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The GORNATION pull up bars, including the Pull Up Bar Multi and Pull Up Bar Uni, feature a robust steel build with a black powder-coated surface for optimal grip. Both are designed for secure home workouts. The Multi is attachable to walls or ceilings and offers 30cm clearance, while the Uni is perfect for doorways, hallways, and beams, and offers 15cm clearance.

Yes, both bars come with two types of screws for either concrete/brick or wood, ensuring versatility in installation. It is important to choose a stable surface to support the weight and dynamic movements during exercises.

The pull up bars support a wide range of exercises. The Multi is ideal for pull-ups, chin-ups, and ab exercises, with ample clearance from the wall or ceiling. The Uni allows for similar exercises but is particularly suited for movements that are not restricted by a wall, like front levers, back levers, and L-Sit hangs. Both bars are also designed to mount rings, resistance bands or sling trainers, unlocking a range of additional training possibilities.

To maintain the pull up bars, clean them with a damp cloth and avoid using chemical detergents. Mount them in a dry place and ensure they are dried off if in contact with moisture to prevent corrosion. Regularly check mounting fixtures for safety.

The GORNATION pull up bars offer the highest quality workmanship and construction. As they are built from steel, they offer a very secure and robust training experience. The pull up bars feature a black powdercoated matte finish, for an optimal grip. Another key benefit is that they can be mounted on concrete, brick, or wooden surfaces, and the screws, dowels, and tools are provided.

While both bars are very robust, it is recommended to mount them in dry places and avoid prolonged exposure to outdoor elements like moisture to maximize their lifespan.