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par Guest Author novembre 23, 2018

Hey Gorillas!


Since our mutual goal is to make calisthenics big together, we want to give you eight tips for stepping up your Instagram game! Make your content even more vivid, get featured, get sponsored and make the calisthenics community grow!


  1. First off, it is important to post regularly. You can’t expect people to follow you, if you just post twice a month. If you are a calisthenics page, spend some time on social media and find the videos and pictures you want to post. There is plenty out there! With these you can share daily posts and enlarge your community. If you are an athlete, take your camera to your workouts and ask a friend, your trainings partner, or a person walking by to take some photos of you. Buy or build a tripod and film yourself while working out. The main point is that you don’t run out of material to post and that you keep posting!
  2. Secondly, one can say that videos with people working out together doing crazy things gain more reach. Generally, one can say, that videos get more views than pictures, but if you combine these two aspects, your reach should go through the roof. Ask a friend to do a workout with you, play games during your workouts, ask a person from the other gender to perform a cool trick with you… everyone likes to see innovative content, so create it!
  3. Get a good camera or use your phone. Phone cameras nowadays have such a good quality, so use it and deliver high quality content for your community!
  4. Try out different locations at different times. We experienced that original locations like a lake, or a rooftop are great scenes to take photos. Especially when the lighting is perfect. So mark a date in your calender, ask a friend for a cool location, wait for the sunset and have the best and funniest shooting in an extraordinary scenery.
  5. Posting a picture doing a handstand in the snow in the middle of the summer doesn’t make sense. Pay attention to the season and share posts that are up-to-date. Innovative posts like an easter bunny doing a planche around easter are always a great opportunity to mix up your content.
  6. While we’re on it, try bringing variety into your posts. Post different styles of pictures, throw in a video here and there and mix up the locations, the exercise and the dynamic within your profile. Your post needs movement, a video has to start instantly and try uploading fails and funny scenes. We are all human, we are calisthenics athletes who know the mistakes and we will alway smile, if we see the on others, because we are not the only ones making them. Be authentic, be yourself and be happy.
  7. Show your happiness through a smile. People always love smiles and it is contagious. Show your audience that you have fun doing what you’re doing. Show them that you enjoy every second of it. Be the motivation for someone to go out and do his or her workout, be the motivation for someone to structure his or her workout week, be the motivation for someone to start calisthenics. Show your audience that you are full of joy and you will get it right back!
  8. And last, but not least, create a WOW-effect. Make the user stop on your post, don’t let him or her keep scrolling. Make them interact with you. In this last fact, every aspect I mentioned above comes together. So create a WOW-effect, make people engage with you and with your community and bring up your game!


I hope this blog entry helps you to enlarge your community and to deliver even better content. Help the calisthenics community grow and always remember: “Never Give Up Only Pull Up”!


Ben (Insta: @ben_shl)

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