Your Guide to use Parallettes effectively & how to choose the right ones

La tua guida per utilizzare efficacemente le Parallettes e come scegliere quelle giuste

Tutto sul perché dovresti migliorare il tuo allenamento con le parallele e quali sono le migliori per i tuoi obiettivi.

Perché dovresti usare le Parallele? Lettura La tua guida per utilizzare efficacemente le Parallettes e come scegliere quelle giuste 5 min

La tua guida per utilizzare efficacemente le Parallettes e come scegliere quelle giuste

Variety and new muscle stimuli are the basis for a successful workout at home or outdoor. To get the most out of your performance, you should add new stimuli to your workout over time. The right parallettes support you in this.


Why Parallettes?

For most people, an outdoor or home workout is difficult. The number of exercises that can be performed is limited, the workout quickly becomes one-sided and the results quickly diminish. The muscles are not stimulated enough, and you hardly notice any training progress.  

Important: The training should always feel good and be fun. One-sidedness should be avoided, as it can quickly become boring and ineffective. 

With parallettes there are countless possibilities to make your training more exciting and effective. New exercises can be added to your training routine, as well as new calisthenics exercises such as the L-sit, handstand, or push-up variations. This adds variety and fun to your workout with new stimuli and more effective progress. Your wrists are protected by the optimized grip, and you can train everywhere with the parallettes, where and when you want.


How do you find the right Parallettes?

Everyone has different interests and goals in their training. For the best possible training results, the purchase of parallettes should be tailored to your wishes.

If your goal is to perform an effective full-body workout with maximum exercise variety, our recommendation are the Parallettes MAX.


  • the height of the parallettes (30 cm) provides more variety in your workout through a wide variety of push & core workouts
  • learn exercises like the L-sit or the elbow lever through the optimal distance to the floor
  • the stable construction with non-slip feet offers optimal stability, whether you want to train basic exercises or advanced skills 


You want to improve your handstand or planche and master handbalancing exercises? Then the Parallettes PRO's low height and maximum stability make for a comfortable, safe workout.


  • the 40 cm long wooden handle offers a lot of surface area and freedom of movement
  • the low height of 10 cm to the floor provides the maximum focus for handstands, planche & Co.
  • due to the safe stand with non-slip feet also suitable for basics


Your goal is to set new stimuli with a space-saving training device? Then the Parallettes ACTIVE are ideal due to their compact and robust design. Both for training sessions outdoor, and in your own four walls.


  • easy to transport due to the compact design
  • robust, solid construction offers load up to 350 kg per pair
  • high stability with optimal grip makes even advanced skills like planche & handstand possible



Matching Additions to your Parallettes

Workout Rings

To complete your workout, you can use Workout Rings. These offer you the possibility to complete your workout with pull ups and countless variations. The gymnastic rings can also be used as an alternative to the parallettes for push ups and L-sits, for example, whereby the rings require greater stability and body tension.

So if you need more variety and new stimuli in your workout, the gymnastics rings are perfect for that. In our ring guide, you will find all the important information on the subject.


 Liquid Chalk

calisthenics athlete showing hands after using liquid chalk by gornation

Another useful tool in training with parallettes is Liquid Chalk, which provides an additional grip boost and thus supports balance exercises such as handstands. But basics like push ups and L-sits also benefit from a non-slip grip on the bars. The application of the chalk is very easy and can be easily washed off with water after training.

If you need a better grip during training, the Liquid Chalk is the right equipment for you.


Wrist Wraps

For more stability in the wrists, you are well-equipped with Wrist Wraps. Concentrate fully on your training without feeling pain in your wrists. This way you will achieve a better performance in the handstand, L-sit, or push ups with unrestricted freedom of movement. Wrist Wraps can save you from unnecessary workout breaks due to injuries, thus giving you a more enjoyable workout experience.


As you can see, several factors play an important role when choosing your parallettes. Just adapt your decision to your interests to ensure an optimal upgrade of your workout. 

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How do I get the 10% off

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