Motivation for your wrist with the perfect accessory for Calisthenics and Street Workout athletes: the three designs with Calisthenics, Street Workout & Planche Power show your sport to the outside world and spread our common love: Calisthenics. Browse now in the GORNATION Online Shop. | 3 Calisthenics Wristbands incl. Sticker | GORNATION Online Shop

Calisthenics Wristbands Bundle (3 Pieces)

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Motivation for your wrist: the 3-piece bundle of Calisthenics, Street Workout & Planche Power Wristbands is designed to remind you of your goals and give you motivation for your workouts.


  • Soft silicone for optimal wearing comfort
  • Daily motivation on the wrist
  • Three different wristbands in one size
  • Incl. GORNATION sticker & postcard
  • Material: 100% skin-friendly silicone without latex
  • Circumference: 202mm
  • Width: 13mm
  • Content of Delivery: 1x calisthenics wristband, 1x street workout wristband, 1x planche wristband, 1x calisthenics sticker, 1x cell phone sticker, 1x postcard


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  • 30 days return policy on unused products
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