UROŠ "AŠKE" AŠKOVIĆ | The Benefits of Basics | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #44

Uroš "Aške" Ašković | I benefici delle basi | Intervista | The Athlete Insider Podcast #44

Uroš "Aške" Ašković | I benefici delle basi | Intervista | The Athlete Insider Podcast #44

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you just need to believe in yourself  you need to put everything you have   in your workouts in your  daily routine in your school   uh in uh you need to you know spend the  quality time with the quality people around you yo guys welcome to the athlete and setup podcast  by gornation my name is phil and today's guest   is the serbian endurance beast the successful  youtuber with his channel back to the basics   i'm really looking forward to this interview with  urosh ashke thank you for carrying me here man   i practiced like a few times now to pronounce  the name right i hope it was okay perfect your full uh second name was ashkovic right  yes exactly correct okay for the people who   are interested in um yeah but in general to the  people who don't know you who are you what do   you do so okay as you said my name is nicholas  uh so yeah i'm a calisthenics workout athlete   uh yeah that's the main subject today yeah so  work out um yeah um my field uh is the entrance   and that's the something that's i'm uh working 99  of my time and the rest one percent is something   like explosive moves but yeah endurance man  wow and uh which is really interesting because   i'm happy that your arms fit into the camera um  because uh they they are huge and this is also   uh the the a lot of questions we received  about your your muscle mask your mask or like   not the the the lightweight athlete uh how  tall and heavy are you so yeah i'm um 179   with 75 kilograms oh okay and so yeah uh maybe  the past 10 years i'm always around 75 kilograms   sometimes 73 or sometimes 76 but never more never  less okay yeah people are always confused man you   have they always uh telling me that i'm you know  85 i don't know but yeah i think that's because   that's that muscle mass i also has expected  something around 85 um even maybe even 87. um   but do you do you know the the circumference of  your biceps uh i think it's around 41 41 42 maybe   the right side is bigger for for one centimeter  so i think it's 42 here and 41 here wow okay great   yeah um let's give the people a little bit  of perspective how strong you are a mess and   to talk about some max reps numbers uh what is  your max rep pull up muscle up and uh push-ups   so okay so believe me or not i have never done  you know max pull-ups uh until i'm dead man   but the most pull-ups i did in one set without  letting the bar was 63 and i i had a little bit   of strength inside me to perform you know a couple  more reps but uh of this summer you know i decided   to shoot a video for with my max reps and pull  ups so believe me myself i don't know so for dips   it's around 60 65 maybe a little bit more you know  on the summer i mean the form is on the maximum as   for push-ups i never done more than 120 the fast  push-ups so yeah maybe i can do more now but i   didn't test myself and i i did a few tests with  one rep max and i'm not doing the the strength and   something like that i'm most of the time with  my endurance training but my deep max was 105   one rep and pull up max is uh 75 i almost did  with 80 but 75 okay i did i did 110 with squat that's good nice um what what uh what's what  surprised me was uh that your pull-ups number   was so close to your dips numbers  uh are you in general like more   stronger and pull movements yes yes i'm i'm a much  much stronger in uh when i'm doing pulling stuff   because uh maybe 70 percent of my training is  something with pull-ups or different grips or   australian pull-ups or something like that okay  so that's that's the reason i think yeah is it   because you just enjoy the training more or is  it uh because your uh your genetics your uh body   reacts better to it why is it yeah i think it's a  mix of that but uh i'm of course i'm enjoying the   most when i'm doing when i'm pulling so that's one  of the reason but probably there is also genetics   or and i don't know maybe something third but  yeah i'm most happy when i'm doing pull-ups so   great you said okay push-ups  okay man the cooling is alive   that's a cool quote i'm most happy when i'm  doing pull-ups i like it i know the feeling awesome um yeah muscle ups that's  the the exercise that we skipped   max reps muscle ups did you  try it uh my max with muscles   25 i think maybe the 60 70 was okay and after  that you know i started doing with my knees but   yes that that that was my max i did that two  or three and a half years i didn't test it   last year or this year so i have i have plans  about muscles for this year okay big big plans   nice sounds good um yeah let's go back to the  time where you started with uh with working out   um tell us more how you got into into touch  with calisthenics how was your uh like workout   beginning in general yeah okay yeah that's a  long story you know i made a video on my channel   um the subject was my transformations my  transformation over years and it's one hour   video so yeah i'll i will i will try to be short  we have time it all started you know 10 years ago   when i didn't work out at all you know i was  playing football or something like that with   the guys in the neighborhood and when i was  in the school our teacher uh asked us to you   know do uh push-ups for our grades so that i  think there was ten push-ups for a score two   that's the lowest score and uh 25 push-ups  for uh for score five and that's the highest   so i did i did 10 10 push-ups but the form was  disaster you know i was struggling so bad and   that day i came back home and i was so pissed  off for myself and i decided you know i will   start with the push-ups every day four or five  sets maybe three reps i was so weak back in the   days and i was doing that maybe one whole year all  the only push-ups and i improved my push-ups to   i think 20 push-ups in one set i did three or four  sets with 20 and i was so happy now and next year   you know i i decided to improve my workouts  with something new and that was uh pull-ups   and of course i was weak with bullets back then  one pull-up was my max so i started performing   pull-ups and you know everything is history but  yeah school school was what was a big you know   big motivation for me you know i was  so disappointed in myself because   you know a man that cannot do 10  push-ups that that's really bad you know wow okay it's it's nice to hear that uh like the  many athletes are like motivated through youtube   videos they see honeybell for king they see zev  zacavelli uh like these are the the people who   inspire um but it's nice that school had at least  in this thing like a positive impact on your on   your sports career and gave you the motivation  um what what was the thing that motivated you   the most was it um that you were like weaker  than other people was it just that you're you   were like focused on yourself on your grades did  you like what what was the the motivation behind   so my grades most of the time uh were  perfect you know or math you know my   my language everything everything was perfect  but that that was not the motivation you know the   uh that story when i did then push-ups was  something that started everything so the   maybe the biggest motivation was that uh i was  uh weak you know that i you know i i like sports   all my life but when i look when i looked  myself into the mirror you know and knowing   that i i cannot do more than 10 push ups you  know so that that started everything and uh   we didn't had a youtube 10 years ago here i  mean our internet connection was so slow man   like like i don't i don't know how to explain  but opening opening one picture was infinity so we didn't have a youtube i i heard from the  other guys about hannibal or barr brothers or   beast mode crew zeph zach you know and  the other legends but that was not the   bigger part of motivation you know the  the thing that motivated me later was that   myself that i was improving day by day so i was  happy you know i set the goal i achieved achieve   that goal and after that i set a new one and the  new one even today i'm doing the same thing so   it's really rep numbers that like pushing limits  that motivates you or was it the physique uh what   what's the main motivation or the goal behind uh  definitely the rap number well physique you know   physique is always there you know for most  of calisthenics guys physique is there so   you cannot run away from physique but the rep  number is is the main that's that's the goal   okay um what was the the hardest set that you  did until today like what was the the set that   you needed the most energy for wow tough question uh i did uh one hard set back a few days i put that on youtube yesterday so  that was the set that sergio the pasquale did it's   the 100 pull-ups and 200 push-ups under 5 minutes  so that was hell of a set so i also did the   vadim the mental set and uh both of his hardest  sets ever i think that that was the name   uh i also did the god set for zeph but you know  that was i mean that was hard of course but   uh yeah the those kind of sets when  when you're not letting the bar because   i think uh grip my grip is not they know the  strongest part but i love the sets when i when   i'm not letting the bar and they that sets i think  the most harder for me okay so when you say like   uh because somebody asked about your opinion  about the the max true 100 muscle ups without   letting the bar go this would be like uh hard for  you like uh because of the grip or what would be   the main difficulty grip only grip but i i will  definitely try that maybe this summer i think   for sure i i'll also love the muscle ups and  the pull-ups so why not sure challenge accepted awesome um yeah let's uh go into your typical  week how does your workout schedule look like   how do you work out during the week okay so my  week starts i mean uh i have a six workouts during   the week i have a four upper body workouts and two  lower body workouts uh as for upper body i'm doing   i'll give you a quick example maybe first  day i'm doing the uh max pull ups four sets   and after that i'm doing every minute of minutes  something for a push you know maybe a superset   dips and push-ups and after that  maybe some triceps extensions or   bicep curls on rings i'm not touching the  weights and abs of course every every workout   after every workout the abs and maybe the second  day of the week uh that's something like pyramids   maybe one to fifteen or one to sixteen  mix of uh pull-up dip and push-up   of course abs and um wednesday is the day for the  legs you know these days i'm doing legs with the   with the weights but uh maybe on this on on the  squat uh 50 or 60 kilograms i'm trying to do as   much reps as i can with the lowest rest so maybe  10 sets with 10 reps but the rest is 15 20 seconds fourth day of the week is um some kind of circles  with supersets you know combination of pull-ups   most of the time and uh of course there is  something for push and uh friday friday is   every minute of the minutes three sets every 10  minutes and saturday legs sunday is rest awesome   okay so two lower leg uh lower and lower leg uh  lower body and body days um for upper body days um focus is is really on the on the upper body  like uh i'm i'm i think like two days of   lower body it doesn't feel a lot for you or not  a lot um that's fine i mean maybe even one lower   body workout it's fine for me because i'm not  chasing the physique in the my lower body you know   most of the comments i received about my legacies  you know start working out your legs you know you   look ridiculous you look silly whatever but  uh if if i start you know working out my legs   more harder probably i will gain more mass  in my legs and that will decrease the pull up   you know max reps and all all of the other sets  will be you know much harder than they are now   true so so is is lower body like uh just  to stay healthy and fit and to increase the   the overall endurance or uh i think uh maybe  50 50 maybe 50 is to you know to increase   endurance over legs that's why i'm doing you  know the low weights uh high reps and uh the   other 50 is you know just to  stay healthy you know okay   yeah and a lot of abs i heard uh in your in your  week believe me every workout at least 25 minutes   or 30 minutes different combos for  abdominal muscles so yeah why why is that because you know i want i want to have their  own strong abdomen and of course the second   thing is about aesthetics okay do you think  like abs or a strong core is important for   pull-ups muscle ups uh the basics yes i think  i think the the apps one of the most important   part of the basics whatever we do man reps  or statics or freestyle or whatever we need   we need to have strong abs and a strong  lower back okay that's very important yeah   nice um yeah as i said we received a lot of  questions about your physique uh people really   not only admire you for for the crazy sets and the  reps that you do um which is already from another   planet in my opinion um but really also the the  physique um so uh we received a lot of question   how is it possible to build calcium uh muscle mass  with calisthenics how is it possible to have arms   like this only with body weight can you maybe tell  us us more about your physique is it genetics is   it your special training approach approach what is  it uh yeah i think it's possible to build you know   good muslim mess only with calisthenics so i'm  proof so most of my friends that work out with   me are also proof you know so there is not you  know some kind of secrets or whatever you know   there is also my picture on instagram you  know before and after i was working out and uh   you know i was just a regular guy you know with  skinny hands a little belly you know but you know   um if if i talk about my nutrition i was never  a guy that you know uh decided to put everything   on paper you know today i'm eating i don't  know 500 grams of chicken or to calculate   everything you know my goal was to eat health  to eat healthy food food organic food you know   from my village you know countryside and i never  calculated the calories or something like that and   yes i i was constant you know 10 years i i didn't  have some kind of break you know like i was i   wanted to you know decide to give up a little  bit about training you know 10 years you know   except you know few things when i was when i was  in my university when i needed to study for my   exams maybe that that was the you know situation  when i uh you know put uh workouts on the second   place but uh for ten years i think that that's the  secret you know you cannot expect the results in   maybe one first second or third year of the year  workout but after that everything will be better okay so if somebody asks you yeah uh uros how  do i get like the your arms how is it possible   to build such a physique your answer is just  patience consistency good food yeah of course   yes that's three main reasons you know i  helped a lot of people you know they they   were they were non-believers because you know  the internet is full of how can i say that nicely full of you know stupid texts about you know  if you want to look bigger you need to go to to   only team you need to you know use  something that's not allowed you know   and people believe that you know and always the  beginners uh most mostly beginners wants to go   with shortcuts you know they want the shorter  way they want they want to have a good abs for   summer they want to have good arms you  know for their shirt and everything but   you need to start slowly you know you need to  start something smart you know just be patient   and everything will be there well  yeah it's it's always like it really   everybody's like this is our generation i think  uh looking for short shortcuts in every everything   like uh it starts with uh video games uh to look  for cheat codes as a child and then they want to   do the same thing uh with uh with uh workouts a  few years later um but uh yeah it's uh as you said   and uh you're the living proof um so in these ten  years uh did you train in the gym as well or is   it something that you never did or like just for  fun a few times i don't know how is your your uh   how is it called mindset through towards  the gym uh i have nothing against gym   or bodybuilders i every winter i'm in the gym  because the you know outside is cold but i'm i'm   not doing the weights only calisthenics and you  know i have a lot of friends that are bodybuilding   that that loves gyms and even they don't  like street workout but i understand that man   every man for himself if you know so uh i mean i i  never did gym workouts only for my legs that's the   only reason when i do i mean i i did you know i i  touched the weights for just posing you know just   take a picture or whatever but you know  i have no reason to pick up weights so   you say you have no reason to pick up  weights like can you explain this deeper   do you think like a body weight is it more fun  to use it more effective is it uh more or more   healthy is it every everything yeah i i think it's  more fun you know when you're doing calisthenics   because you have a lot of options and the  main reason is you're working outside man   fresh air you know the sound sounds of nature  that's that's something you know you cannot   explain i mean and that's the first reason second  reason you can you can do a lot of stuff a lot of   sets and reps and crazy combos you know with the  body weight i mean when we put everything together   and the reps the static the freestyle load that's  the really really big area of working out man   i mean there is some for someone there is uh  always to pick something for calisthenics so as   i said i mean jim is fine but my goal is different  from the gym you know i mean i cannot build   this good entrance for a bar in gym so i that  i think that will be that that will not be   that will not be productive for me so yeah okay  did you ever had the temptation to switch to   statics or um like to to some other workout  forms of freestyle even like dynamics i have a little bit back in the years i i i wanted  to learn the planche and i i did straddle planche   and i was maybe uh three or four seconds old  uh sterling planche but and i was so happy i   made a few pictures i made a few pictures  uh in the straddle planche and a few videos   but and about freestyle you know even earlier i  tried to perform 360 and because uh my surface   whenever wherever where i work out surfaces the  concrete so it was a little bit dangerous for   uh you know to spin around so soon after that  i didn't try but after the straddle planche   i felt uh like pains in my wrist and you know my  shoulders and so that that was a sign for me and   man you're not prosthetics just do certain  reps man shut up so i am even today i i   i mean i love to do handstands that's and that's  not even starting that's that's part of everything   true yeah only the handstands i can do a  front lever yes front lever is safe and cool   and i think that's it yeah okay yeah because these  are the two uh static moves that like every time   people ask for yeah can he do a straddle plant  or what are his goals with the straddle planche   and front lever these are the two messages moves  so um yeah front lever you have the basic power   i guess through the whole the pulling because you  need like the strong upper back but also all your   core work so front lever should be uh an exercise  for you that's easy to maintain i guess right   yes yes i never work out only you know like  today i will practice front lever no uh one   day you know i decided to do front lever man and i  did front lever uh i then had uh workouts you know   teaching myself to do front lever because you said  it you said that uh strong upper body you know   strong abdominal area and i think that's that's  something you need to have if you want to   do a front lever okay so if somebody  asks you yeah can you uh tell me   um how to learn the the front lever what would  be your advice from your standpoint now you're   not aesthetics athlete but from your standpoint  right now uh first figure out the basics you know   you need to complete basics you need to  improve uh pull-ups you need to improve   dips you need to improve uh push-ups you  know and when you feel comfortable doing   i don't know maybe a few sets at least 10 reps for  pull-ups you can start thinking about something   uh with statics because you know you know  by yourself you know those moves are not   are dangerous if we are weak you know for the  guys that are doing that over is that some that   spits a piece of cake but for beginner first uh  complete basics you know also strong abdominal and   after that you can do something like frog  stance you know you can use a rubber you can   you know some some things that will help you  to do that you know one leg front lever or   straddle front lever and but basics first  always always whatever we do basics first   okay um what are the the exercise for apps that  you would recommend like in general not not   only for front lever but in general what are the  exercises that you do in every training or that   you recommend to every athlete i'm doing a mix of  different variations of sit-ups and the plank you   know the classic basic plank and the side one side  plank you know the hold and wraps for plank and   for sit-ups you know sometimes i'm doing i'm  counting and sometimes i'm you know just putting   my stopwatch you know and just doing that two  minutes or more also the crunches you know and uh   and uh you know set same same like this previous  two so that's of course i forgot to say that the   every ab workouts when we are holding the bar you  know like leg raises uh knee raises uh toes to the   bar and vipers and yeah i think that's it not easy  you know when i'm doing it on the bar but i think   the best results are when we are doing ad workouts  on the bar okay the the power of basics for me   is that i can say now yeah um urosh um can you  perform a human flag for me and you can just   do it without practicing it is it is it's like  this like can you do a human fleck like this uh   i haven't done human flag for years okay yes  but for years man i will try this summer you   know i said to myself i will try this summer but  i think maybe you know few days jumping on the bar   uh i will complete that okay because like for  me there are a few exercises that if you have   like a really really good basic strength stable  tendons stable joints um and like uh you do the   good numbers of pull-ups dips muscle ups push-ups  you can like you can do a human flag or you can do   back lever these are the exercises that um i think  like you don't have to train for specifically   that just come if you are like the strong body  yeah yeah true so um yeah i think the same yeah   um your opinion on on weighted reps like uh  weighted workout where does it help you uh why do   you use it um yeah tell us more about weighted  calisthenics okay so my best friend is doing   weighted calisthenics even when we're speaking  right now i think he's on his workout so yeah uh i think uh weighted weighted calisthenics can be  good for some part of the workouts but i think   they're not you know like for the people that  wants to build and uh to stay on the endurance   and uh maybe uh for explosive workouts they're  also not good i'm talking about the you know the   not like uh lower weights you know  like uh how can i say that man   uh if we put 10 kilograms on pull up or  muscle up that's fine you know but when we   use 60 kilograms for pull up you know for a few  sets i think that's that's bad for endurance so   that's fine for people who want to build strength  you know who want to build one rep box you know   who wants to compete in those categories but  for me and the people that have same goals   uh that's it's not you know that that they  can choose because it's for strength man true   and this is really interesting because it  really um slows down your end endurance right   exactly which is which is quite interesting  because if you tell this to a normal person uh   he would think oh maybe it brings some new  like uh some new power i it improves but it's   really it has something to do with the muscle  fibers or uh why is that uh well i think you're when we're doing you know awaited calisthenics  of course our body wants to build more muscle   for you know incoming sets and  rest because our body knows that   next workout will be harder than  previous you know we will put   one here 100 kilograms on deep uh and we  need more muscle we need more power for that   and um of course when we are doing for a longer  time a few sets with one or two reps our body   is getting used to that so our reps in endurance  will go down but the the the funny fact is that   uh for a people that work entrance and when you  decide that you want to test one rep max you will   have a good strength you know uh i can use myself  for example because recently i did uh deep with uh   110 kilograms and i never work out the strength  you know but i have strength to do uh that kind   of dip which is you know impressive for myself  also to pull up with 60 75 kilograms and you know   uh squat with 110 and i did it  with 105 sorry my bad and uh   for you know like for uh guys that work straight  you know their they their endurance is going down   but for other guys they're doing endurance  uh strength will be always there you know   so maybe the main reason uh body  wants more uh more mass you know to   maintain those kind of workouts  and that slows you down interesting i already heard that in in  other interviews i think with uh saiboth   it was also the same topic that like power from  endurance transfers to one rep max but not other   way around yes i think it was it was him i'm not  100 sure but um yeah interesting topic definitely   yes yeah true true uh try it um a question  that was asked a few times um is about steroids   and people asked yeah i had to smile a little  bit when i read these questions which which which   steroids do you take um do you take steroids  like um they asked a lot of questions so   like your your uh general answer to to these kind  of questions because i think you will receive them   as well i won't be the only one receiving them so  um yeah tell us more yo man i have a full pharmacy   over here man i can show you but um i think we can  connect that with the story about shortcuts and   people that that's those kinds of people that are  telling me i'm using steroids they didn't work out   even more than one or two years or three years but  they never had you know like serious workouts and   the healthy nutrition and when they look their  self in the mirror the and uh when they read   summer comments you know of course uh they will  say you use steroids because they never tried   something like that you know and and they never  ask you hey man how long you work out you know   there is 10 years man of workouts and uh all  of the stuffs with nutrition you know and   my you know daily day uh   daily life shorts you know i i i had to do a lot  of stuff you know when i was on the studies you   know my uh private work and uh everything else  man but you know when you have a strong mindset   you don't mean anything you know i mean  the steroids are i mean i i cannot you know   approve those kinds of things only you know only  the bodybuilders that are going to are no olympics   i mean okay you can use it i mean you all  look like that but that's something i i will   never approve and my theory is only the hard  work like number one and the second thing is   good and healthy nutrition don't blow your head  you know with the numbers just eat healthy and   work out hard work out smart and be patient you  know the patient patience is that's the big thing   true i think i think the most at least you you had  interview i mean most of them are five plus years   of experience so they had they have the  same story you know just be patient man   may i ask how do you feel when you  get asked this kind of question   is it like the confidence yeah you see it as a  compliment yeah yes man because uh they're they   are telling me that i did something  that they think it's impossible   so that that's like a medal man thank you guys  i appreciate it okay yeah because like yeah   for for every person that don't believe but  you know want to learn i'm there to help   i'll give them advice i'll show them workout  routine you know i will tell them my story   and i think after that they will start believing  it's possible it's not easy but it's possible   true well okay i think yeah thanks for for telling  thanks for uh being open to this question um yeah   no problem yeah it's a it's an interesting thing  and you see like there were at least like five   messages five two seven eight uh and people are  thinking about this so it's it's cool it's full   of those kind of messages yeah i can imagine  um yeah let's go to nutrition uh what what you   already said organic food food from the region you  don't count calories but you try to eat healthy   in general is there some general nutrition advice  that uh you want to add for the for the listeners   yes so the main goal is to start eating healthy  you know you need to trash all of the junk foods i   mean not at once but you know slowly you know day  by day month by month you can decrease the amount   of bad food i can say and that will be good for  our health uh for uh our performance you know and   for everything uh because you know we all know  what they put in junk foods and something like   that but you don't have to waste your money or on  something or on supplements uh the last last year   i mean i'm using the whey protein but that's  the story with my sponsors it's not important   but i think the main advice just eat  healthy just eat organic i mean there is   villages are around us you know  people are selling you know   fresh milk you know cheese and eggs  and chickens and cow milk whatever i mean that's the reason i think um my nutrition  is uh that i don't have to count calories you know   i know what i eat i know how  good that food is so what's that   that's the all all about about food  you know and uh but um but i'm always   telling people man work out like number  one you know like uh fitness instructor   instructors or personal trainers don't agree  with me and my channel because every time   we said we say uh guys like work out number one  second is the food and they don't agree with that   but because uh you know um why some of the people  start working calisthenics because they don't have   money for gym you know so they went they go  to the calisthenic park and start doing some   pull-ups and push-ups they also don't have money  for food for uh i mean for a good food you know   for um they can eat basic stuff and  that's the reason why we're telling them   uh just start work work out man  and everything will come in place true um do you do cheat days i don't  know once in a month once in a year   whatever yeah man i have i have maybe a few  times in a month and even every day i think i   take some kind of cookie or something with  the sugar that's fine by me because i'm not   counting calories and i'm working out cards  sure and for you like the the majority of   food has to be good but if there are like a  few things in between a few like cookies or   one cheat meal per two weeks i don't know  that's okay for you that's okay man you   can go to the you know like junk food chains  and you can eat everything from the menu okay   uh yeah what are your next goals in this interview  you talked a lot about this summer i am already   hyped for this summer because yes you announced  so many things this summer uh but uh what are the   goals that you are working on right now okay my  goals are uh are going for uh pulling of course   uh first i saw that there was a guinness world  record uh i think the most muscle ups in one hour   i think i'm not really really sure but  i think the record is 238 in one hour   something like that you know and i will i will go  first for that first uh first i'll try how many   uh muscle ups i can do in uh 15 minutes and  after that i will chase the guinness and   uh i will chase also for a pull up soon i  i'm done with the max collapsing one hour man   i'll i think i'll never do that because after  that man 10 days i was like zombie so i think   i will chase something that lasts shorter like  some crazy sets some something that was that is uh   with the guinness records i mean the muscle  ups are fine i i never tried to beat the   guinness world record in muscle ups so i will  try to beat that in one hour but pull ups no and   i don't know something like that yeah sounds good  so i saw a max throw uh have a lot of the records   with the muscle ups so so pay attention max if  you're listening to this somebody's coming for   you yeah i'll try this do you do also uh  also workout in rings or are you like uh   specialized on the bar no no no rings only the buy  okay i could drinks for fun but never working out   on the rigs okay just the beat biceps goals yeah  only that yes that's the i think the best bicep   workout you can do man true true um yeah and the  last question for this big part of the interview   uh where do you see yourself in five years  from from now uh i see myself as a person that   will change uh a lot of people's minds  you know to put them away from the bad   side of the streets and put them on  the good side of the streets that   that's something i'm doing even right now  with my friend on our youtube channel you   know we are trying to teach people how to work  out how to grow their body how to improve their   mind so uh i want to improve hold their story you  know i'm building my brands that can improve uh   people's bodies and mindsets you know you  can see the logo over there uh yes so i think   probably something like that uh but who knows man  i'm also you know like uh mechanical engineers so   maybe i also love that part of my life and maybe  i will you know do some mix of these two things   nice yeah i'm here to help man sounds really  great uh good luck for that and uh yeah we are   coming to the quick questions quick answers at  the end of the interview pizza or burger a burger are you a dog or a cat person dog man  always dog do you have one no but i will   nice uh do you have a favorite location for  holidays uh whoa man uh i have a lot of maybe   uh uh portugal uh uh saint petersburg uh  maybe rome uh there is so many cities man but do you prefer the cold or the warm uh  warm okay same here most most of the time fam um yeah do you have any athletes that inspire you  for your workouts or for your goals um i have a   lot of them i will start with the legends like  zeph beast mode uh honeywell and of course there   are also bar brothers and the modern athletes  like oculus and max cyborg uh vitaly uh vadim i mean there is a lot of them you know i'm  watching all of them all right they they   are huge inspiration to me that's great uh  do you have a hate exercise and a nightmare   exercise an exercise that you you hate when  you have to train it or when you have to do it   i have the most hate i have  max pull up silent hour   okay but why why was it so so bad uh because  you know like i was feeling so bad after that   you know my hands were shaking  next three or four days you know   and you know like my whole whole arms was  were like they're not mine you know so   i i i didn't work out the next seven to ten  days you know i was just you know relaxing   in my bed you know and that's something i  hate about those kind of sets you know and   the preparation uh was i think 10 to 12 months  and every workout was every minute on the minute   man 30 minutes 20 minutes 45 minutes disaster  man yeah so i think i'm pretty sure never again   well i like i feel that this is a a misconception  or a mistake that a lot of people do um i can   just speak for myself in this point during the  week when i have to work a lot i don't always   make like the the big training so i often like  only do 30 minutes uh every minute on a minute   uh workouts um so um but on the weekends  when i've got time i do like big workouts   and after these i'm like sore for three four  days and i can't really work out um and this   is something that i see on other athletes as  well that they don't get the regular workouts in   but when they work out they work out really hard  and then they are so sore that they can't work   out for a long time is this a mistake  that you see a lot uh yes yes yes but if you plan on workout smarts i mean there is no  way for uh some big store or something like that   but uh that's something i felt after uh one hour  max pull ups i was sorry or seven to ten days and   i uh i didn't you know work out because because  of that but yeah i i see that a lot of time in   the gym you know guy come do all of the exercises  in our workouts and next two days he's not showing   up and the third day he came man i have pain in  all my body but yeah that's that's the mistake yes   so in a normal workout at many how many percent  are you working out are you like performing at   80 percent or is it only 60 percent uh except  monday i'm working out on my maybe 70 percent only on the mondays i'm doing you know max uh pull  ups so i think that's at maybe 95 oh my camera   because your your last youtube video where  you did the 100 pull-ups at 200 push-ups in   four minutes 40 42 seconds this was 100  right yes yes i gave all of all of myself   so it was just before for the  for the youtube video in a normal   and that was all for that day i didn't work  out after that so that's all and i bet you you   still felt sore the day after right yes the day  after it was yeah i was sorry but i i did that   on saturday and lucky uh lucky stuff  is that on sunday is the rest day so okay that was perfect timing awesome so your  recommendation to somebody wanting to improve   in endurance i forgot to ask this question during  the interview your main as i said your main advice   to somebody wanting to improve the strength  endurance what is it like uh how at how many   percent does he have to work out during a normal  workout what what else do you want to say uh most of the time you're not giving your  max you're keeping that for uh big moments   and uh we need to you know we need to change  our workouts like uh mistake is if we do you   know like regular workouts like five sets 10 reps  pull ups 5 sets 10 reps dips whatever we need to   put some pyramids to put some super sets some  every minute of minute but everything in its   time so first start with some basics like make the  pyramid uh uh one two five and back to one and in   the time we can improve that to seven ten fifteen  whatever uh and the main thing is that chase uh as   much reps as you can with the lower rest that's  the whole thing about endurance you know just   try to improve reps impro reps max traps max reps  and after that you know just watch uh for a rest   rest needs to be short you know because uh when we  are doing something for endurance we don't have a   that luxury and that's that we can  you know rest for a longer time period   makes sense um yeah coming back to the quick  questions do you have a favorite book that you   want to recommend it's it's not it's ungrateful to  you know pick up one of one book so you know but i mean people can start i love history man you  know so uh i'm enjoying reading something about   from roman time and uh there is  a lot of books you know that's   you can calm your mind you know and learn more  what hap what happened in the past you know and   why i also love that period is there the  in that time there was a lot of great uh   imperators and the great generals that made  some smart moves and we can learn from that   so my advice is you know like pick up some  history book and learn something and i think   that that can help us a lot when you say this  i have to uh i don't know do you know the book   uh 48 laws of power by uh robert greene i think  um no i don't know that book but i'll let's write   i'll write it down i think you will  love it because it's just about   um moments from history uh from rome from uh  i don't know napoleon whoever like from uh big   people in the past and what we can learn from  then like a universal laws of power but i think   you will like it um but i'll send it to you after  the interview and also for the people that's good   for the people to write down the name but you  can still send it to me later yes yes and it's   also the link is in the description so people  are not curious and then they don't find it   um do you have a favorite  calisthenics event that you've visited well my goal uh before this uh crisis with the  you know everything was to you know attend to uh   international competitions you know outside of  serbia but you know what you know what happens   you know so uh i want you know to compete in the  in the europe or whatever what place it doesn't   matter you know i will try to do my best you  know because i was all around the serbia and   i think i'm ready to move on right  maybe some world cups we'll see   okay nice uh and a really difficult question  if you have to decide for the rest of your   life um to decide between um pull-ups and dips  only you are only allowed to do one exercises   for the rest of your life what exercise would  you take but i know already no no no no no no   yeah okay yeah then that is not difficult okay  um and the last question uh do you have a message   for for the calisthenics community do you have  a message for the the people listening to this   okay guys uh it's not it's  not easy uh never be easy and   people will always you know try to play with  you that you cannot achieve anything you cannot   you know improve your body that you  will not be able to improve your mind   but with patient consistency you know and the hard  work uh you will you know succeed you will improve   everything you want and you will become a better  person so you just need to believe in yourself you   need to put everything you have in your workouts  in your daily routine in your school uh in uh you   need to you know spend the quality time with the  quality people around you so uh i think you can   achieve your goals you know just be patient and  work hard on it and you will complete it simple   as that simple simple but not easy but simple yeah  awesome yeah uh how can people find you how how   can they get in touch with you okay uh they  can uh uh get in touch with me with instagram   it's i will spell it uh urls underline i think  i think that was good yes it was perfect so yeah   yeah uh you can contact me there you know  i will be more than happy to give you some   advice you know or whatever you ask uh and  also you can find me and my friend on our   youtube channel it's uh back to the basics uh or  you can just put my nickname in your search and   my video will jump jump on so we have a lot of you  know good advices on the channel for beginners for   more advanced athletes you can find pretty  much everything there for workouts nutrition   whatever you want lifestyle uh you can contact  us there and we will be more than happy to help   awesome and you also i think uh you also offer  some kind of uh workout plan uh coaching don't let   me say it wrong but uh yeah for the people who are  more interested in that can you tell us more about   it yes yes we offer uh workout plans and nutrition  plans we do not we do not offer uh online coaching   uh we are making the calisthenic workouts plans  so uh every person is individual so uh we are   making the plan uh when we look into the data of  that person you know like her age and goals and   what he can do what he cannot do whatever and  every plan is for himself so uh we are making   the calisthenic plans also we are making the  uh gym uh plans because uh they know a lot   we know a lot of uh about the gym so also  a nutrition plan and all info you can find   out uh just send us a message on instagram  or you can find us on our youtube channel   awesome all the links will be down in the  description whether you listen to this on   youtube or or on the podcast everywhere you will  find uh the the links to instagram and youtube   and uh yeah we're coming to an end thanks everyone  for listening to this till the end you can   finish the episode and have the last words  afterwards first of all i want to say thank you   a lot for your time that you uh took the time to  take this interview and to share so much of your   advice it was really a pleasure to get to know you  better and to learn about your workout advice your   nutrition and um to also have this small  motivational speech at the end it was really   nice so um yeah thanks a lot for that and also  thanks a lot for everybody listening to this till   the end it's been again a longer interview which  which you always enjoy and i hope you can take   a lot of value from it and yeah don't forget to  give it a thumbs up if it helped you if you stayed   through the whole episode and yeah urosh you have  the last words i'm saying goodbye and thank you   okay philip thank you for uh this interview i hope  we can talk again after some new records you know   yes after this summer and uh thank thank you all  the viewers you know that are here till the end   so uh keep up with your workouts eat  healthy man and everything is fine.