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GORNATION - A brand, great ambitions and the birth of a major axis of international Street Workout

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GORNATION from my point of view:

Hi young gorilla, how would you like to hear an opinion about GORNATION from inside the team? (I thought I heard a yes, or maybe it's the beginning of underlying schizophrenia?) Anyway.

My name is Pierre-Antoine (@Calisthenics-PacMan on Instagram for the curious), I'm 23 years old and I've been a contract athlete for GORNATION for almost a year. 

My cooperation with Philipp started almost 4 years ago, the brand was still unknown and I was starting Calisthenics. Philipp commented on one of my pictures and offered me a discount on their clothes in exchange for ads, which I accepted. I received the 2 t-shirts a few days later and I remember being very surprised by their quality, I still have them today (the NEVER GIVE UP ONLY PULL UP for the old ones). This nascent collaboration then grew and in April 2018 they then allowed me to come to FIBO to give demonstrations and meet each other. I, who had always (almost) trained alone, this atmosphere was as euphoric, motivating as it was impressive.

I have a very clear memory of all this kindness from Elisabeth and Phil, pushing me to have fun without worrying about my shyness, which allowed me to be more at ease in the middle of all these people. These 3 days of FIBO will remain unforgettable, memories engraved in me which certainly made my passion grow even more, from this stay was born a friendship and a deep respect on my part for these people who despite their rising notoriety was of a remarkable humility. 

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Calisthenics-PacMan (@pierre_antoine_chabanis) am

Benevolence is the word that best defines them.

In September 2018 I entered IFSI (Institut de Formation en Soins Infirmiers) and having to work on weekends in addition to my studies, I didn't really have time to film my training and/or take pictures to publish. In November Philipp sent me a message to check up on me and seemed genuinely delighted to know that I was flourishing. Some time later, once I had found my bearings, I decided to take the maintenance of my account more seriously.

The following summer, Elisabeth offered me by email to sponsor me, to formalize this collaboration with a contract and thus have many other advantages; which I accepted without hesitation. This summer was the most productive for me in terms of sports, with a series of events and training sessions lasting several hours, my motivation was at its peak. 

Unfortunately, on January 5, 2020 I was urgently diagnosed with severe myocarditis (heart disease in my case very serious, which infects and inflames the heart muscle). I spent several days in intensive care and decided to warn the GORNATION team that I would not be able to honour my contract for several months in view of my growing pathology, their response was quick and above all can be summed up in these few words: "The most important thing is to take care of yourself, the priority is not your contract there".

I didn't talk in detail about what was happening to me on the networks but Philipp, Andreas (another member of the team) and Elisabeth have been regularly checking up on me, always with kindness and empathy. They sent me several gifts during my convalescence as well as a note that I decided to keep, in view at home wishing me the best and ending with "take care of yourself". The cardiologists encouraged me to break my contract so I wouldn't be pressured into it, but Phil and his entire team stayed and never held me accountable. I intend to give it back to them when my heart will allow it again and give myself 200% to represent them.

I'm not a world class athlete, I don't have a level that rivals some of the best they sponsor as well but what I think keeps this bond going is this common vision we have of the sport which is based on respect and helping each other, Keep growing as I like to call it with my buddies to keep them entertained.

The support they gave me at a time when I couldn't give them anything in return was a key element in keeping me motivated, so that I wouldn't get depressed when I couldn't practice and just walk.

The products:

Since all this time, I've been lucky to wear all the collections released by my sponsor, the quality has always been there, I've never been surprised by their articles if not in good, but I'm going to tell you about MY favorite product and although I love them all this one is by far my favorite; You'll understand why.

Already I will say that my daily companion in Winter and especially early in the morning or late at night when I go to work at the hospital or train before going to school is undeniably the Gorilla Hoodie Men Olive. The fabric inside is very warm and above all extremely soft to the touch, which is really a plus when training outside. Composed of 65% cotton, this sweater also maintains the heat very effectively and I'm really happy to have it in Winter since I live in Savoie, the mornings at 5am when I go to work on foot are really not very pleasant and I never hesitate on which sweater will accompany me... (Except when my girlfriend takes it from me of course). 

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Calisthenics-PacMan (@pierre_antoine_chabanis) am

I do not speak to you about that simply with a commercial aim but to share with you my experiences of long dates with these products which I know very well to have tested them, moreover I also practise carp fishing (one minute young gorilla I will explain you).

In general, all the GORNATION sweaters are great and since the time I have had the opportunity to test most of them at the water's edge at night and sometimes by negative temperatures. I must say that if I had to choose between my old fishing fleeces and the ones Phil offers, the choice would be quick. The fabric is also supple and I remember that before it was difficult to find a sweater whose design allowed me to have freedom of movement to train while being warm enough; they convinced me.

The future?

The future for me is going to be to finish my studies, to take the nursery school exam to work in pediatric intensive care. I don't live for this sport and have many other passions but the philosophy that drives GORNATION is the one that has been driving me on a daily basis since long before I met them. I have a multitude of sporting projects and my desire to progress is enormous, I hope that our collaboration is only at its beginning. 

Their notoriety has grown very quickly and I think it is the number one brand today in the international Street Workout and in any case the one that connects the most athletes to each other. Our sport is developing slowly but surely, some of them shoot themselves in the foot but others give their best to accompany our community. 

I will simply say that you have to choose the right people to support and even if you have not (or not yet) bought GORNATION products; if you are motivated, caring, respectful and passionate you have your place in this community of athletes that links GORNATION and this regardless of your level.

What Philipp has accomplished is huge, he is a person who believes in his dreams, he is very ambitious. GORNATION has grown from a small box under a bed containing t-shirts to a brand that is recognized and respected worldwide for its quality and mentality.

I'm convinced that this is just a warm-up and that GORNATION has a lot of great things in store for the future.


Pierre-Antoine Chabanis

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Michael Won

I really like your story! I wish I can join the Gornation team in the future :)

I really like your story! I wish I can join the Gornation team in the future :)

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