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Elbow sleeves and arm sleeves support the training and performance of calisthenics exercises. Sleeves provide additional support for the elbows and arms, reducing the risk of overuse and increasing joint stability. Sleeves should fit snugly on the arm so they can keep the muscles and joints warm. In addition, the compression helps for warmth and better performance during exercise.

Elbow supports and sleeves are especially useful for calisthenics exercises where a lot of force is applied to the arms, such as dips, muscle ups, push ups, handstand push ups or handstand presses. But sleeves can also improve performance and reduce the risk of overload during other exercises such as planche, front levers or back levers.

Elbow wraps and sleeves can be used by both beginners and advanced calisthenics exercisers. They are suitable for anyone who wants to optimize their training and keep their arms warm. Sleeves are a useful additional product for calisthenics training, as they can support the elbows and arms, improving performance.

The difference between Arm Sleeves and Elbow Sleeves is the length of the bandages. Arm Sleeves cover the entire arm and thus keep the entire forearm and upper arm warm in addition to the elbow. Elbow sleeves end earlier and thus do not cover the lower part of the forearm and the upper part of the upper arm.

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