Push-up grips, mini bars or parallel bars - there are many names for this helpful workout equipment. Take your push-up, handstand & planche training to the next level with the high quality & massive ACTIVE parallettes, which are still small enough to transport on the road. To the street workout equipment online shop! | ACTIVE Parallettes for Calisthenics Home & Outdoor Workout | GORNATION

Premium Parallettes ACTIVE

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The workout equipment for more performance - maximum stability due to solid construction & non-slip feet, best grip due to optimal 40mm wood and accessories like tape and spare feet for a successful workout. Optimal for training on the go.


  • Perfect grip during your workout due to high quality beech wood
  • Your training partner for life due to durable wood/metal construction
  • Highest quality construction with non-slip feet
  • Includes useful accessories such as tape for even better grip & replacement feet to replace if lost
  • Loadable up to 350 kg per pair
  • Delivered assembled, no mounting required
  • Included in delivery: 2x Parallettes ACTIVE, 1x Tape 2.0 of 10m, 2x replacement feet, instruction manual with contents for your workout


  • Diameter wooden handle: 40mm
  • Length wooden handle: 15cm
  • Dimensions of the Parallettes (LxWxH): 24 x 16 x 12cm
  • Weight of both Parallettes combined: 2,4kg/5.29lbs

premium parallettes active specifikations


  • Dispatch with tracking within 24h Mo-Fr
  • 30 days return policy on unused products
  • More information about shipping & returns HERE


  • The Parallettes can be cleaned with a wet cloth without using chemical detergents, as they can cause damage
  • Store in dry place & in case of contact with moisture, dry with a dry cloth
  • Avoid contact with salt water
  • For optimal grip on the floor, regularly clean the rubbers on the feet of the Parallettes
"Sturdy, easy to store and perfect for traveling"


Are you unsure about choosing the right Parallettes? We've written a guide that compares the three versions and shows you the right one for your purpose.

Protect your wrists while performing Push-Ups

Push-ups are one of the most popular and effective exercises in weight training. The countless Push-Up variations make your workout varied and diverse. Even though Push-Ups strengthen your body and muscles, they put a lot of strain on your wrists, which can lead to pain over time. The reason for this is the unfavorable positioning of the hands. The Parallettes ACTIVE from GORNATION ensure a workout that is easy on the joints and is the ideal equipment for your workouts. The hands take an ergonomic position and relieve your wrists. Your workout will feel much more comfortable, and you won't have to worry about wrist pain caused by Push-Ups. Focus fully on a healthy workout and get the benefits of an effective workout with pushup grips.

Why buy push-up grips from GORNATION?

The Premium Parallettes ACTIVE by GORNATION support you in every workout, as the parallettes fit into every sports bag due to their compactness and thus serve as a faithful companion in every one of your workouts. Push-Ups can be performed anywhere, but not every floor is clean and hygienic. Whether it's outdoors on a wet floor or in a hotel room, you won't have to support yourself directly on the floor with these wooden and metal parallettes. With non-slip feet and a 40 mm diameter wood, you're assured of the best possible performance and ultimate grip on any surface. The durable wood and metal construction achieves maximum stability and the highest quality workmanship with stainless bolting.

Maximum stability for your Handstand with parallel bars

The handstand provides fascination for many people because it looks very aesthetic. Certain body tension and a good sense of balance are needed for the handstand. The Premium Parallettes ACTIVE from GORNATION are your faithful companion and take your Handstand to the next level. The 40 mm wood of the parallettes offers you enough surface for an optimal grip. With a careful and clean finish of the wood and metal parallettes, a secure grip is guaranteed during your handstand, whether at home workout or outdoor. Feel comfortable doing handstands with the 12 cm high Premium Parallettes ACTIVE and achieve new training progress. Easily carry this advantage in your gym bag on your way to a new training experience.

Safe performance for advanced skills

The Premium Parallettes ACTIVE from GORNATION are very resilient with 350 kg per pair and ensure a safe performance during your training. For advanced skills, e.g. the Planche, you shift your entire weight onto the parallettes. The high load capacity and careful processing will ensure your best possible performance. The wooden parallettes offer safe training and support you on your way to becoming a professional athlete. The 40 mm wood can be taken to the next level with the included cotton tape. Achieve the ultimate grip during your Handstand or Planche workouts and enjoy an unrestricted workout. The compact design means you'll always have your safe performance compact and at hand in your gym bag. Develop advanced skills not only during outdoor workouts but also during your workouts at home. Thanks to the non-slip feet, you can enjoy the maximum stability of your Premium Parallettes on any surface.