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Carlo Figus Calisthenics Athlete Planche Iron Cross Equipment
GORNATION Workout Rings Set with high quality straps, dual door anchor and a carry bag, gymnastic rings, turnringe, Anneaux, Anelli
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Set di Anelli
49,90 €
Black power wrist wraps to improve stability and get more power moves. To improve stability and injury prevention.
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  • Bianco
Power Wrist Wraps
17,90 €
GORNATION Premium Liquid Chalk für Besseren Grip & Bessere Performance 200ml - Flüssigkreide, Chalk, Flüssig Chalk - Calisthenics, Crossfit, Bouldern, Klettern, Gym
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  • 200ml
  • 2x 200ml
  • 3x 200ml
Magnesite Liquida 200ml
da 13,90 €
Black Gornation Wrist wraps with tight fit, adjustable wristband for wrist support and injury prevention
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  • Bordeaux
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Performance Wrist Wraps
19,90 €