Impressive blog article about Ben's internship at the calisthenics start-up GORNATION who is based in Münster, Germany and working every day to make calisthenics and street workout worldwide known and successful. | Ben's impressive internship story at Münster's calisthenics company

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Hey Gorillas!

Let me introduce myself quickly. My name is Ben and I started my internship at GORNATION in the middle of June. I am part of the calisthenics community for about two years now.

I just finished high school and thought about how to use my time until university starts. Since I had a connection to GORNATION through calisthenics, I decided to find out, if it’s possible to intern at the young start up. I received a quick and positive reply by Philipp and we scheduled our first Skype-interview. We got along with each other quite quickly and planned everything for the summer. I was looking forward to my time here, because everyone acted so kindly already, even though we did not really know each other.

When I arrived at noon, I was instantly integrated into the start up life, Philipp and Lissi showed me around in the office and we headed to a photo shooting. It was really exciting to see how all that works, since it was the first shooting I experienced myself. Afterwards I headed home with Lissi to prepare dinner for her belated birthday party. It was amazing to get to know so many new people and to listen to their stories! On my first day, I met many new people already, especially Raffa, Philipp and Witalij, who are all sharing the office with GORNATION.

The next day I was integrated into the structure, received my first assignments and started to work. First of all, I had to settle and had to get a hang of everything, but that worked quite well, because the days afterwards in the office were more and more productive. We wanted to start earlier in the morning to be more productive, to get the most important things out of the way and to have the opportunity to enjoy the good summer weather.

We went on several trips in the first week already: We drove to Gelsenkirchen to show the power of sports to disabled children which was very astonishing and we went to Berlin on the YOU Festival to show teenagers calisthenics.

I’m very grateful for my first week at GORNATION and in Münster. It feels like I have been here for an eternity already, because I learned so much from so many different people. I love the mindset inside and outside the office, I love the atmosphere here in general and I’m grateful for the friends I already made. I feel like I found another family here♡.

My second week was very productive. We did not go on any trips and I adjusted my sleeping pattern. I woke up at five o’clock in the morning to be productive before most people even started to work. Philipp did not manage to be in the office earlier than I was. We made plans for upcoming projects together and tried to enjoy the sunny weather as good as we could. Wednesday was blocked for appreciating the good weather, but we stayed in the office until the evening (but we watched the soccer game [Germany against South Korea]). Since Philipp and Lissi were on a private trip on the weekend and Philipp ordered me to enjoy the weekend and the sun, I went outside to the water, worked out and got a chance to read my book.

This week was another week in which I learned so much from the people around me. Thank you!

My third week was very productive. We did not go on any trips during the week, so I could use the time in the office to complete some tasks and to enjoy the sun in the afternoon. Other than that, we helped cleaning at the local gym for the upcoming outdoor calisthenics park, so it can be completed more quickly.

On the weekend we drove down to Hunsrück to a calisthenics meetup on a farm. The park there was huge, the mood was awesome and we had a lot of fun (even though I got a really bad sunburn…). The night was pretty cold, so we were glad to leave in the morning in a warm and comfy car. We set off to Cologne to visit a workshop for personal development which was very interesting and fun, but since we all had a lack of sleep the night before, we were happy to be back in Münster in the evening and to get some rest.

During the fourth week we had productive and fun days in the office. We came further in different projects gathered new ideas. On Thursday we headed to Frankfurt to the World Fitness Day in the Commerzbank Arena. We met Marc from CustomBars on the way and helped him set up the bars for the weekend. He told us it would only take about an hour, but since there was a little mistake, we spend four hours setting up the booth. Therefore we were glad to when we got some food and some rest to be prepared for the long weekend. On Friday all vehicles had to leave the premisses by 10 am, so we had to start quite early. It was a great experience, since it was my first fitness event/fitness festival. The sun was shining, there were great people at the booth with whom we had a lot of fun. When the festival ended on Saturday evening, we were really relieved that everything went well and that we could finally get some rest.

Philipp and Lissi were on vacation the next week, so I went home to get some to-dos done. Of course, I worked on my tasks for GORNATION simultaneously, but I got the chance to get some personal things out of the way. We all got back in the office on Sunday for my last three days. I finished my open tasks and just enjoyed the last hours in this beautiful atmosphere. One of them was finally holding a front lever. Philipp managed to teach me the technique properly and with consistent training I finally managed to hold it for a few seconds within my last days! Unfortunately, I had to leave, but I’m definitely looking forward to what’s coming next.

I want to thank Philipp and Lissi deeply for their kind hospitality and for everything they have done for me. Thank you for stepping into my life! I really enjoyed the time and I learned so much from and with you♡!

A big thanks goes to the whole co-working space as well, to everyone in the office who made this time as unforgettable as it was. You created a fun and warm working atmosphere which everyone would be happy to be in! I also learned so much from everyone single one of you♡.

With these words I would like to end my blog entry. Thank you gorillas for reading and for being such a great community. Together we can and we will make calisthenics the best sport out there!

Keep hustling,

Instagram: @ben_shl

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gennaio 03, 2020

Gornation club is the best

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