Get your comfortable clothing for summer! Best quality and light material during your workouts. Discover Hooded Tank Tops, Shirts, Shorts, Crop Tops and more! | The new Summer Collection for your Calisthenics Workouts

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giugno 01, 2021

The new Summer Collection from GORNATION - Get ready for Summer!

1. Hooded Vintage Tank

Hooded tanks are very popular at the moment and are gaining more and more popularity. The perfect mix of hoodie and tank top gives you a cool look while training and ensures an unrestricted training experience. The Hooded Tank from GORNATION not only looks good during training but also as a casual look.


2. Calisthenics Tank Top

With the Calisthenics Tank Top, you present your passion to the outside. The comfortable fit combined with the high quality provides you with the best wearing comfort.


3. Vintage Shirt

Our Vintage Tank Top is very popular among buyers. The same vintage design is now available as a shirt. The very light material offers you a comfortable fit during sports & street wear



4. Performance Shorts

The new Performance Shorts from GORNATION have a special cut that gives your legs the best freedom of movement. Concentrate fully on your training without your shorts disturbing you.



5. Calisthenics Hoodie White

Our popular Calisthenics Hoodie is now available in white. Present your passion to the outside world and be perfectly dressed even during colder summer days.



6. Skinny Pants Heather Grey

The popular Skinny Pants are now also available in gray. If you prefer sweatpants and don't like to wear shorts, skinny pants are the right choice for you. The comfortable cut provides you with optimal wearing comfort.



7. Performance Pants All Black

Our Performance Pants are now available in all black. The loose fit gives your legs more room to move. Get the most out of your workout with breathable and lightweight fabric.



8. Calisthenics Crop Shirt Women

The classic Calisthenics Shirt is now available as a crop shirt for women. The lightweight material makes the Crop Shirt your faithful companion during sports & street wear.



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