Equipment sets for effective calisthenics & home fitness training in your own home. Expand your home gym now with premium push-up bars, gymnastic rings, resistance bands & more! | Home Workout Set Strength | Equipment

Home Workout Set Strength

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The equipment set for your home workout gains with everything you need for a successful workout in the comfort of your own home. The Progress Set includes the PRO Parallettes, two gym rings with straps for attachment, a dual door anchor, two resistance bands, a pair of wrist wraps, wristbands & stickers.


  • Bundle of the most popular equipment for effective home workouts
  • Countless exercises with parallettes, gymnastic rings, resistance bands & door anchors for strength building & mobility
  • Perfect grip during your workout due to high quality birch wood of the parallettes & comfortable 40mm diameter
  • Olympic-sized gymnastic rings & straps with length markings for accurate workouts
  • Stable wrists during workouts thanks to Power Wrist Wraps
  • Incl. wristbands & stickers for the extra motivation boost


  • 2x PRO Parallettes
  • 1x Tape à 3m
  • 1x Carrying Strap
  • 2x Spare Feet
  • 2x Wooden Gymnastic Rings
  • 2x Straps à 4,5m with length markings
  • 1x Dual Door Anchor
  • 1x Resistance Band red (5-15kg resistance)
  • 1x Resistance Band yellow (10-30kg resistance)
  • 2x Power Wrist Wraps black
  • 1x Never Give Up Wristband
  • 1x Pure Calisthenics Wristband
  • 1x Reps beat Talent Wristband
  • 1x BarCode Wristband
  • 1x Calisthenics Sticker
  • 1x Mobile Sticker
  • 1x Postcard


  • Dispatch with tracking within 24h Mo-Fr
  • 30 days return policy on unused products
  • More information about shipping & returns HERE


  • Store & transport the Resistance Bands rolled up in the bag for maximum durability
  • The Wrist Wraps can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees without fabric softener and air dried. The velcro closure must be closed before washing
  • The rings and parallettes can be cleaned with a damp cloth without chemical detergents as they can cause damage
  • Store in dry & dry with a dry cloth when in contact with moisture
  • Avoid contact with salt water
  • Suitable for Outdoor & Indoor
  • For optimal grip on the floor, regularly clean the rubbers on the feet of the parallettes.