The world's first Advent Calendar for Calisthenics fans


Advent Calendar 2023

A new version of the calendar that will be even better and bigger with the help of over 400 customer voices from last year

Thank you for being part of this project

In 2015 we started GORNATION and set the goal to become the biggest calisthenics brand, create a worldwide community of 1,000,000 calisthenics athletes and make the sport great.

Of course, we can't achieve this goal alone, but only with the help of the community, athletes and supporters. You are part of this journey with the first Advent Calendar for Calisthenics. We thank you for that!

We wish you a lot of success in your training and the best December you had so far!

Keep growing,
your team GORNATION

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24 gifts for your progress

world's first calisthenics advent calendar by GORNATION

Have fun & progress in December with new equipment & courses

● A video every day behind each door with the QR code

● Exclusive video courses with a PDF as summary for on the go

● Nothing can stand in the way of your progress in December