11 Advantages of Training with Weight Vest: Calisthenics Equipment Guide

11 Advantages of Training with Weight Vest: Calisthenics Equipment Guide

The Weight Vest provides a lot of benefits that will bring you closer to your goals. Here are 11 of those benefits which a Weight Vest gives you.

1. Burn More Calories

Explanation: When working out with a weight vest, your body has to work harder to move the extra weight. This means you burn more calories.

2. Build Muscle

Explanation: the extra weight forces your muscles to work harder, which leads to more muscle growth.

3. Improve Health

Explanation: the extra weight makes your heart work harder, which strengthens it and improves your cardiovascular health.

4. Improve Coordination

Explanation: The extra weight challenges your balance and coordination, making you work more muscle groups and improving your overall coordination.

5. Increase Bone Density

Explanation: the extra weight puts more stress on your bones, which stimulates new bone growth and increases bone density over time.

6. Improve Balance and Stability

Explanation: The extra weight challenges your balance, so you need to use more muscle groups and improve your overall stability.

7. Lose Fat

Explanation: The extra weight causes you to burn more calories, which leads to more fat loss over time.

8. Improve Posture

Explanation: the extra weight pulls your shoulders back and forces you to stand more upright, which improves your posture. Make sure you have good posture while wearing the vest so you work the right muscles you need for an upright posture.

9. Reduce Injuries

Explanation: The extra weight stabilizes your joints and muscles, which reduces the risk of injury.

10. Improve Flexibility

Explanation: The extra weight challenges your muscles and joints, which leads to more flexibility over time. When stretching, you can apply more pressure to help your flexibility.

11. Increase Strength

Explanation: The adjustable weight of the weight vest allows you to get all the benefits of progressive overload and progress faster. You can find more about this topic in the blog article about it.

PAy attention to the following creteria

When buying your Weight Vest

1. The weight vest should be adjustable in weight so you can vary the additional weight depending on the exercise.

2. The Weight Vest should not restrict your freedom of movement and should end approximately at your belly button so that you do not restrict yourself in the exercises.

3. The vest must fit compactly and fit tightly against the body so that calisthenics exercises such as handstand push-ups or pull-ups are possible without counter-swing and distraction.

4. The vest must fit comfortably and not be excessively scratchy during movement.

We advise you to use a weight vest with blocks for calisthenics training, as these fit more compactly and offer more freedom of movement and flexibility in contrast to weight vests with plates.

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