Max True is 2x Muscle Ups Guinness World Record Holder. In this speical episode, we talk about his latest world record and how he prepared for it. His latest record: Most Ring Muscle Ups in 1 hour | MOST RING MUSCLE UPS IN 1 HOUR | Interview with MAX TRUE

febbraio 24, 2022 15 min read

MOST RING MUSCLE UPS IN 1 HOUR | Interview with MAX TRUE | Athlete Insider Podcast #64

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record in muscle ups in in 24 hours only one thousand one hundred something like  that i think it's not much and i guess i can do this in eight hours  yo gorillas welcome to the athlete insider podcast by GORNATION my name is phil and  today's a special episode today we have the two times world record holder in muscle ups  i'm super happy to welcome you to the show max drew from belarus hi everybody thank you  yeah first uh first interview guest who made it in the podcast twice it's the first podcast  episode ever ever that somebody uh on it for the second time first interview was super super nice  you really the community really enjoyed it and um yeah it's uh thank you my friend so today we will  talk a little about um the the the latest events uh you had a successful muscle up um world record  attempt in in january and uh i'm super happy to to talk about it and uh yeah maybe you want  to tell us a little the story what what happened and uh how did it turn out yeah last year was very  very good for me so i i did several records so uh last summer i did records in one hour must  collapse uh in november also beat updated muscle ups records i mean consecutive and this january  i decided to to make record in muscle ups in one hour and um yeah this was one of the  hardest one of the most painful record that that i did is first of all because of the injuries on  my on my hands you probably saw photos i posted on my instagram it was very painful in the end  and that's why it was hard to prepare sure so uh it's is your bio insurance bio lying is it  already the the third muscle up uh like world record before my first record was  consecutive muscle ups then i did consecutive muscle ups on rings then it was beaten  by another guy then i i did muscle ups in one hour uh so it was like uh sad but  um actually uh as a record holder i at that moment i would i had two two of them and then updated uh  muscle ups on the barcode security because chinese guy beat it and he said 20 27 muscle ups and i  decided that it's time to refresh the number so in total i did four different muscle ups record but  uh right now i'm a recurve holder only of two of them this is one of our muscle ups on marines and  most consecutive muscle ups so yeah interesting and uh yeah like uh one hour was uh it looked  super painful i mean uh one hour 305 i think was the the final number you did in one hour  what's what's the main difference for you is it the mindset or  what's what's the difference between one consecutive set and one hour of 300 repsit they have a different difficulties so when you're doing one one single set you  have no possibility to try again i mean this day or tomorrow if you fail you need to at least  have rest for several days so it's like yeah mental pressure in this case but of course it's  much easier to just single set and you're free and in case uh one hour muscle ups it it's constantly  precious to you when you when you're tired uh you think you can't do but you have to do and  you control in time you understand that uh it's not sometimes it's not enough to recover and you  you change in your play plans on the fly and yeah it's in this case it's one hour of of mind fightconstantly pressures you and it's it's very good when when you achieve more than you expect  true if you would have to choose to go for a kind of uh world record again which kind of  record would you choose like the the one for one hour where you constantly have to stay disa like  motivated and like behind it or the one one set like what kind of record is best for you  i think best is just single set muscle ups consecutive muscle ups but uh i also like one hour  of testing myself it's like like you is feeling similar like on competitions uh yes adrenaline  uh just and uh if you have uh watchers near you and they are helping you it's like yeah  good feelings yeah did you do uh competitions in  uh like a few years ago did you do a lot of competitions yeah before before that yeahdifferent competitions in also master labs and labs we study tequilasalso just right before kovit i participated in um  vertex forward battle if you hear about this yeah and i have good news that they um they're going to  start the game and this march uh they're going to make some battles and  also i'm going to participate in them there will be several two things at least uh probably uh  you know denser altaf will be there yeah and this will be saying it will work um  yeah coming back to your um one hour record like what was the the old record before you  uh put the the the new record at 305 reps the old record was 156 was said by spanish guy i'm  sorry man but i don't remember his name probably a solid star is something like thatand you you should understand that some records are not like popular very old and they become  such after some time and i understand that there are many people that can do more than 150  more than 200 also by the way after testing the record i received several direct messages  from different guys that they were preparing for the record and they already sent  videos materials to the guinness and they had something like 220 to 210  several people and yeah they were congratulating me but they were disappointed becausewithout having their proofsyeah they had possibility to be uh a record holder for some time but you destroyed extremely yeah  they trained for years and now they are super sad because you took you've destroyed their dream  probably yeah that's life but uh yeah super interesting um because i think the the um  the difficulty to have a guinness world record is quite high because you have to film everything and  really in in their uh guidelines and it's quite difficult i think and if you want to have some  judges from them coming over i think it's quite expensive so it's not something that everybody  can do um but you yeah but you can do everything yourself it's uh and it's not expensive but it's  hard to organize yeah because how many cameras did you need or how many people to help uh so you need  actually you need two cameras from front and front side but as you know no no you need two views from  front and side but also you should film uh with camera that the video in slow motion they can  understand check your apps more correct so and as i hadnot very good experience in certain records i'm setting a lot of cameras because  when i tried my my first recording pull-ups with 40 lbs i failed in first day because  main camera broke the sd card and yeah i had to to do the same next day and yeah so history  teaches me that you need to to be prepared to be ready and there are reasons to worry about sureum what was your main motivation to do the the world records is it um just because you like to  write it in your instagram bio or uh do you think like what what's the your main motivation to do it  um probably this is the main thing is just to show myself that i canreach such such targets because when i started preparation it was in summer uh  i was able to do something like 200 in one hour yeah but after half a year of preparations here  i improved a lot just like competitions emotions uh it attracts people many positive things  okay you said the preparation was uh six months so uh half a year can you tell us a little bit  about the the trainings especially for the the world record how did you train for it  uh sure first of all thank you fields and incarnations for the rings that i used for  corporations yeah um they helped me a lot almost all preparations  were on them they're great unfortunately i did record on another rings because  it was in a gym there it was very hard to change the rings because before i wanted to make them  outside and i used your rings there but otherwise it would have been like with the coronation rings  it would have been 400 reps i think 405 uh muscles sure for sure because they a little bit different  they're a little bit i think most sick and uh it's more convenient to do muscle ups with them  yeah cool but we have what we have yeah sure yeah uh your your training for the the um  the world record how did it look how did your training schedule and your preparation look like  usually i have i had two special workouts for itone of them just like 100 muscle up muscle ups with big rests with a  not big tempo and just like for improving technique something like that  and another workout during the week i had uh very intensive usually something like 200 trapsthis is was very important because you need to understand which tempo you need to  to use during the uh the record attempt uh you need to understand you need to try  variations to understand how how it will be easier to recover uh how much reps you need to do in each  so you need to try many times to try to find a good good combination and i think i did a  good job in this way and uh i think it's very optimal tempo was during the record because  before that i was expected something like 260just right before the record on the day i was i thought about 280 but you see i did much more niceand another thing is very hard is uh is to prepare your hands because uh usually your arms  your skin can hold only to something like 200 muscle ups sometimes i i just my preparation was  something like just rub your hands on something like floor or wooden this was the preparation yeah  this was part of preparation here really yeah because you need to prepare your skin  it's very hard and even so in the end of the record i had blood in my hands yeah  it's very hard it looked cool uh it was a good youtube thumbnail um the the blood um so yeah  but i can't imagine it's it's hard like uh if somebody's not used to ring muscle ups like  this part uh is is is bleeding so quickly um yes yeah uh what what splits did you do  like uh how many reps did you do per per per set uh yeah how many reps did you do percent  uh not much usually four three two reps and i did uh two sets in each minute okay like  similar to imam yeah so imam but half a imam yeah so um for example i don't  know 10 15 seconds of muscle ups then 10 15 seconds of of rest then doing the next  interesting and whenever the last muscle up was too hard for you you went down by  a number or how did you do that by the the reps per set yeah if you do just one more  and it will take you much time to recover yeah yeah i tried many variations and um  three reps after sometimes it was much efficient for me is there a percentage  that you have to stay underneath so like for example do you stay at 50 of your  max reps always to have like short regeneration time is there a percentage number that you can  say this is something like 70 not half but 70 yeah uh i i think that during the record i  for example on third on 40 minutes i can i could be doing something like seven reps or like that  per person yeah this was maximum at that moment wow but then you stayed at 70 so you only did  four or five or no in one minute you did no and i have to understand this you say at minute 40after i mean uh after some time uh of doing this a lot of preps i was able uh to do maximum something  like seven reps but if we uh take i'm talking about my maximum my absolute maximum at that  moment i was able to do something like i don't know 17 reps okay just in single set yeah freshinteresting so the the planning of the the reps and the numbers and the uh to not uh  become fatigued is really important uh for this kind of um kind of world record um so um yeah  um so uh but also i think uh nutrition plays a place a role in in the preparation for for it  did you change something in your nutrition or did it stay the same the whole time  in general no the same just a small diet before the record to lose some weight and to be lighter  that's it okay can you tell us how such a small diet looks like and you just go into a small  calorie difference just uh just uh less food than before so if you want in details what i eat  yeah we talked about it uh in in our first interview but i can repeat of course if you want  so you just eat the same you eat the same but just less  just last year and uh in what time period in front of the the competitionjust right before the competition uh like in the uh how many days before uh the world record  one week one week one week one week so i lost just like uh two kilos  of fats or is there also muscle everything of course mostly fat but  i understand that muscles also could be hopefully in the legs somewhere um hopefullyand hopefully not not brains yeah truenice um yeah like recovery i was super super impressed i think the day after the world record  you uh showed a like you showed your workout i think the the day after the world record if i'm  correct i think you i saw you doing a workout in your story uh yeah so how did your recovery look  like after the day because i can imagine you were completely sore but that's only only uh  i guess oh well i can't say that i was completely sore because  it just it was just the one hour workout for me usually i do work out more than  the main problem was pain on the arms and that's it but uh the next day i did um  well muscle ups on a bar and it's okay so just a little probably a little bit less  because i've got nothing a lot of time for my workout because i have to sand on the all the  materials to the guinness also had a lot of work on my main work and yeah crazy like you  are you're really a phenomenon for me like you're it's just impressive like you you take this uh  you talk about this if it's just something normal you know like just working out a normal workout a  little bit shorter on the next day after world record it's it's so normal like i don't have  time to think about it so yeah it's it's really impressive i think it's easy to recover when  you doing workouts probably not hard but probably i can do just good warm or easy something like  the load and i think it will help you to recover much faster than you just learned on the sofa  sure so active recovery um i think the the audio was just gone how how uh how long is  a is a normal workout for you how many hours uh something like hour and a half or two hours  okay cool um yeah maybe a message that you have to everybody listening um like uh who one who wants  somebody who wants to break also a record one day or world record do you have some advice  some something you want to say uh yeah so there was time when i didn't eventhought about the records here but now i don't several so if you want and if you have such dreams  you just need to be consistent you need to work continue your work and with high probability you  you will achieve it and another advice is if you want to break some records you can choose  something easier some probably not very popular record just to test to understand how the process  is just to send all the information to collect it to organize everything it will be very helpful  for you great and be quick because max true is is there he will he will beat the record  that you just worked for for years so you have to be quick um yeah that's also maybe an advice  um but a question that's in my head when do you know that you're ready for a worker for  a for a world record attempt and that you should now apply and film it when when do  you know because i can imagine you always want to become better like the people who were at 20 210  muscle ups 220 they thought yeah i need to become better like when do you know it's the right time  very hard question because of course when record is 200 it's much easier to beat it  than 300 and when you see that you have good progress uh in for example and you'd  previous on your previous workout you did 100 and next month you uh for 50 muscle ups additional  yeah you see that progress is good but when you near the record it slows down very very fast and  sometimes it's hard to predict i already told you in previous podcast how it was with my first  always muscle ups record when i spent five years to to improve my results for five reps just five  reps and very very hard question but um i guess when you when you want you just need to register  if you want to set it officially you just want to just need to register andreceive all the information because uh after after the registration you have one year  to to try this records and everything if you fail you can try again so  just just if you understand that probably you need uh three months to to beat it you can  you should you must register and try it so that's my advice cool do you plan on on breaking another  record in the next time i have ideas about more longer records something like eight  hours or 24 even but the problem is that it will be very hard to organize probably  probably i need to find good sponsors for it because i don't know probably  on some event uh somebody will invite um judges from guinness world records i can try  something like that because right now um with high probability i can tell them because uh records in  muscle ups in one in 24 hours only 1 thousand probably one hundred something like that it  i think it's not much and i guess i can do this in eight hours or so  and you can see i have ideas just to make stream  on my youtube and for i don't know for four hours and fight how much i can do wowsounds cool um yeah looking forward to that umwe had some yeah we were slowly coming to an end of the interview uh we always like we had  some some random questions um that i just want to ask how do you stay shredded somebody elsewhat's your secretdon't eat a lot of sweets the main secret and don't eat a lot in general  that's it many people are afraid of losing muscles when they are losing weight but if you  get enough protein enough and you have enough workouts don't don't  don't afraid of it just just try that's it okay somebody asked can you code java yeahand also uh sometime i could go clean  for years if you talk about android but main my program languages you post passuh max pull ups in a row currentlydepends on the technique uh if we talking aboutgood form average forms something like 50 a little bit more 50 nice uh max weighted dip so one rep  max a weighted dip i think i already have done i've never done but i guess not much sounds likeatt something like that okay uh a secret for bigger armsa lot of workouts just let's see nice yeah these were some some random questions i tried to to fit  in the interview um that came from instagram um yeah basically uh that's that's it for  for today's uh podcast episode as always the question how can people get in touch with you  where can they find youum on instagram yep first of all also on youtube max true you can finishusually i post the same stuff as on instagram but sometimes you can findsomething new something that you can find anywhere so yeahyepgreat i didn't know about thatcool nice we will put all the links in the description and um yeah we're we're at the  end thank you my pen just flew away uh thanks to everyone for listening  uh till the end um thanks max for taking the time uh we wish you we wish you good luck for  the next world records uh as always like uh thank you big big fans and um yeah big respect  from from germany thank you for listening guys thank you very much for good questions thanks.

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