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Premium Dip BeltPremium Dip Belt
Premium Dip Belt
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Premium Resistance BandsPremium Resistance Bands GORNATION
Premium Resistance Bands
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GORNATION Workout Rings Set with high quality straps, dual door anchor and a carry bag, gymnastic rings, turnringe, Anneaux, AnelliWorkout Rings Set
Workout Rings Set
Sale price49,90 €
Premium Parallettes Max Pre-OrderPremium Parallettes Max Pre-Order
Premium Parallettes Max Pre-Order
Sale price119,90 €
Premium Liquid ChalkGORNATION Premium Liquid Chalk 200ml offen schwebend
Premium Liquid Chalk
Sale priceFrom 14,90 €
7,45 € /100ml
Elbow Sleeves GORNATION Elbow Sleeves
Elbow Sleeves
Sale price19,90 €
Premium Dip BarsPremium Dip Bars
Premium Dip Bars
Sale price149,90 €
Premium Parallettes Pro Pre-OrderPremium Parallettes Pro Pre-Order
grip tape for calisthenics and workout. For parallettes, rings or barsGrip tape for Paralettes.
Grip Tape 2.0
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Performance Wrist Wraps Black wrist wrap from Gornation for extra stability and injury prevention. And black cary bag.
Performance Wrist Wraps
Sale price19,90 €
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Premium Resistance Bands SetPremium Resistance Bands Set
Premium Resistance Bands Set
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Premium Parallettes Active Pre-OrderPremium Parallettes Active Pre-Order
Elite Weight Vest 20kgElite Weight Vest 20kg
Elite Weight Vest 20kg
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Black power wrist wraps to improve stability and get more power moves. To improve stability and injury prevention. Rolled out Black power wrist wraps to improve Performance, stability and injury prevention.
Power Wrist Wraps
Sale price19,90 €
Static BarStatic Bar
Static Bar
Sale price149,90 €
Dip Belt RopeDip Belt Rope
Dip Belt Rope
Sale priceFrom 14,90 €
Finger Trainer SetFinger Trainer Set
Finger Trainer Set
Sale price9,90 €
Metal Parallettes Pre-OrderMetal Parallettes Pre-Order
Metal Parallettes Pre-Order
Sale price99,90 €
Workout Grips LeatherWorkout Grips Leather GORNATION
Workout Grips Leather
Sale price24,90 €
Elite Weight Vest 10kgElite Weight Vest 10kg
Elite Weight Vest 10kg
Sale priceFrom 99,90 €
Jump RopeJump Rope
Jump Rope
Sale price19,90 €
Premium Chalk BlocksPremium Chalk Blocks
Premium Chalk Blocks
Sale priceFrom 16,90 €
7,54 € /100g
Arm Sleeves Arm Sleeves
Arm Sleeves
Sale price24,90 €
High-quality ab wheel with knee pads by GORNATION for an effective abdominal muscle trainingKnee-friendly abdominal muscle trainer set with two practical foam pads
Ab Wheel
Sale price19,90 €
Sale price14,90 €
Soft Grip TapeSoft Grip Tape
Soft Grip Tape
Sale price9,90 €
Workout Grips CarbonWorkout Grips Carbon
Workout Grips Carbon
Sale price24,90 €
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Premium Parallettes Set Pre-OrderPremium Parallettes Set Pre-Order
Premium Parallettes Set Pre-Order
Sale price279,90 € Regular price309,60 €


The sports Calisthenics and Street Workout have their origin in training with your own body weight and without equipment in training. However, the sport has evolved, there are more and more athletes who want to get more out of their training and do not want to do without equipment such as parallel bars, liquid chalk and resistance bands for the extra boost in their training. Be it to avoid injuries with bandages for elbows and wrists, to warm up with resistance bands or for more variation with parallettes. Calisthenics is a versatile sport and includes many facets and exercises that equipment supports and adds value in these points.

The fact that you are here is already a great thing, thanks for that! We have been working since 2015 to connect people like you with other athletes and provide them with high quality equipment to make their training more fun and successful. The GORNATION team is specialized in calisthenics and works closely with professional athletes from the scene. Whether for Weighted Calisthenics / Streetlifting, Statics, Dynamics or Sets & Reps athletes, we offer equipment for every athlete and improve the training with the right equipment. Sports equipment for home workouts, outdoor workouts & co. is a dime a dozen, so we have summarized some good arguments why you should buy equipment from GORNATION.

As athletes who want to take muscle-ups, planche and handstand to the next level, we know exactly what role good equipment can play. In sport calisthenics, good grip plays an important role, so when it comes to products like parallettes, liquid chalk and gloves, we make sure that you get the best possible grip with your hands. With our wooden parallettes, this can be that the wood neutralizes your sweat and you have the best possible grip, for example when you do a handstand. With Liquid Chalk it is almost self-evident, because the magnesia has the main purpose to protect/strengthen your grip with dry hands. When buying Calisthenics equipment you should make sure that the equipment is designed for the sport and is not a solution for all athletes. Products such as Chalk, Wrist Wraps and Resistance Bands have been specifically designed with the sport in mind, so that they offer maximum added value in your workout.

Choice is important so that you can get the most out of your new equipment and take your training to the next level. The focus in your workout plays an important role whether you are looking for equipment for statics, dynamics or reps. For calisthenics statics athletes, the Power Wrist Wraps are popular for maximum support and wrist pain relief. Liquid Chalk also helps with Front Lever, Planche and other static calisthenics skills to keep better balance on rings, bars & co. Dynamics athletes benefit most from Performance Wrist Wraps and Elbow Sleeves that protect wrists and elbows from injuries and impacts. Elbow Sleeves and Liquid Chalk are very popular with Calisthenics Reps and Weighted Athletes. A dip belt also helps in training to the next level. Browse and store now for GORNATION equipment in the Calisthenics Online Shop from Germany

Save and progress with selected equipment

Buy Calisthenics & Street Workout equipment from GORNATION

Your fitness store: wide range of training equipment and accessories

Our Equipment Collection offers you an extensive selection of high-quality accessories and equipment for your calisthenics, fitness and street workout training. From parallettes and gymnastic rings to Dip Belts and Resistance Bands, we have everything you need to build muscle in the best possible way.

Discover premium calisthenics equipment

Here you will find a wide selection of high-quality calisthenics accessories and equipment specially developed for your training. Our range includes various types of accessories such as wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, resistance bands and liquid chalk, as well as robust equipment such as Premium Parallettes, Workout Rings, dip belts and solid Dip Bars.

Why buy calisthenics equipment?

Calisthenics equipment offers a wide range of benefits for training:

  1. Variability: A variety of equipment such as parallettes, gymnastic rings and resistance bands can be used to perform numerous exercises and add training variations.
  2. Progression: As strength and ability increases, advanced exercises and variations can be integrated using equipment to achieve continuous progress.
  3. Stability and Safety: High-quality equipment offers stability and safety during training, especially during demanding exercises such as handstand push-ups or muscle-ups.
  4. Functionality: Calisthenics equipment is often multifunctional and enables comprehensive training of the entire body, improving muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.
  5. Flexibility: With portable equipment such as Resistance Bands, Parallettes and Skipping Ropes, calisthenics can be practiced practically anywhere, whether at home, in the park or when traveling.
  6. Motivation: New equipment options provide motivation and variety in training, helping to maintain interest and overcome plateaus.

Overall, calisthenics equipment provides an effective way to vary training, progress and improve body performance.

Why buy calisthenics equipment from GORNATION?

At GORNATION, we not only offer high-quality products and a diverse selection for calisthenics and street workouts, but also attach great importance to excellent customer service and a strong community. Our fast shipping ensures that you receive your order as quickly as possible. Our dedicated support team is always on hand to help you with any questions or problems you may have. Become part of our growing community of calisthenics enthusiasts and achieve your fitness goals with us! You can also visit our blog and social media channels to find out more about why we are the first choice of over 150,000 athletes from over 100 countries worldwide.

By athletes for athletes

The GORNATION online store is the perfect place for premium quality fitness accessories. Whether you train at home or in the gym, our calisthenics brand stands for high-quality equipment and first-class training equipment for the calisthenics scene, developed in close cooperation with professional athletes.

What is calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a dynamic form of bodyweight training. It combines strength, endurance and flexibility to train the body holistically. Exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups and squats build up muscles and use body weight effectively. Calisthenics can be performed anywhere and offers a versatile way to improve fitness and increase body control. Discover the world of calisthenics now and take your training to a new level!

What are the most important exercises in calisthenics?

Calisthenics includes a variety of exercises that train the entire body. The most important ones include push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats and lunges. However, more advanced skills such as the planche, human flag, back lever, front lever and handstand are also an important part of the calisthenics athlete's journey. Overall, these exercises not only strengthen the muscles, but also improve coordination and body control. Push-ups, for example, are performed with straight arms and a straight body line, while pull-ups require the body to be pulled up on a bar. With the right technique and progressive loading, these exercises can be continuously improved to achieve maximum results.

For more experienced athletes, additional weight can also be added to the workout. Weighted calisthenics is an advanced form of bodyweight training in which additional weight is used to make exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, dips and squats more challenging. This additional weight can be in the form of weight vests, dip belts, ankle weights or other weight add-ons. By integrating additional resistance, strength, muscle mass and endurance can be effectively increased, further improving the body's performance. Discover the variety of this sport and experience an effective full-body workout that is fun, improves physical health and is challenging!

Which equipment is best suited for which training exercises?

Calisthenics exercises often require minimal equipment. However, some equipment can enhance the workout:

  1. Parallettes: Ideal for exercises such as L-sit, push-ups and handstand. They provide increased reach and stability for various movements.
  2. Workout Rings: Perfect for pull-ups, push-ups and dips. They improve stability and allow greater freedom of movement.
  3. Resistance bands: Excellent for support during pull-ups or as an additional source of resistance during exercises such as push-ups or squats.
  4. Jump Rope: Ideal for cardio workouts and to improve footwork, speed and coordination.
  5. Pull-Up Bar: A must for pull-ups and hanging leg raises to strengthen the upper body.

The choice of equipment depends on your goals and progress level. Start with basic exercises and upgrade your equipment as you progress.

Take your training into your own hands

With our products, you can train your entire body and at the same time get a cheaper long-term alternative to traditional strength training in the gym. Discover high-quality gear for your bodyweight exercises, whether you're working out at home, outdoors or on the go.

Get ready for even more effective training with our equipment

Ready for an effective workout with your own body? In this equipment selection, you'll find everything you need to take your calisthenics workout to the next level. Invest in high-quality & reliable accessories that support you in your training and effectively increase your performance.