The most popular t-shirt and tank tops of the calisthenics scene in one collection. Stylish clothing tailored to the sport, with which you can show your lifestyle during training and in your free time. Show off your Calisthenics and Street Workout lifestyle. Look around the GORNATION Shop now! | T-Shirts and Tank Tops for your Calisthenics Workout | GORNATION Men

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GORNATION offers since 2015 clothing & equipment for Calisthenics athletes from all over the world who want to show their sport to the outside world. Here, t-shirts and tank tops offer an optimal way to share one's lifestyle and values with the outside world and let the sport grow with it. GORNATION's first shirt was the "Never Give Up Only Pull Up!" shirt with raglan sleeves and white & neon-orange lettering. It already summed up the start-up's values back then, to not give up and to pursue and ultimately achieve one's goals against all expectations & challenges. This is what the sport of Calisthenics is all about. This approach requires courage, stamina and also motivation. This is the reason why GORNATION exists: To provide exactly this discipline and motivation through shirts & tank tops athletes, in training & in leisure time.

Calisthenics clothing for all workouts & exercises

GORNATION started back then with a shirt. A shirt that until today has sold more than thousand times all over the world, bringing together people from different continents. Today, there is a larger selection of sports shirts in our online store that provide motivation & stamina & are designed to support you in your training. Whether it's for winter or summer, choosing the clothes for your calisthenics workout will help you make your workout more enjoyable and also more successful.

Buy Calisthenics T-Shirts & Tank Tops at GORNATION

You have now learned quite a bit about GORNATION's motives and can understand more why we release shirts without sleeves & stringer tank tops. This has to do with the fact that you need a lot of freedom of movement for most calisthenics exercises and tightly cut shirts are often annoying during training. Open cuts, lightweight fabric, longer cut are important in our tops to make them fit you as a calisthenics athlete. What good is calisthenics gear if it is fitted to another sport and doesn't fit your goals? We have the philosophy that a Calisthenics athlete should show to the outside world that they are performing our sport, helping them grow so that Calisthenics can help even more people live better lives through its simple, but not easy exercises & incredible community.

Washing shirts & tanks for calisthenics the right way

In order for your tops to last as long as possible and for the print to look good for years to come, we recommend washing them at 30 degrees Celsius without fabric softener. Fabric softener attacks the print of the textiles and causes brittle prints. You should also avoid the dryer so that you can enjoy your T-shirts for a long time. Air drying helps tank tops & co. to maintain their shape and long-lasting prints. Our clothing, which was exclusively embroidered, can be washed without problems even with fabric softener. Calisthenics clothing should only be put in the dryer if it is too big rather than too small. We wish you with your clothes from GORNATION many successful workouts & the achievement of new goals & exercises in the calisthenics workout.