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GORNATION Workout Rings Set with high quality straps, dual door anchor and a carry bag, gymnastic rings, turnringe, Anneaux, AnelliSet di Anelli
Set di Anelli
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grip tape for calisthenics and workout. For parallettes, rings or barsGrip tape for Paralettes.
Grip Tape 2.0
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Ancoraggio a Porta DoppiaAncoraggio a Porta Doppia
Ancoraggio a Porta Doppia
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GORNATION Door Anchor & Transport Bag for your Home Workouts and connect Resistance Bands, TRX, Gym & Workout Rings to it. FIt at home. ancre de porte. Ancoraggio della Porta. anclaje puerta trx.Ancoraggio della Porta
Ancoraggio della Porta
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Home Workout Set Strength Home Workout Set Strength
Home Workout Set Strength
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Home Workout Set Progress Home Workout Set Progress
Home Workout Set Progress
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Workout Rings

The wooden gymnastics rings set a new stimulus in your training and provide you with a functional increase in strength. In calisthenics, the gymnastic rings are very popular for this reason and are an integral part of the training for many athletes. The great advantages are the endless variety of exercises and the simple construction of the gymnastic rings. Whether pull ups, push ups, dips or advanced skills, the workout rings from GORNATION support you in every outdoor and indoor workout. Simply attach the calisthenics rings to a tree or pull-up bar and start directly with your functional workout. The door anchor included in the gym rings set offers extended mounting options and a quick setup of your gym rings. The indestructible, sewn-in length markings on the straps ensure easy and accurate height adjustment of your wooden gym rings. Get the best possible workout experience no matter where you are. The gymnastics ring set fits in any pocket and is your faithful training partner. The clean, high-quality finish of the rings ensures a long-term investment in your training and goals.

With the right training equipment, you'll ensure the best possible progression of your skills. No matter where you are, with the GORNATION gymnastics rings, skills such as the planche, maltese, l-sit, muscle ups, front lever, back lever or iron cross are possible everywhere. You are not bound to any gym or calisthenics park and can easily work on your skills. The rings for your fitness offer you countless training possibilities and progressions with which you can give your training the necessary stimuli for a successful workout. Your goal is the Front Lever? You can perform countless preliminary exercises on the gymnastic rings to get even closer to that goal. With progressions everywhere you can increase your core stability and get closer to the skill. Already mastered the front lever and want to take it to the next level? The victorian cross is one of the supreme disciplines in calisthenics and takes a lot of time and training. With the right progressions you build up enough strength and get one step closer to your goal. Skills like the planche are generally more difficult on gymnastics rings, as increased stability is required. Use this as your advantage and upgrade your skills. You'll feel the strength you gain on wooden gymnastics rings during your next workout with Parallettes.

The Workout Rings from GORNATION offer you more room for new variations and more variety for your training. Almost every exercise that you perform on the pull-up bar, on parallettes or on the floor can also be performed on the wooden gymnastic rings. The key advantage is the stabilization you need, which adds new stimuli to your workout, resulting in greater strength and muscle growth. Customize your workout to your level by choosing your favorites from a variety of exercises. If you can't do a pull-up yet, it's easy to lower the gym rings and do australian pull-ups. You can also make push-ups easier or harder by adjusting the Range of Motion (ROM). Simply raise the rings to make push-ups easier or use a very small distance between the rings and the floor to go further into the stretch during push-ups. The principle can be applied to many other exercises and makes it easier to achieve your target exercises. There's no end to your creativity and nothing stands in the way of your best workout experiences.

Reliable and safe workout equipment is essential for the best possible training experience. With the high-quality birch wood gymnastic rings from GORNATION, you create space for an unrestricted workout, whether at home or outdoors. With a load capacity of 600kg (300kg per side), the greatest safety is ensured during training. The high-quality birch wood provides you with Olympic dimensions (18cm diameter and 2.8cm ring thickness) the perfect grip during your workout and gives you that extra power boost during your exercises. The straps with sewn and indestructible length markings provide you with a secure hold of the gymnastic rings and can be easily hung up anywhere. In combination with the sturdy and easy-to-use buckles, a secure attachment of your gymnastic rings is guaranteed. Nothing stands in the way of the best possible training experience. Benefit from the durability of your training equipment from GORNATION.