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Black Gornation Wrist wraps with tight fit, adjustable wristband for wrist support and injury prevention Black wrist wrap from Gornation for extra stability and injury prevention. And black cary bag.
Performance Wrist Wraps
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Coudières Coudières
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GORNATION Premium Liquid Chalk für Besseren Grip & Bessere Performance 200ml - Flüssigkreide, Chalk, Flüssig Chalk - Calisthenics, Crossfit, Bouldern, Klettern, GymGORNATION Premium Liquid Chalk 200ml offen schwebend
Magnésie Liquide Premium 200ml
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7,45 € /100ml
grip tape for calisthenics and workout. For parallettes, rings or barsGrip tape for Paralettes.
Bande de Grip 2.0
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Manchettes Manchettes
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Corde de LestCorde de Lest
Corde de Lest
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Black power wrist wraps to improve stability and get more power moves. To improve stability and injury prevention. Rolled out Black power wrist wraps to improve Performance, stability and injury prevention.
Power Wrist Wraps
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black & white light wrist wraps for calisthenics Light Wrist Wraps
Light Wrist Wraps
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Calendrier de l'AventCalendrier de l'Avent
Calendrier de l'Avent
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GORNATION Workout Grips Pull Up Grips - Handschuhe aus Leder für Calisthenics, Crossfit, Gym, FitnessManiques Cuir
Maniques Cuir
Prix soldé 24,90 €
Maniques CarboneManiques Carbone
Maniques Carbone
Prix soldé 24,90 €
Magnésie en Blocs PremiumMagnésie en Blocs Premium
Magnésie en Blocs Premium
Prix soldéDe 16,90 €
Magnésie en Poudre PremiumMagnésie en Poudre Premium
Magnésie en Poudre Premium
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Sac à Dos ClassiqueSac à Dos Classique
Sac à Dos Classique
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Black Cary straps for Parallettes MAX and PRO.Detail shot of the cary straps for Gornation's parallettes.
Sangle de Transport - Parallettes
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Grip Pads CarboneGrip Pads Carbone
Grip Pads Carbone
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Sac à Dos PremiumSac à Dos Premium
Sac à Dos Premium
Prix soldé 59,90 € Prix normal 69,90 €
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Double Ancre de PorteDouble Ancre de Porte
Double Ancre de Porte
Prix soldé 9,90 € Prix normal 14,90 €
GORNATION Door Anchor & Transport Bag for your Home Workouts and connect Resistance Bands, TRX, Gym & Workout Rings to it. FIt at home. ancre de porte. Ancoraggio della Porta. anclaje puerta trx.Ancre de Porte
Ancre de Porte
Prix soldé 8,90 €

GORNATION Workout Accessoires

Calisthenics equipment such as wrist supports, elbow supports and resistance bands, chalk and gloves can help make workouts more effective and improve performance. The bandages support the joints during movements and protect them from overuse. Liquid chalk and magnesia in powder form help to better grip the pull-up bar, rings or parallettes and make them non-slip. This allows you to get a good grip even when fatigued. Wrist wraps are mainly used for push exercises such as dips, push-ups or handstands. They support the joint and take away some of the strain. Elbow supports are mainly used during exercises that put a lot of stress on the elbows, such as dips, the planche or push ups. Resistance bands can be used in many different exercises and are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in sports.

There are several pieces of equipment for calisthenics that make the workout more effective and safer. These include different types of bandages for the most stressed joints in the sport such as elbows and wrists, resistance bands for making exercises easier and harder, liquid chalk, chalk powder and chalk blocks for better grip, different types of gloves such as grips or grip pads, door anchors for more options in home workouts and tape for better grip for sweaty hands to complement your parallettes.

There are plenty of equipment like powder chalk, grip tape or gloves for a better grip in your workout. It's easy to prevent sweaty hands and regain a secure grip. The grip strength can be better used with these simple tools for the calisthenics workout and saves unnecessary slipping during e.g. pull-ups or muscle ups.

In the gym, liquid chalk is most suitable, because unlike magnesia powder, it is allowed in most gyms due to the low dust formation. Due to the alcohol content, there is also a disinfection effect for your hands, which speaks for hygiene in the gym. Gloves are also a practical and useful option in the gym for a better grip for calisthenics.

For outdoor workouts, especially freestyle calisthenics, powder or block chalk is often used, which have less grip on the bar and are therefore better for dynamic movements. Outdoors, the dusting of these products is usually not a nuisance.

In home workouts, the same recommendations apply as in the gym, but here, if you have your own equipment, grip tape is also an interesting alternative for permanently better grip on parallettes, rings, pull-up bar & dip bars. Simply wrap it around, benefit from better grip during your workout, and if desired, remove it in seconds without leaving any residue.