 x 25 x 10cm
  • Weight of both Parallettes combined: 3,8kg/8.38lbs

premium parallettes pro specifikations


  • Dispatch with tracking within 24h Mo-Fr
  • 30 days return policy on unused products
  • More information about shipping & returns HERE


  • The Parallettes can be cleaned with a wet cloth without using chemical detergents, as they can cause damage
  • Store in dry place & in case of contact with moisture, dry with a dry cloth
  • Avoid contact with salt water
  • For optimal grip on the floor, regularly clean the rubbers on the feet of the Parallettes
"The most stable parallettes on the market"


Are you unsure about choosing the right Parallettes? We've written a guide that compares the three versions and shows you the right one for your purpose.

Discover the variety of Handstand variations

The Premium Parallettes PRO by GORNATION are ideal for hand balancing and related Handstand variations. The solid wood and powder-coated metal construction of the handstand bars guarantee a high-quality training partner for your next-level workouts. The 38 cm long wooden handle provides you with the necessary surface for countless Handstand variations. Since your wrists are greatly relieved, you can fully concentrate on your control and body tension in the Handstand. Enjoy a comfortable Handstand workout without wrist pain and with an ultimate grip for One Arm Handstand, Handstand Flag, Wide Handstand, Straight Bar Handstand, or your creative variations. Discover incredible Handstand workouts with the long wooden parallettes and open all doors to perfect your hand balancing.

Improve your skills and become a professional athlete

Skills like the Full Planche, Maltese, Planche Variations, Victorian or Handstand Variations belong to the supreme discipline in Calisthenics. These skills require hard training and a lot of time to be mastered. With the Premium Wooden Parallettes your way to becoming a professional athlete will be much more comfortable, because many skills provide high stress on the joints, mainly the wrists. Put your wrists in an ergonomic and comfortable position with the Premium Parallettes PRO from GORNATION, so you don't have to take steps backward because of injuries. The non-slip feet and noble finish of the parallettes made of wood and metal give you the best performance during your workouts, whether at home or outdoors. Don't let the ground affect your workout anymore and ensure an unrestricted workout with the sturdy Premium Parallettes PRO. The parallel bars serve as your faithful companion on the way to becoming a true calisthenics professional.

Maximum stability through solid construction of the parallettes

Premium Parallettes PRO from GORNATION offer maximum stability during your workout due to their long, deep construction. Skills such as Handstand, Planche, Maltese, L-sit, or Handstand Flag become a completely new experience on the wooden parallettes. With the highest stability, there are no limits to your training, and you can fully concentrate on all possible variations of your favorite skills. The 40 mm thick birchwood provides you with the ultimate grip during every workout. Easily attach the included strap to your Premium Parallettes PRO for maximum stability during every workout. Conveniently carrying your long parallettes with you allows you to enjoy the best workout experience wherever you go. The parallel bars provide enough space and stability for Push-Ups of all kinds and let you take your workout to a whole new level on the go or at home.

Enjoy an effective home workout with the Parallettes PRO.

Make your home workout more effective and exciting with the long wooden and metal parallettes. The 38 cm long wooden handle provides you with enough space for various Push-Up variations. Discover new types of Push-Ups or perfect already existing variations. The optimal equipment for an effective home workout is suitable for every training level. With a variety of exercises, the parallettes offer limitless workout possibilities. Improve your Handstand, L-sit or V-sit and exceed your limits within your own four walls. The 10 cm high parallettes make your Handstand training more comfortable and allow you unrestricted freedom of movement. The high-quality birchwood of the parallettes provides you with the ultimate grip, which can be additionally reinforced with the included cotton tape. Home workouts become a pleasant training experience with the right equipment and help you to outgrow yourself even in bad weather.