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von Elisabeth Lechner Januar 30, 2020

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Hi Gorilla,

what a crazy and amazing year is lying behind us. To have a summary what happened, we give you a brief overview over the Calisthenics events we attended in 2019. 

It started with the 4th GORNATION Meet Up in March where over 30 people competed and set personal records in weighted Calisthenics. You can find the aftermovie here: 


After this local calisthenics competition we directly headed over to the biggest Calisthenics & Street Workout Battle so far: World of Barheroes. 

The World of Barheroes Competition took place at the FIBO in Cologne in April. The freestyle battles were insane and the best Calisthenics athletes from all over the world came together. First the two friends Daniels Laizans and Dan Rosenberg battled to decide in the semi final who goes to the final. Then the third place battle between Dan Rosenberg and Vitalii Melnik was already a close decision and in the final everyone got crazy. Worldchampion Daniels Laizans battled against Engku Ikhwan from Malaysia. 

Make sure to watch the calisthenics freestyle final between these two legends: 

Already one month later the next World of Barheroes competition took place. This time it was in Vienna at the Bodyweightday. The day before the international freestyle battles we attended the Austrian national championship (Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaft in Street Workout und Calisthenics). There the decision was made who will go to Moscow to the World Championship.

After a short night the Weighted Calisthenics Competition went down where several official records were broken, e.g. with a 45 kg Muscle Up and a 100 kg Pull Up by Frederik Imasuen from Germany and Pere Coll Fernandez from Spain. 

But the biggest focus was again on the freestyle competition with crazy and strong athletes. One highlight was the battle between San Gohan and Dan Rosenberg in the Quarterfinal. They both got really creative and San Gohan played football while holding a Front Lever and Dan Rosenberg got support from Daniels Laizans and they made a selfie during Dan holding a one arm Back Lever. 

In the other Quarterfinal Alexandr Muntean tried to beat Daniels Laizans with a frontflip regrab/snowball. But Daniels Laizans made his way through the Quarterfinal to the Semifinal where the World Champion had to battle against San Gohan. It was really intense and in the end Daniels made it to the final where he battled in the final of the World of Barheroes in Vienna against Kostya Shapoval. You can watch the full final here: 


Also in March the German national Championship organized by Ghetto Workout took place. It was the first time the national championship was departed in three different categories over two days. 

On Saturday we supported strong athletes like Michael Schulz, Nik Tibusek, Robin Stoltze, Frederik Imasuen or Tonio Zeidler at the Weighted Calisthenics and Street Workout Competition. It was a One Rep Max Power Competition. Then we had the Endurance Competition  for the first time ever and on Sunday the national and international Freestyle Battles were Flying Korash Kabir tried to defend his title against Mika Herzog. 

You can find all the finals here: 

Then finally the summer started with many outdoor events. It was nearly impossible for us to attend every event, so we missed some great Calisthenics outdoor competitions and meetings like the Hunsrück Workout, the Main Lappen Cup or the Cali Games in Berlin. During the World Championship in Moscow we had the next GORNATION Meet Up in Münster, Germany. 

In August we traveled to the Netherlands to be part of the WSWCF street workout world cup 2019 organized by Royalbarzz. The winner of this battles was allowed to go to Hong Kong and be part of the Superfinals. 

The next weekend we were back in Germany at the "Repz on fire" Competition and attended the clean form only Calisthenics and Streetlifting battle.

The next newborn Calisthenics Event was the Frankfurt Freestyle City Cup organized by Flythenics. It was an international Calisthenics battle with athletes from France, Dubai, Austria or Israel performed. 

You find the final between Ahmad Amun and Fares here: 

Soon the outdoor season ended but also the end of the last year was powerful. 

There was the International Calisthenics Cup in the Netherlands organized by Royalbarzz. A crazy highlight of these battles was the frontflip regrab from Carmen Venema in her battle against Iris Weissenböck, Amber and Dionne. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the video: 

The next weekend the first Machbar Max Out event took place. A big One Rep Max Competition for the Weighted Calisthenics Community. This Streetlifting Event was insane and hard to describe in words, so check out the Aftermovie: 

One of the last events of the last year was the biggest freestyle competition in Sweden: Beast of the Barz 
The judges Daniels Laizans, Vitalii Melnik and Daniel Sørensen showed their strength in two great judge performances. The female final between Malin Malle Jansson, Iris Weissenböck and Lea Dépagneux was a big show. The male final was a kind of surprise when Dan Rosenberg battled his brother Tom Rosenberg and the Swedish newcomer Simon Imhäuser. 

It's amazing to see how the community is growing, the events getting more and more professional and people from all over the world feel like one big family.

Thank you so much to all the amazing people we met during this year, thanks to all the organizer for putting their energy into creating these amazing events and thanks to every athlete and every visitor who brings the Calisthenics and Street Workout Battles to life. 

Which events will you attend this year? 
We're looking forward meeting you. 

Let's make 2020 awesome! 

Have a great day and keep growing Gorilla :) 

1 Antwort

Kilian Coquelin
Kilian Coquelin

August 31, 2020

Hi I wanted to know, how many spectators were at the contest? And how many athletes aswell

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