Weight Vests

Weight Vests

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Elite Weight Vest 20kgElite Weight Vest 20kg
Elite Weight Vest 20kg
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Elite Weight Vest 10kgElite Weight Vest 10kg
Elite Weight Vest 10kg
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Patches for Backpack or Weight Vest. Calisthenics, GORNATION, Street Workout & AthleteWorkout Patch
Workout Patch
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A Weight Vest gives you the ability to increase your body weight during exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, dips, squats, muscle ups, handstands or rows, increasing the intensity of a workout for more progress.

A Weight Vest with Blocks has the great advantage compared to vests with a plate that you can reduce the weight in 1kg increments. In addition, the vest is more compact and gives you more freedom of movement for squats, L-sits and more.

Yes, the vest can be washed using the care instructions at the top of this page.

Yes, the Weight Vest can be adjusted with the straps to be absolutely flexible, so you can customize it to your body type & preference.

Yes, the Weight Vest comes with the straps attached and the weights loaded so you can start your workout right away.