The most popular wrist bandages for calisthenics and functional training. Stability for your wrist during push ups, dips, handstand and co. and prevention of pain. The special bandages by GORNATION have been equipped with some features for the calisthenics athlete, now discover! | Wrist Wraps - Wrist Bandages | Equipment from GORNATION
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Black Gornation Wrist wraps with tight fit, adjustable wristband for wrist support and injury prevention
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Performance Wrist Wraps
19,90 €
Black power wrist wraps to improve stability and get more power moves. To improve stability and injury prevention.
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Power Wrist Wraps
17,90 €
dark grey light wrist wraps for calisthenics
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Light Wrist Wraps
19,90 €

Wrist Wraps - the essential equipment for calisthenics

Calisthenics in all its facets offers many benefits, from functional strength and aesthetics to cool exercises and skills. Many of these exercises take place on or with the hands and strain the wrists. It is not uncommon for slight pain to occur, which increases over time and prevents training success. Especially exercises such as handstands, planches and push-ups on the floor put a lot of strain on the wrists because the joint is completely bent and overstretched. Wrist bandages help to create a stable and secure wrist that can withstand the strain of calisthenics exercises. The external pressure exerted by a bandage helps to improve blood circulation and stabilize the wrist within the range of motion (ROM). The wrist is thus held in a safe range and better protected against injuries and pain.

Fewer interruptions - more workouts

The two types of wrist bandages, or Wrist Wraps as they are called in the international calisthenics scene, which GORNATION offers after long tests are Performance Wrist Wraps and Power Wrist Wraps. Both bandages have their advantages and disadvantages for the different directions in calisthenics like Statics, Dynamics, Weighted and Sets & Reps. In short: Power Wrist Wraps exert more pressure on the wrist and give more security, but for this reason they restrict the wrist more in its freedom of movement. They are easy to put on with a thumb loop and velcro and are used by mostly static and weighted athletes in training and competition. The Performance Wrist Wraps, on the other hand, offer full range of motion and allow simultaneous stabilization. They are preferred in places where less wrist support is needed and where freedom of wrist movement is more important, such as dynamics or also statics.

Which wrist bandages should I buy for my training?

This decision depends on your training, depending on the goals you want to achieve with your wrist bandages. Do you like to have maximum freedom of movement and do you do a lot of exercises like handstands, paddling and push ups on the floor? Then the Performance Wrist Wraps are the right bandages for your wrists. You like to have an easy wrapping with thumb loop and velcro + you want the best stability? Then the Power Wrist Wraps are the right choice for your training, because the elastic material means more pressure and compression for your joints. No matter what kind of wraps you choose, take care of your wrists, make sure you have a good warm-up, stretch after your workout and make sure you use the right equipment for your workout that fits your goals.