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Why buy equipment from GORNATION?

With a workout bundle at an affordable price, you get the most popular and effective equipment for calisthenics. Achieve maximum training success through a more effective workout, whether outdoors or at home. The training equipment from GORNATION will be your loyal companion due to the high quality of workmanship. Due to the versatile use of the gymnastic rings or resistance bands, you always have the right equipment for your planned workout. Set new stimuli with the resistance band or use it as a support for your training for even faster success. With the Workout Rings you have the perfect equipment to perform countless exercises, e.g. basics ( Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Dips) or to improve skills (Planche, Front Lever, Muscle Ups). Warming up more effectively before your workout will allow you to perform better and train without injury. Performance Wrist Wraps keep your wrists warm throughout your workout and deliver unrestricted range of motion. With the Workout Bundles from GORNATION you have a reliable training partner at your side for all occasions.

Enhance your skills with the most popular equipment

Take your skills to the next level with the right training equipment. With the Workout Rings from GORNATION, skills like Front Lever, Back Lever, L-Sit, Muscle Ups, Planche or Iron Cross are possible everywhere. The wooden gymnastic rings offer you countless training possibilities and you are not bound to a gym. Thanks to the clean processing quality of the equipment, you benefit from the best possible training results with every workout. Take full advantage of your training possibilities and achieve your desired skills even faster with the Resistance Band. You get minimal support for the Planche, Front Lever & Co. Develop a better feeling and get closer to your desired skills. A good warm up is very important to prevent injuries e.g. in the area of the shoulders, elbows or wrists. The Resistance Band provides a better blood circulation and therefore a more effective and injury-free training. With the Wrist Wraps from GORNATION you achieve a better stabilization of the wrists and thus a more effective training.

Increase your strength with equipment bundles from GORNATION

Workout equipment offers you countless possibilities for increasing your strength. Learn the Muscle Up with the help of a Resistance Band or provide new stimuli in your training routine. Pull-Ups, Push-Ups or Dips can be made more difficult and provide an increased muscle stimulus. With the Workout Rings from GORNATION, there is more room for new variations and more variety for your workout. The extended Range of Motion (ROM) allows you to go further into the stretch during push-ups. This makes the exercise more difficult, but also more effective for your muscle and strength development. The additional stability needed enhances the effect and provides a whole new workout experience. Exercises like Pike Push Ups, Deep Push Ups, Ring Dips or Archer Pull Ups will take you to the next level and let you exceed your limits. Master the basics with all kinds of variations to develop very good base strength even faster. A good base strength is very important for learning advanced skills like Planche, Handstand, Front Lever, Back Lever or the Human Flag.

More safety and better performance during your training

For the best possible progress, the best tool is an injury-free and effective workout. With the right equipment, there are countless benefits that will upgrade you and your workouts. With the Resistance Band, your warm up will be more effective and comfortable. The improved blood flow to your muscles provides better performance and offers you more protection from injury. In the wrist, shoulder or elbow area, the right warm up with a resistance band can protect you from injury. Unnecessary breaks due to injuries will be prevented and you can make the best progress with a comfortable and effective workout. Wrist bands keep your joints warm and after the warm up and during workout breaks. Benefit from increased stability of your joints and exceed your own limits with better performance. With a load capacity of 600 kg (300 kg per side), the Workout Rings by GORNATION provide you with a safe workout and support you during every workout, whether at home or outdoors. Attaching the gymnastic rings is very easy. Nothing stands in the way of an effective and comfortable workout. Always carry the compact equipment from GORNATION with you and benefit from the best training experience during every workout.