The most asked question: What's the deal with the blue shorts? Cali Move and the blue shorts should be a known name to anyone interested in calisthenics. In this blog, we will address the most important questions about Cali Move. | Cali Move and the Power of the Blue Shorts

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ottobre 22, 2021

Cali Move and the Power of the Blue Shorts

Who is Cali Move?

Cali Move, also known as Calisthenic Movement, consists of a team of physical therapists and sports scientists. On Youtube, their channel has over 3.5 million subscribers and is considered one of the most influential channels on Youtube in the field of performance improvement and health.

The founder of Cali Move, Sven Kohl, has more than 10 years of coaching experience and gives regular workshops. He has been training calisthenics since 2012.

Alex Lorenz, also known as El Eggs, also has a long, athletic history and has been a trainer for more than 15 years. He also started calisthenics in 2012.

el eggs from cali move with blue shorts doing pistol squats

What exactly do you learn on Cali Move's channel?

Mainly on the Youtube channel you can find videos about calisthenics, but the videos all focus on different things. For example, you won't find the usual planche or front lever tutorials on the channel, but specific videos on different areas like:

Strength improvement, Mobility, Nutrition, Proper Exercise Execution, Movement, and other tutorials. 

You, the viewer, will be shown how to correctly perform a pull-up, improve your mobility, or what exercises you can incorporate into your workout.

cali move youtube channel

What makes Cali Move different from others?

A very good video quality combined with professional knowledge provides you with a lot of qualitative input. With state-approved licenses and a lot of experience, Calisthenic Movement scores with their community. Alex and Sven were able to gain a lot of experience in many sports and bring this to their community.

Why the blue shorts?

The blue shorts have been a trademark of Cali Move for a long time. El Eggs wears them in all of his videos, making many viewers feel connected to the blue shorts. The shorts are seen as power shorts, which give El Eggs that extra boost in performance. The blue shorts became more and more popular with the community, and so it was decided to bring them to the market. Through the cooperation of GORNATION and Cali Move, the blue power shorts are finally available for purchase.

el eggs from cali move in blue shorts doing a handstand


Are Alex and Sven from Germany?

Alex and Sven are born in Leipzig and are German speakers. However, they produce their content on Youtube in English, which gives them a large fan base in the English-speaking world.


Still have unanswered questions?

Check out our interview with El Eggs from Cali Move. There we address a wide variety of questions from the community:



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