The Calisthenics brand and community GORNATION turns 5 years old - reason to celebrate with new products like a Calisthenics wall calendar, wrist wraps for your workout or new hoodies for training outdoor or your free time. | The specials on GORNATION's 5th anniversary

novembre 01, 2020

It all started five years ago with the idea of building a brand for the community that inspires and connects athletes and makes sport great with them. On 01.11.2015 the idea was born and GORNATION was officially founded.

Athletes like Hannibal for King, Melanie Driessen, Lee Wade Turner and Ivan Markioli realized that we were planning something big and serious and supported us in the beginning. Without the support of the scene, the brand would not be what it is today.

Five years later, GORNATION is a movement of tens of thousands of athletes worldwide, reaching hundreds of thousands of people every week on social media and working with great athletes and events. From the beginning, the motto has been "Never Give Up Only Pull Up! Never give up, even if the difficulties and problems seem insurmountable.

For this special occasion and as a thank you for the support of the community, there are some specials which will be available from November 1st, 2020:

  1. For one week (from 11/01-08/11/23h59) there will be a free DIN A4 Calisthenics Wall Calendar for the year 2021 with every order, which you can hang up for your daily motivation. We have selected the most beautiful pictures of the community and created a Calisthenics Calendar. The calendar was also the first product we offered with GORNATION, so it stands for more than just 12 breathtaking pictures of athletes from all over the world.
  2. The 01.11.2020 will also be the launch of a product that many in the community have been demanding for a long time: Power Wrist Wraps. Elastic wrist wraps with thumb loop and velcro closure. Cool design in the usual GORNATION quality for maximum stability during static and weighted workouts. While our previous Performance Wrist Wraps allow you maximum range of motion with wrist support, the Power Wrist Wraps are designed for full stability and fix your wrist during those moves where you need maximum safety.
  3. To start the winter in style and to give the fashion lovers in the community something to look forward to, there will also be a Special Edition Hoodies in three different colors. Classic design completely embroidered in three new colors: white, red and silverback grey. Comfortable, high-quality and warm for workout and leisure time.
  4. As if that wasn't enough, there will also be discounts on selected products. These will end together with the calendar promotion on 08.11.2020 at 23h59 Central European Time.

Check out the 5 Years GORNATION Video

You can find all new products and all offers HERE. We thank you for your support during this time and hope that together with you we will reach our vision to connect one million people through Calisthenics by 2025.

Keep growing,


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