Wrist Wraps



  1. You don't have to open and reapply the Wrist Wraps to get more or less support. Simply rotate the wraps around your wrists to tighten or loosen them.
  2. When you need more freedom of movement, such as when doing a handstand, loosen the Wrist Wraps so you can move your wrist freely. If you need maximum support and less freedom of movement, e.g. for dips, you should tighten the Wrist Wraps beforehand.
  3. It is recommended to use wrist wraps only during heavy sets so that the wrist gets used to the load.

For more tips and inspiration to get the maximum out of your workouts, you might want to read our blog article about our Power Wrist Wraps.

How to put on

1. Place the end of the bandage on the inside of your wrist.

2. Wrap the bandage completely around your wrist. Make sure that the end remains fixed.

3. Now attach the string of the bandage by wrapping it around itself.

4. By twisting the Wrist Wraps on your wrist, you can adjust the level of support.


2x Wrist Wraps (one pair)

1x carrying bag


Performance Wrist Wraps
80% polyester, 20% cotton

Light Wrist Wraps
100% polyester

Carrying bag
100% polyester


Washable up to 30° C without fabric softener and without dryer.

Store dry, warm and protected from environmental influences.

Keep out of reach of Velcro and zippers to avoid damage to the fabric.
The included bag for transport and storage will help you.

Safety Notice

The product is suitable for sports use only.
Usage: For supportive compression and stability during sports.
Before each use, all visible parts must be checked for damage or wear.
The GORNATION Wrist Wraps are not a medical product and cannot replace one.
Do not use the product while sleeping.
Do not put the bandage on open wounds.
Do not wrap the product around your neck.
The device is only to be used by one person at a time.
Before use, check that the product is free of defects and properly put on.
Please note that incorrect and excessive training may endanger health.
The product is not suitable for children under 14 years of age. Children may only use the product with appropriate physical development and only under the supervision of an adult responsible person.

Disposal instructions

Please obtain information in advance and ensure environmentally sound disposal of packaging or product in accordance with local and area disposal regulations.


The warranty period is 6 months and starts from the date of invoice. Warranty service is provided when defects in the product are due to defects in materials or workmanship. If a defect is detected, the buyer is obliged to report it immediately to the manufacturer, who will repair it free of charge. Damage resulting from improper handling, failure to follow the instructions, use of force or normal wear and tear are not covered by the warranty. Furthermore, the warranty obligation and any warranty shall become void if the product is modified without authorization or is not used for the intended purpose. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any resulting, causal or consequential damages of any kind unless such limitation of liability is expressly prohibited by law. It is at the manufacturer's discretion to fulfill the warranty obligation by repairing or replacing the damaged product. There are no further claims. Statutory rights are not limited by this warranty.