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GORNATION Workout Rings Set with high quality straps, dual door anchor and a carry bag, gymnastic rings, turnringe, Anneaux, AnelliSet di Anelli
Set di Anelli
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GORNATION Dip Belt for weighted calisthenics & street workout. For Pull Ups, Dips, Push Ups, Squats, Muscle Ups & mmoreGORNATION Dip Belt for Calisthenics. High Quality contents
Cintura Zavorre Premium
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Premium Parallettes PROPremium Parallettes PRO
Premium Parallettes PRO
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Premium Parallettes MAXPremium Parallettes MAX
Premium Parallettes MAX
Prezzo di vendita 129,90 €
Premium Parallettes ACTIVEPremium Parallettes ACTIVE
Premium Parallettes ACTIVE
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Bande di Resistenza Premium Bande di Resistenza Premium
Bande di Resistenza Premium
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Giubbotto Zavorrato Elite 10kgGiubbotto Zavorrato Elite 10kg
Giubbotto Zavorrato Elite 10kg
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Home Workout Set Progress Home Workout Set Progress
Home Workout Set Progress
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Set di Premium Parallettes Set di Premium Parallettes
Set di Premium Parallettes
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Handbalancing SetHandbalancing Set
Handbalancing Set
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Starter Set PRO Starter Set PRO
Starter Set PRO
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Home Workout Set Strength Home Workout Set Strength
Home Workout Set Strength
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Starter Set MAX Starter Set MAX
Starter Set MAX
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Statics SetStatics Set
Statics Set
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Set di Attrezzatura Ultimate Set di Attrezzatura Ultimate
Set di Attrezzatura Ultimate
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Workout Tools

Calisthenics brings with it a multitude of opportunities with its endless possibilities of exercises & skills, ranging from building strength & strengthening the body to balance & building confidence. With the right equipment and suitable devices for the sport, the full potential can be realized and the home gym or calisthenics park can become a venue for incredible exercises. GORNATION's online store offers equipment & gear for the sport of calisthenics from parallettes/parallel bars to gymnastic rings/training rings to small equipment like dip belts, magnesia & resistance bands. The focus here is on the sport of calisthenics and the development of equipment that provides true value to the athlete.

GORNATION has been beating competitors since 2015 thanks to close collaboration with calisthenics athletes from all over the world, setting new standards for calisthenics equipment. Thus, Parallettes are developed with optimal grip, non-slip feet & enclosed accessories such as tape & carrying strap, which mean a real upgrade in training for the athlete. Calisthenics is a comparable young sport and therefore requires specially adapted equipment that cannot simply be taken from gymnastics, as it has to meet different requirements. Calisthenics equipment is also used for outdoor & home training and must therefore be easy to transport. GORNATION relies here on Calisthenics equipment made of wood, since the positive characteristics of wood with the light, grippy material brings optimal grip for the athlete in gymnastic rings or on Parallettes.

In times of home workouts, high-quality equipment for your own four walls will help you achieve your goals. A functional fitness room can be easily set up and with rings, Parallettes & co. all kinds of exercises can be done to get stronger and achieve good results indoors. Since often just indoor calisthenics little space is available, you can train few devices the whole body and perform exercises that always train & stimulate several muscle groups at the same time. Thus, results can be achieved quickly in the home workout and transferred to the training in the Calisthenics Park. In our office location in Germany, Calisthenics products are designed and created to be visually appealing and then tested by the professional athletes from the sport.

No matter what level, beginner, intermediate or professional, GORNATION's calisthenics equipment expands the training possibilities indoor & outdoor and makes training more enjoyable with small details. The goals of calisthenics training can be completely different and range from building strength, reducing fat mass or learning new calisthenics exercises, our equipment for home workout & outdoor workout helps to stay in shape and achieve athletic goals. Whether you store with us online or build your own at home, having indoor calisthenics equipment for an effective workout of all exercises makes sense if you want to exercise regardless of the weather and take your home equipment to the next level.