Browney is giving people beginner-friendly tips and transforming their body with different kinds of challenges. He is also known as one of the most successful calisthenics YouTubers. His entertaining videos are showing a different perspective, of how calisthenics can be. | THE EPIC INTERVIEW with Stan Browney

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February 10, 2022 58 min read

THE EPIC INTERVIEW with Stan Browney | Athlete Insider Podcast #62

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The text of the interview (translated automatically): 

I finished my school eventually and then i just went full time this and it worked out so  that's my life basicallyyo gorillas welcome to the athlete insider podcast by GORNATION my name is phil and today's  guest is one of the most successful calisthenics youtubers and straight from the netherlands i'm  super happy to welcome you to the show stan brownie thank you for having me man i mean  i'm super excited to be here and i i saw the post with lots of interesting questions so i  can't wait what you have for me today yeah true it was a hard choice um really it was uh i the most  questions ever that we received in an instagram post like after 200 i i stopped accounting but  um yeah i picked out the best ones so we don't have a seven hour interview and yeah i'm super  keen and looking forward to start first of all how are you doing how is life for you right now  life is life is great i mean i'm i'm super happy to be uh where i am right now i mean i am in an  insane sort of studio where i do uh most of my stuff for people that might not know me  i i do uh like lots of videos online and i love making videos and i get to basically live my dream  so that's that's epic that's great super cool and i think this inspires a lot of people because  in the calisthenics field in the the workout field there are not a lot a lot of people who can  say that and uh who are like uh who who worked for their dreams and then it  paid off so it's it's something special and yeah i mean the calisthenics is it's kind of  a hard niche sometimes it can be very very hard for people as well because um well that's just  you just have to hit the right audience and i try to make it as as broad as possible and i try to  hopefully maybe even because at some point in 2015 there were not even maybe enough  people for it to be a sustainable uh like just what i do um but uh uh yeah i try to create  the own audience and try to create get people excited for calisthenics and get them excited  for working out and that's basically creating my own audience and that's that's been working  so like guys and do you consider yourself as a calisthenics youtuber or  how do you present yourself to somebody who's not uh like who doesn't know you  uh i mean i use the word calisthenics definitely uh that's what i do bodyweight training  uh but i think yeah youtuber and then i make workout related videos workout challenges  bodyweight challenges mainly uh or just in the like transformations helping people motivation  that's the stuff that i would uh i would just describe it yeah okay really interesting we  will come to that later because i think the content type that you're doing is not the typical  uh calisthenics content so uh it's really uh well appreciated and special in in this field but first  of all let's uh go back a few years you said 2015 so you're already in the game for a long time  uh how was your start how did you get in touch with the sport with the sport yeah so um i  uh started youtube in like 2013 and then uh i was making all kinds of videos up until well for  for years i just love making videos and then i think 2015 yes 2015 i came in content with  like the the the insane videos that you get like uh frank medrano um corey hall you even had yeah  brandon myers obviously uh like some insane videos and i was inspired at least by that but  also by a friend of mine uh some people might know him as the guy in the blue shirt aryan  uh he is he started a little bit before me and got me also into bodyweight training uh  calisthenics and uh and i was just hooked right away started taking it basically as my religion  and and just started going for it 100 and that's uh when i just was super excited for uh for just  creating videos about that as well and that's how i grew sort of into this  where i am now wow super nice and uh like can you maybe go into your beginnings in calisthenics were  you already able to do pull-ups in the beginning uh were you like a sporty person in general  oh actually i was uh always kind of fat or i was kind of the fat kid um and uh i could not do  any pull-ups no pull-up um i think push-ups were also very hard for me maybe not even one pull-up  one push-up um and but i love push-ups pull-ups i just fell in love right away and i just  wanted to get that one pull up and i worked very hard for that and eventually did that shared on  youtube not really a lot of people gave gave you [ __ ] but uh eventually they did because i i i  uploaded one of my first real big videos which was like a body transformation one year um and i have  to say like it was my life calisthenics eating right uh it just turned into my life like that  it came into my life like that and it turned into my passion uh and i was focusing on it  like 100 and yeah that's basically how i build up but i i was i was kind of fat basically wow  that's uh interesting to know um do you remember like the progress that you made in the beginning  um like um how long did it take you to to learn the the first pull-up or the first push-up  i think the first pull-up um i as a beginner i kind of progressed decently fast i think  also because i um you're losing weight so i tried to pull up couldn't really do it uh anything  and then i i kept really working on that like really working four times a week five times a  week working out uh it's just a lot of a lot of reps a lot of volume an insane amount of volume  uh i i can remember that i had my weekly just push-ups which were weekly like day like i had  three workouts a week and all those uh workouts had like 365 push-ups in there  like just because because i just wanted to do as many as i could and i just like that's  how i challenge myself but i think pull-ups i it took me a good month for my first pull-up  i think and then i build up from there and then it went quite fast and then i got interested in  front lever and from lever and then i mean i always say pronounce stuff weird so if people  are uh for that i'm sorry for that i'm from the netherlands and sometimes i i have this  this weird accent going on and i never got it out because i got into calisthenics quite some  time ago and i just kept saying those words like lever lever but that's okay i'm doing my best  but uh yeah so i think i progressed decent uh i didn't have a lot of knowledge i just looked  at like frank padrano and i was like damn this is this is what i i wanna uh i wanna do  and my friend uh aryan guy blue shirt he uh also we pushed each other we worked out three times a  week uh uh after school got really put into work so with school workouts eating homework going  back to sleep basically trying to make some videos on the site that's what i was but yeah  i think progress was all right and then we build up and then we just progress together quite fast  so in the beginning it was more um you said the focus on on the workout and like video  was uh something besides so the top priority was workout if i if i hear it right is it the same  today if we switch to today or is like today uh something something changed good question i mean  uh my priority for workout after i started growing like crazy on youtube uh for me at least i mean i  was stuck on i i hit 23 000 subscribers in i think 2015 or something like that and then a  year later i was at 20 000 subscribers so i lost 3 000 subscribers in a year's time but i was still  uploading one to two times a week i was really i liked i liked videos but i lost subscribers  um but then at some point i uh i uh grew quite fast to a hundred thousand subscribers hundred  fifty thousand subscribers and this is where i really uh i mean my priority  when i started priority when i started with youtube 2013 obviously before working out my  passion was creating videos and i just wanted to create videos and as soon as i saw that that was  going well again i kind of with the workout thing i still did it but i just maintained which is not  the best thing if you're just like two years into work now like you have so much progress still  to do but i was also doing uh like i don't wanna it's like sort of the high education ish for uh um  school at that point so i i had a lot of homework a lot of stuff i was doing and i i still had to  you know uh graduate or finish my school um so i priority well kind of school obviously and then  the videos because i wanted to keep that up and then just work out whenever i had time so  i was kind of maintaining but only two years of progress that you're maintaining a decent amount  but that's not an insane amount but then after that i got super excited again about working out  uh and now it's basically i mean i'm super consistent with everything just super consistent  with workouts uh looking at my diet i want to eat right and the videos have a big priority as well  like they are probably above workout right now to answer that question but workout is  very important i couldn't live without working out no how do you keep the consistency like um  a lot of people asked about your motivation how do you keep up the the consistency the grind umyeah i mean just a lot of a lot of hard work and dedication you know like it's it's it's honestly  um having the right goals right sort of it's kind of a mindset because it took me years to get to  that consistent level of working out and combining it with school and with videos and as soon as  school dropped i just replaced it literally all that time with school once i finished it  i replaced it with more and better videos so it's not like i got more time so that was not the best  move but i love making videos but the motivation yeah i just came with trying to be as consistent  as possible but then also for five years straight and uh having the the right goals i really have  goals in mind for working out for uh what i want to achieve i track progress and i i set  goals for hitting certain certain uh uh yeah for example uh amount of reps amount of sets amount of  weight you do way to pull up stuff like that and that keeps me motivated i love working out i love  calisthenics so i will always that would always be an internal motivation and then to make videos  but i mean i think i was born with with that just to make the best videos because um that's my goal  at least like i mean maybe you find my videos [ __ ] but um i go as has always been to make  a fun video or make the best video possible um and i never really needed any motivation for that  yeah so that's good so the right goals in mind and uh like just the the hard work for it um  that's that's you gotta be consistent yeah and looking at looking at goals for short term that's  that's uh sometimes works but i would definitely keep it uh a bit broader than just i wanna  be here next week for some people this definitely works but be consistent if you put in the work if  you show up basically every every single week rather than showing up sometimes but trying to  hit something next month i mean if you say yo for the next year i want to work out at least  three times a week three times a week see where that brings you you will make an insane amount  of progress if you stick to that like that would be insane so that's how i would look at the goals  cool your goals right now i know it's a really mean question but a lot of people also asked about  your uh current goals like um do you want to share maybe something specific for 2022 or like i don't  know in what range you you put your your goals maybe workout related but also youtube related  um so for workout related i would definitely say uh i just want to get stronger like obviously but  stronger i want to hit a comfortable uh weighted pull-ups uh which my all-time max was a 70  kilogram weighted pull-up for some people might be nothing for some people might be a decent amount  uh but i want to hit that consistently and and get even stronger there like weighted pull-ups  uh friendly lever i mean that's always going easy so i just maintaining that but the big question  why can you not planche what can you not claim stan why no planche that's my that's probably  all you already got that question bro yeah um a lot of times exactly uh but now that that's  definitely on the on the menu for this year i mean i'm definitely going to be spending a lot of time  on that um i am right now preparing for a photo shoot um with like a magazine um so i'm getting  quite kind of shredded again and then from there on uh i already i'm still training  plunge every like two times a week um and i'm maintaining it right now i was in a bulk  i'm maintaining a planche at least for me i'm not the tallest guy but i'm also not the smallest guy  so i mean that's not a good excuse because they're [ __ ] big people that can actually do blanches  uh but yeah it's gonna take some time and i'm willing to do that i'm willing to put in the work  and willing to do that but uh there were different priorities before this so literally getting the  the front lever getting good weight of pull-ups uh getting my push-ups up because i do a lot of  these fun challenges in my opinion so they weren't really uh time-wise in my schedule uh and didn't  have a priority but now i'm i'm feeling motivated to get to the to the plunge because i think it's  now the right time or a good new skill to learn uh so 2022 let's see how far that can bring me  uh with putting in the consistent work for youtube um for youtube i mean it's always been  uh just growth but like i said i want to make the best videos possible and i think growth will  come with that and i mean the main grow like main goal as in growth is is uh i wanna probably lots  of people ask like how do you grow so fast or how do you do this or how do you do that  uh i guess it's been it's been a goal of mine but if you if you create just like fun videos that  you would actually watch you would actually want to share with other people or you'd really like  be like i think people will share this with their family where they they will love this then growth  will come with that because people will share people like people will appreciate the effort  you put into videos so it it's just making great videos that are tell a good story a fun story  that are uh just good to follow epic uh and and and decently fast not a lot of back in the day  when i started in 2015 lots of videos were super epic but that were a bit boring and long you can  i'm not too sure how long you've been in the uh in the niche during the workout scene i think  for maybe some time already but back in the day uh there were some 15 25 minute long videos uh  and you you really had to skip through the [ __ ] in order to get to the to the motivational part  or the in in the information part and i think we have we've come a long way and there's some  insanely good youtubers out there right now uh that that uh teach uh calisthenics and  i definitely checked those out as well so uh yeah i think we've come a long way but i just  try to make the best videos as possible that's the goal nice it's like i really can relate also  when you drop the name corey taylor like uh he was also one of the guys i followed back in i  don't know 2014 13 something and uh like he had super nice videos and he was always standing like  shirtless in his backyard but they were like super long and you really have to to make notes and like  summarize a video of 20 minutes to half a paper but yeah exactly but you won't normally you want  that work to be done for you to watch you because that's why you're clicking the video right um  but yeah you got a fitness faqs right now who's doing uh definitely his part in uh  in teaching people and giving the right information out there so uh you got lots  of them right now so uh people were starting today there's no better time than starting today  true do you know by any chance uh frank's movement like uh he uh he created two uh like completely  um viral videos i would say about the the the problem with front lever was this first one uh  like it's super nice with uh yes yes yes uh i i saw it in my and in my uh uh browse features and  also in uh the guy in blue shirt showed it to me he thought it was a very interesting video  yeah yeah like it's just uh something that i want to say it's like he goes back like his  latest video is like was the work of one year and it's like one hour and 20 minutes long like  nearly a documentary about the problem with juana pull up he uh interviewed a lot of  scientists and like also daniel from fitness faqs etc uh super interesting uh super uh different  type of content than yours like um just in a in a different completely different way but super super  interesting um yeah yeah that's that's epic good to see like now because that's that's the point in  time where we are i think i think we're now in a it's it's gone mainstream uh some people like it  some people don't i mean i would i love it uh and uh i mean we're now in a point where we're really  gonna see high quality stuff like uh some some some stuff that really makes the the entire sort  of uh community grow and and give more quality to it rather than uh which were also epic times  but rather than just the shirtless uh new york uh uh sort of street type of view that people could  have of it which is super motivating and super epic watch those videos back in the day as well  but now we're going more like mainstream and it's for everyone uh which is just fun to see yeah true  and it's a good way to give a lot of people a small entry barrier to the sport so i think uh  with your videos it's really easy for a fitness guy or for just like a a gamer adolescent whatever  like a young guy just to start with workouts and because he's motivated exactly that's my that's my  i don't want to say exactly goal audience but you nailed it there that's that's uh i think i'm sort  of creating like i said my own audience but i i hope that those people just join uh working out  in general i mean i see a lot of people joining and then eventually they do a 90-day challenge  and then they after that they go to a hybrid so they do a lot of weights as well but they still  get their pull-ups in they do weigh the pull-ups they decomp they combine everything um someone  that watches a video of mine today in three years could be just working out for three years straight  because of that one video and i think that's uh super epic and that has been one of my uh uh views  the past definitely past year definitely best two years uh on making videos and i think that's just  a fun message to to make people work out sure get active sure nice um yeah coming back to the most  important uh question of this interview um why can't you planche like let's go into into detail  about it uh first of all um the the hard facts uh like uh how how tall and heavy are you right now  um i am uh 83 kilograms right now and i am 182 centimeters which is uh six feet  nice and uh like you're a more the pool person a person if i understand right like uh with  the front lever with the weighted pull up i mean yeah yeah i like yeah pool definitely uh  100 i i loved paul a lot more than push at some point but i did a lot of push-ups as well so it's  not like i don't but i definitely did more pull uh stuff rather than also uh hence the handstand and  dip stuff also because it was more accessible to me i didn't really like my dip bars at some point  so i just had a bullet bar and i had the floor so definitely a lot of push-ups but on the foot and  i could put rings on the uh on the on the bullet bar obviously so you can have uh well an entire  setup and could do dips there but obviously the i had very cheap rings uh because that's the  things i could buy at that point and i just wear two rings but they had those those uh  uh rope sort of type of attachment so the the the moment you start dipping  you just stretch your entire arm and they're just completely dead basically  but hey i mean i got them in i got them in but i prefer definitely pull and pull skills yeah  get it so um yeah planche like um what do you think is the main difficulty like uh you said um  yeah of course height and weight is not the excuse nowadays like it's it's definitely something that  is a downside i would say um but it's not an excuse to not learn it at all like what do  you think is the the main thing that uh keeps you away from planche is it focus is it um focus yeah  definitely like it wasn't it wasn't my focus uh for a long time and then i got my focus then i got  injured uh then it wasn't my focus uh obviously because of the injury then i was like i think i  i said it on my youtube channel as well next year i'm gonna go for this pledge i'm gonna go for it  you guessed it i got injured not because this time not because of a uh of a planche training actually  because the planche i was i was stupid i did no warm-up i i just wanted to play that was the first  time second time it happened during i don't even know it was like a weird movement not even workout  related and then i had to rehab from that uh and came back happy with that right now uh don't  really feel a difference anymore in strength which is like since reese like recently uh but yeah now  it's it's on my uh it's on the like i said on the menu again uh but yeah that's definitely as you  can see a two-year gap where so in the beginning it wasn't a priority at all and then two years  where i went up and down trying it but just didn't keep people updated because there was no update at  all because i either got injured again and people are like hey you got injured again blah blah so  i didn't want to [ __ ] about it online i just continued continue doing other stuff a bit yeah  we're now in a pocket so now we can do that and uh uh yeah so uh planche is uh yeah like i said  it's not twice twice uh per week on uh uh on my training schedule so uh i'm i'm training it for um  just holds more handsome push-ups in there as well just like to show more more shoulder stuff as  well which was not uh because i'm more like bull but we're not talking about also from the start  because i let you just do uh every single muscle right now but my priority now is uh  yeah definitely more maintaining pull and growing stronger in bush blanche uh stuff so that's that's  my goal do you see yourself participating in an awaited competition or some something  one day just for fun or back in the day i didn't uh because i got um i i just talked to some people  in the in in that were in that niche and it was really like an alpha type of vibe uh like  i'm a better than person than you typify but i don't think that's nowadays necessarily  the case anymore uh i haven't been in any of those situations ever really uh uh again um  but uh i might maybe just for fun uh here in the netherlands maybe but uh no i just i think i'm  really not the type of guy to be in a park really like shirtless and being like art music loud music  and that's that's what what i had at that point i was like okay so you guys are preparing for  for a uh a battle or something like that yeah yeah we're going here in here and i was like don't not  sure if i want to be anywhere near there yeah but yeah i know i kind of yeah i kind of get it but uh  look i do definitely check out some of the battles online and i check out some of the competitions  and see how strong people are online and how how pr's are getting broken and broken every single  year which is just epic to see sure um yeah do you want to tell us a little bit about your workout  today you already said like um because so because of your injury it changed a little let's um yeah  ignore the the injury right now how would your week of workout how would your split look like  i'm not i'm not injured anymore so uh hey um which uh which like the injury happened uhmore than a year ago so i mean i i already okay like definitely more than a year ago but it just  took a long time for the strength to get back but i've been back for for like this amount of  time but the the workout right now i work out basically four times a week uh i my workouts  are like an hour and a half long i uh try to squeeze in as much as much as possible in that  time to make it the best possible uh because this is really the time i have right now uh for working  out which is also coming back to that competition question uh i i talked to those guys and my life  back in the day as well should was calisthenics i would want to do five hour workouts i can't right  now those guys they they are spending five hours a day to get to get to that top level  there's no way i can compete with an hour and a half four times a week uh with five hours a day um  and they are just that's insane that's an insane amount of work but and i love calisthenics in that  way as well but an hour and a half simply simply said i have three full body workouts and one just  extra skill where i if i actually have the time uh which i squeeze in most of the time do some random  skills now focusing more on the shoulder stuff so actually getting stronger in handstand push-ups  planche and human flex uh which i also couldn't train at all human flex uh because of that because  of that injury so my human flight sucks um but uh those three full body workouts there's a  skills day there's a low rep day low volume day actually and a high volume day um and and let's  see what i'm talking about with skills i'm working on the front lever front lever sorry about that  planche uh then i'm going back to uh front lever pulls then i'm going back to some more planche and  uh um shoulder related exercises so it could be actually like handstand pushups  uh ball assisted for reps to get real lots of reps in but and that's a better warm-up i mean  lots of people will probably um relate with this at least what i've what i've heard my fourth set  of handstand push-ups is my best instead of my first or second uh so i just do some shoulder  work before and then i go to freestanding handstand push-ups uh repping those out most  of everything is most time like four to five sets um especially the stuff that i want to train uh  like planche and stuff like that like really put the focus on uh then i go to one arm pull-ups  uh to get uh i mean i like the skill and i uh i love it so that's why i keep those in  then after that i go to front lever pool so there's a lot of pull stuff again but now shoulder  stuff as well after that um i'm trying to envision it like literally how i'm just walking the same  thing and just like all right last time i did this many seconds this many reps try to [ __ ] beat  that let's do it and then sometimes you do and sometimes you don't you have often on days but uh  yeah and then the last exercise is uh i for my rehab still i have some shoulder exercises that  i do uh and that's basically it that's how i end it up do some extra shoulder exercises  uh with bands for example or uh extra um wallace's handstand pushups just to get even more reps in  but yeah that's a decent amount of volume as well for skills workout and i do give myself like a  minute and a half to two minutes rest for some heavy stuff uh for people that want to know next  workout uh heavy uh stuff and then i do weighted pull-ups so i go for reps uh with 50 kilogram i do  that five sets then i go to weighted dips uh with 60 70 kilograms i mean on and off day but probably  60 kilograms and then uh ah i mean i recently got i recently went to 70 kilograms uh okay and then  we go to back to a little bit less heavy pull-ups or chin ups but still weighted  uh so between the six to ten rep range and i do the same for push-ups after that then on  the heavy day i do sometimes add in some cause that's my i still want to get in some leg work  um i do add some leg work some explosive stuff which i do once a week likes and i sometimes  don't tell everyone i i add some deadlifts uh wait and uh uh and to finish off sometimes some  some bench those are the only two uh work and i do that since four months five months now i literally  started benching five months ago uh so i suck at it uh i'm okay and same same applies to uh the  deadlifts uh so that's also my my heavy they upper body full body basically actually and then the  the high volume day is bait what i just said but then lower uh lower the weight and do  just a lot of pull-ups and dips that's just where that's focused on just breaking myself  uh and until i i can't anymore now i just there's there's like an hour and a half time time frame  and i do track everything but i don't want to bore everyone with the details but some people  might be interested i don't know it's definitely interesting interesting so um you are somebody  who tracks us uh his progress so you can see like uh the the stuff the progress from week to week  yeah yeah definitely i i tried a trick um yeah basically whenever the trick is needed so if  i if i if i look at okay so last week i did uh in the same workout i did i know five reps with  50 kilogram or i did uh 12 reps with 60 kilogram dips that means i mean it's a low volume day don't  think i want to hit 12. i want to actually go for five reps so i should higher the weight higher the  weight until i can actually do five six reps uh consistently for five sets four sets that's the  way i look at it build up from there that's been going pretty good for a past half a year now yeah  how was your progress to coming to this workout schedule like what would you what would be your  your advice to somebody uh wanting to find out his own uh workout split his own workout schedule  you um i would say try out a lot of stuff because the this i might the exercise you might have  heard in there are very much the same there's a lot of push-ups pull-up dips and some other basic  shoulder stuff um you got these insane giants on online who do like 190 kilogram dips all they do  is literally dip some pull-ups like that's their workout program and they progress like crazy they  build an insane amount of muscle and they they look good and they just probably supplement it  with if you look at the signs uh the amount right amount of volume the right amount of uh sets uh  active work active weight lifted stuff like that but it's finding what you love so if you try a  lot of stuff when you start out and you try a lot you try out a lot of uh yeah workout related uh  things so you could start with uh pushups pull up dips leg stuff hey this is what you like the more  you like something and working out the the more consistent you will be and thus the more results  you will see um that's what i've noticed with every single one i've worked with and they just  really had to find what they loved and uh and to create your own workout routine if you start off  don't don't set goals like i want to work out seven days a week for some people they get  insanely baked works sure but most people will fail because it's just too much you just put  yourself in a goal you skip two days and now you're done for the rest of your uh for your  month or forever because you're like it's never gonna work out start with three workouts an  hour long a week uh that's that's definitely enough for a beginner to see a lot of gains  uh and be effective just try out a lot of stuff but don't don't just do anything  uh just try to uh create some there's a lot of basic videos online uh try to create some sets and  reps and uh start with your basic knee push-ups pull-ups bend assisted pull-ups pull-ups negative  pull-ups that's the stuff i would recommend to a beginner and just start and see what you like  if you actually like what you're doing and where you want to progress in because setting goals is  what helped me a lot especially finding back to love for calisthenics really like all right so  last week i did 25 pull-ups in a row i want to hit that 30 once in my life so i'm going to go for  next week 26 the week after that 27 the week after that maybe another 27 but the  week after that i will hit 28 then 29 and then 30. it's not like next week i want to hit 30.  it's really setting those goals and looking in the long term and just really tracking  your progress that's the least you could do and then really find the motivation again to work out  so uh because you want to hit that goal you want to progress that's the way i uh that helped me a  lot so i mean maybe it is uh yeah i hope this is interesting definitely it's really interesting  like setting goals not too unrealistic put it into sub goals um a lot of useful advice in it i mean  i just gave 25 as an example and going from 25 to 30 reps in like five weeks is not super realistic  because that's obviously percent like that's an insane difference but it was an example yeah so  i mean for going from 25 to 30 pull-ups if you say yo i want to hit that at the end of my after 90  days or something like that yeah i mean just track it go for it and set some goals see how close you  can get don't expect don't be don't expect to hit it next week yeah definitely that's my takeaway  cool do you still enjoy every workout or are there workouts where you just force yourself to to get  it done um i i i love working out like i love it i i it's something completely different than  sitting in this chair and editing because i do do a lot of my editing myself or working together  with people or do media and i like i said i really love which i'm basic guy apparently because i like  push-ups pull-ups and dips and i look forward to them and breaking the the previous workout  obviously there are off days obviously there are days that you either have a deadline and  you want to get something done and you want to really get it done and then you just don't want  to work out because that's the thing or you just don't feel like working out because those days are  also there sometimes especially when i i'm preparing for a photo shoot or something like that  and i'm on very low calories then i could be like but as soon as i start working out  i'm hyped as soon as i i put on the music i put on my spotify and i i hear the music  and i'm prepared i'm going for that workout and i really want to make every everything count at that  point and just empty my mind don't think about stats don't think about analytics don't think  about this don't think about that just go for the workout and hit that hit that next goal basically  are you somebody who's more like um like what is your mood during the workout is it more aggressive  is it more calm like what kind of music do you listen it's also plays a big factor uh role in  my opinion yeah exactly i mean i'm not type of uh death metal guy definitely not not my  type of not my cup of tea but uh uh yeah i do like a push i do like a drop i do like uh uh  i mean i think i heard some people uh listen to uh uh was it again uh some of these uh i don't  know icarly songs or whatever i mean no that's also not what i like some more like i also know  my style but um no it's more like just some fun i could listen to a top 40 playlist and do a good  workout but having my own playlist with some drops in there and some some remixes yeah it's  uh it's i would definitely call it uh house edm type of type of workout playlist yeah cool nice  oh yeah it's a focus it's a focus mindset so i'm not really like looking at that bar and going like  going like go for that next rep no it's more likeand then going for that and then grabbing the bar and just like wrapping it up boom going  for that's that's more like the so there is some aggressiveness but not really like i need to smack  myself in the face to get the text right okay more like the determination or something like yeah  yeah yeah well um yeah coming back to your like your learnings along the way uh maybe also giving  someone some advice to um i know it's always difficult to give general workout advice but um  are there things that um you can generally say maybe stuff that you learned stuff that you um  discovered in other people's journeys what are the main mistakes that beginners do like  some general stuff how you see a calisthenic work or calisthenics work out um  yeah so we talked about some um if i think about the journey that i have had with lots  of people during a series i do on the channel which is like the 90 day transformation series  um you see uh a lot of stuff that is very common for people that work out for like two years that  is they obviously have no clue about so you get into yet you have to get into their mind so that  uh uh taught me a lot and you see that they have no clue what weight differences mean and they have  no clue what what's what mirror differences mean uh and they just want to do everything perfect  but they also have no clue what's happening so that you sort of uh don't look at anything  simply what i would recommend to a beginner is don't put too much emphasis on the skill don't  put too much emphasis on uh uh like eating 100 right getting everything right the first  like the moment you start build it up slowly but be consistent show up basically do  uh uh at least three workouts or go for three workouts a week start slow maybe even two if you  don't have any if you don't have any more time but start slow three workouts a week full body  and uh getting enough food do your research like how many calories are you actually eating  before starting around how much many calories do you need you could find it online not that that  is 100 accurate but it could help you and yeah if your if your goal is to lose weight and you're the  first week you're not losing weight don't change anything yet give it at least like two weeks uh  and just trust the progress basically don't over think too much but also be honest with yourself  and be like all right i think my goal is to lose weight right now i have been doing this for two  months i haven't lost any weight maybe it's the 500 grams of chocolate i eat every single day  like you got to be honest with yourself um but yeah really enjoy the process i think that's  uh that's the main thing and that's also what i try to take have people take away from the videos  uh enjoy the process and uh uh just get into get into it yourself like really start today  and i don't care how you start if you start with uh looking at my videos you started looking at  someone else's videos if you start looking at uh programs online i really don't care if  you start today uh i can guarantee that people in two years will say uh damn man you you like  you got me into working out and that was epic i think that's that's pretty cool and i the only  way to get there is to be consistent uh because two years is a long time it's not about getting  30 workouts in in 30 days and then calling it a day it's about two years four years five years ten  years of progress some people have been doing this for like 20 years so uh yeah consistencyi'm i'm interested in in your viewpoint you do a lot of 90 days challenges and um but  you still talk about like um long-term goals and long-term uh like um don't they collide a little  like uh what are the 90 days about is it about you get starting or like what is what is  the special thing about 90 days 90 days is uh i created the at least like that sort of 90 day  type of view on working out because you see that uh i started transforming people before i i had  any like 90 day challenge or anything uh in my mind but i noticed that the first month  they still didn't really have a clue what they were doing uh  second month they started to learn a lot and third month i could actually be like oh damn  you already know that three months was a perfect like people say it takes 28 days to build a habit  i notice that 90 days um with just a normal amount of effort put in is enough to see uh  like an insanely significant difference in terms of how people feel how they view themselves and  how they look uh and that's why uh i started doing the 98 changes to transform people in 90  days and literally i call it body transformation but you see someone like transform completely  like his life the way he looks at food the way he looks at uh the way he goes like just through life  uh from with the people i've worked with it's just insane to see and it's super motivating and  i think 90 days is a good start i've never i will never say that someone after 90 days is literally  uh going to be the uh you know was a good example like going to be the same as daniel from fitness  faqs or at least someone i'm helping them so they're going to be exactly the same as  me they're going to be throwing uh front levers and they're going to be gaining 20 kilograms of  muscle in 90 days no no definitely not it's more about if you are consistent for 90 days straight  that's a long time like for people to it's a short time if you think about it but it's a long time  to be consistent for 12 weeks straight saying all right i'm going to do this workout today  i'm going to do it this day i'm going to do this day and that 12 weeks straight if someone puts in  the work for 90 days definitely like that's that's going to be such a significant difference um  and normally that's why i also uh uh for certain 30-day challenges uh which is one of  my latest videos again i was completely shocked by his results by the way but 30-day challenges  normally the only ones that i would post because the the the results are significantly and i also  showed the process that it's not even better like i i might look better but i don't feel healthier  because i go from like i lose five kilograms in 30 days to be shredded for a photo shoot and i feel  like [ __ ] at the end most of the time uh and people seem people seem to like that but that's  more about myself but we follow people through the process so i i started the 90-day challenge with  uh i i challenged someone i posted day one then i we went to his 30-day progress which  sometimes i mean yeah sometimes the progress is not even that visible again but then i'm always  like don't no worries i mean you we also try to make people feel better and you make them feel  better already by showing them what did change like hey you actually doubled your push-ups in  in a month because you just got consistent with doing push-ups  and uh i mean look at yourself look at that bump you got we then we we show people on camera like  how he's now doing his push-ups and pull-ups and how he's pumping up and then showing how  confident he got after 30 days uh that's basically the the the goal of those and then we build up and  hopefully people follow along with 30 60 and then the results are 90 days and they are always epic  uh because we make sure they are consistent for 90 days that is my goal like be consistent after  that i think it will it should not be too big of a deal for you because you have been consistent for  90 days you will you will probably continue this and they do so far that's really cool  it's really interesting to to hear how you use all these buzzwords that seem like clickbait  like epic and shocked you know like i can imagine that that uh it's like you you are already uh like  writing the the titles for your youtube videos but it's it's nice i feel the passion that you you put  into this topic and so that's really cool that's good to know that's good to know i mean um i guess  if you look at the the coronation uh or just i think you guys have a pretty deep audience as well  in terms of calisthenics and all types of people uh i i think it's funny to see that there are  the calisthenic spectrum is super big um you got all types of people you got like i said the heavy  death metal uh uh epic insanely like like i said i'm using these keywords epic insanely uh working  out guys and they are super strong and they can handle the world and uh which is great to see  and you also have people who just started and the calisthenics before and at least when i started i  have no clue how i impacted i hopefully i impacted it uh in a positive way when i started that was  it almost looked like there was no room for beginners people who have been doing calisthenics  they uh they felt like they were on top of the world not not the ones i talked about today by  the way but there were lots of people just [ __ ] on beginners with anything and i was like  these guys are just getting into working out i mean this is this is this is what we we want to  grow the community this is epic people getting i'm sorry now i'm going to use the word epic even more  ah these guys want to these ones these people guys girls want to get fit and it felt like  there was no room for them and i think i two years ago i kind of realized that and i also  wanted to get more people involved and just started making easy challenges to join most  leaderships in 30 seconds uh get on you're getting your get on the floor and uh uh do push ups bang  them out maybe post it on yourself on instagram and uh do it's only 30 seconds you know i mean  maybe you can do it too maybe you can do i can guarantee you millions of people tried it uh maybe  thousands of people posted it because obviously if you do one push if you're not gonna post it  but they did get active at that point and i felt like that just wasn't there  uh when i started and i hopefully kind of filled that gap a bit and uh obviously some challenges  it could be viewed like weird because you only want to do these um these competitions and you  only want to look at these strict form comp competitions i i like to keep it as  broad as possible as easy as except the more rules you start inviting the more things you start  introducing the more complicated it gets the less uh the higher the barrier will be for someone to  join calisthenics uh the body weight training type of style and i just tried to make it as  evergreen as possible and i uh i'm hopefully doing a decent job and it seems to be working  and now today i'm daily because i've been doing this for more than like  years daily i get messages that people got started be working out because of those videos and it  drives me even like gives me a lot of drive gives me a lot of power it's about drive it's about  power yeah uh i i think i i view the calisthenics world a bit more like that um i mean i even got  there were lots of comments like people saying when i started doing stuff like this when i  started showing myself as a calisthenics guy online not even doing anything just giving  tips of what i did in the first year i mean i just had one year of experience but people were asking  me so i just uploaded obviously uh and i had like i said i had thirty thousand twenty three  thousand subscribers when i started doing that and there were right away there were people from the  calisthenic community saying yo i can beat you i'm way stronger than you what is your problem  you look this this is shitty this is that and it only motivated me even more to just go next level  and grow like next level and just motivate as many people as possible and be like yeah this is this  is a world for you to do as well get get fit get work you know get started with working out and uh  yeah that's that's the story i think that the my point of view and i think lots of people in the  uh i've i do know some people in the calisthenic community and lots of people uh uh do lots of  epic content and i hope people like my content as well that's the only thing i hope i'm also a  bit appreciating the calisthenics community but uh yeah let's hope so super super interesting  view on the calisthenics scene a lot of yeah super interesting viewpoints um it's uh really the icos  as well the calisthenics community being split in a lot of uh different ways there are the the super  strict athletes there are the the um entertainment like i would count you into the  more entertainment uh low entry barrier for beginners type of content there is thescientific edge with fitness faq springs movements like yes these these kind of people um  yeah it's uh it's interesting i'm i'm really interested in how it's going i think you're  doing an extremely important job to get a lot of people into the sport and to show a lot of people  uh the sport i just know from my surrounding from uh from my family even um there are like  my cousins who are like really big fans of you and uh who are like um super super um yeah just  uh interested in your videos etc and it's super nice to see because they used to be more of the  fitness guys like just bench pressing and you know like you convert these people and that's  super nice i think i i think what people should let's simply let's put it simply what people  hopefully can understand and by the way i wanted to point out there are lots of type of channels  right now like when i started that's what i noticed right now yes the calisthenic community  is definitely divided like you talked about uh like we talked about but um there are all types  of channels right now and everyone is very i mean like i said i talked to some calisthenics people  in the uh uh in the community right now and they are all super like lots of them are super nice um  but i think what people should understand is that my videos collectively most of the time get yearly  like 100 million views those people it's not like i'm taking away views from daniel for example i'm  those people that are funneled into calisthenics with the basic i mean there's no scientific or  at least i sometimes do because i liked uh some facts or something like that and i'm interested  in that and a lot of stuff as well we do i mean i watch a lot of those scientific videos but i  not necessarily put that those in my video like i said it just over complicating something that is  should be in a score just working out just getting fit um but those people just funnel back to daniel  or funnel back to other people they just start watching his channel because they are getting  more and more involved because they just let's say i funneled them in they're like wait i want  to learn how to get better at my one arm bullet bar how i should perform the pull-up the best way  uh i mean i have i have an old tutorial on my channel doing that as well but there's a way  better one from daniel online and they will probably check out his video and that's just  falling through everyone so i think it's just making the community bigger in any way possible  um which is uh happening right now so that's that's just how i view it at least take i mean i'm  not sure how important my opinion is but that's my view yeah super nice super important because the  sport needs to grow and it feels like it feels like the core calisthenics scene isn't growing  that much like as it could could grow i think um this is why i think it's really important uh like  of course covet played a big role uh in the growth of of calisthenics and bodyweight fitness  in general but it's super important that there are people like you and i think this is why i'm super  happy to to have you also here in the podcast yeah thank you so much man yeah it's super important  to not only um see pro athletes uh not that you are not strong like 70kg pull ups super strong100 agree because like i said i can't even compete in closely with these guys that are putting in  hours every single day to be the best athlete possible and i would never consider myself being  on the top left of calisthenics in the world uh what i do consider myself is i'm on the top  level of uh creators in calisthenics in the world and that is body weight uh but also just workout  related stuff and that is also my goal i like to make the best videos possible and i will never  ever say to someone that i'm way stronger than him or whatever i probably up because i'm probably not  nice yeah you talked about habits like before we did this small uh uh i don't know we took this  side road uh you talked about habits like 28 days to build a habit um what are habits that you like  would recommend um to someone or like just habits that you like like let's go away from recommending  we don't know who's listening but what are habits habits that bring value to you in your life i know  i watched your video with wim hof which was uh 10 out of 10 perfect thanks was really inspiring  but like what are habits in general in your life that bring you energy that give you power  um i would definitely say uh i'm gonna do do's and don'ts uh you just mentioned wim hof  i definitely recommend at least cold showering a few times a week uh it just adds that that i feel  amazing after that but i also feel like it's just a small challenge that you overcome especially  maybe in the morning but also just throughout the day don't put the barrier too high just like  uh whenever you feel i sometimes feel like i i wanna i want a cold shower and then you go get  a cold shower get through that good i mean it's just an extra challenge and i mean with all the  proven benefits just a no-brainer in my opinion um another don't for example is for some people  uh the 5am if you don't need to wake up at 5 a.m uh and you don't want to don't do it i mean  uh we as this challenge is super viral but people that work out a lot obviously know  sleep is important so if you're going to wake up at 5 a.m that means you just have to go to  bed a lot earlier if you want to hit your eight hours in bed seven hours at least of sleep right  so that's that's the thing it's just moving that pattern a bit and if your pattern has to be at  5am i mean then go get up at 5am because that's unfortunately if you don't like it your pattern uh  maybe for work because lots of people have to get up at 5am for work uh but if you don't have to uh  get up at six seven eight uh but yeah i mean don't get don't don't get go to ten hours of sleep a day  uh at least personally because then productivity goes down a lot obviously uh but yeah so you don't  have to wake up at five a.m that's another recommendation in terms of if you don't like  it but some people another recommendation would also be go give it a try if you really if you  really want to because some people experience lots of benefits by waking up at 5 00 a.m  by uh having an increased productivity rate or having an increased motivation rate even  because they are ahead of schedule they are ahead of the world so that's how you could how  you could view it as well um so that's a do's and don'ts and in terms of any other uh i would see  i would say uh like we already talked about workouts so much just like three times a week  workout that's something i would recommend with these three uh recommendations ish like work out  three times a week try that for 90 days and see what happens and you will you will be  shocked by the before and after picture that's just how i would always motivate people to start  nice uh you talk a lot about nutrition and you seem like uh more like health centric uh like uh  focus on health in in general like maybe i'm wrong but maybe you can tell us a little about your  nutrition about your viewpoint on how important nutrition is for the body diet in generaldiet is a lot like it's i don't want to say everything because i love working out but uh  you need to do both in order to get the optimized progress but um diet wise i would say the cliche  what you know what what you put in is what you get out of it um so i really put the emphasis on  hitting my protein eating enough vegetables eating enough fruits uh i mean the common things common  knowledge most of the time uh i don't care about uh and people who do completely fine but i don't  do keto or i have done a lot of intimate fasting back back in the day like a lot uh but i love my  breakfast uh also kind of proven with benefits to have breakfast for some people uh i really like it  um so uh yeah i and i i 90 of the time 95 of my diet is like healthy foods healthy foods  uh with it depends on how you for example uh would categorize supplements in any way  uh yeah i do eat protein bars and stuff like that probably uh people always ask me are supplements  necessary supplements are just a very great way to supplement your diet in terms of getting  your your protein in easy do you need them definitely not because you you can also get in  uh enough protein eating for example uh uh tuna or you eat uh lots of nuts because you can also  i mean you want to get your calories in uh salmon lots of stuff like that but uh that's can get  very expensive as well uh supplements are for me easy get a protein shake and get a protein bar in  uh get some protein pancakes in uh stuff like that it's just very high a high uh um protein based but  also low calorie sometimes which i need for when i go for a magazine shoot or something like that  like i'm doing right now uh but yeah supplements in general helped me a lot but in terms of diets  uh i ate a lot of uh yeah just healthy meals filled with i mean it could be could be uh lots  of vegetables could be uh reps with avocado and and uh i do eat meat um best friend uh aryan guy  blue shirt he is plant-based so he basically eats nothing with meat uh and eats uh yeah basically  just plant-based that's the uh that's the term uh super and he's super consistent he's super  healthy as well he's uh uh also super inspiring um in terms of uh rethinking sometimes your your diet  um and he's doing an amazing job as well so uh yeah that's uh that's basically how have you died  and i definitely take it seriously that's cool do you think it's um like what do you think of the  the athletes um yeah i don't want to like get into um judgment or something but um i think the the  the audience um is getting a lot of like athletes saying that you can eat whatever  you want if you just work out right you can eat whatever you want i guess you can also also  heard it once or twice uh like um is it is that the is that more like if it fits your macros or  more just in general like if you eat whatever but work out a [ __ ] ton i think i think where  they're coming from by the way it's not even that um if you get rid of the the diet part where  shitty stuff that you put in is [ __ ] for your body for your health in general if you get rid of  that because that doesn't matter for muscle growth for example let's say uh then they are kind of  right if you work out those three hours a day you burn so much calories that if you eat a [ __ ] ton  you will also get enough calories to build muscle and you will probably still look shredded which is  most of the time which calisthenics is known for by being just five percent body fat and just super  lean yes you can get that by eating whatever you want if you work out and do if you have a decent  metabolism and if you work out that much and burn that many calories i think it's kind of  true but is it optimized also for health reasons i don't think so in terms of uh optimizing with  getting enough fruits and getting enough veggies in i would 100 recommend that uh to everyone uh  over just eating whatever you want um but can you get results but by eating whatever you want  yeah definitely but i still would recommend eating your your macros and micros yeah nice  uh question from the community uh deep question maybe do you have any regrets right now oh sick  uh any regrets any regrets um no no no regrets that's uh that's a tattoo on my  my leg says that you know that picture no regrets it's an happy picture no i don't i don't knowit's such a deep question indeed um i kind of don't i i that may sound maybe weird or  maybe it doesn't to have any regrets i probably do actually but i can't on the top of my head i can't  think of one i mean i the only thing i'm thinking of like i finished i finished my school eventually  and then i just went full time this and it worked out so that's my life basically  literally i mean that's my life yeah okay um no not really no maybe regret is a big word  like maybe um switching back to the to the first youtube video to starting to work out like what  would you do differently with the with the knowledge of today maybe that's the better  question like that's a big uh thing but maybe you can tell something about this  good but then then i think uh okay okay let me answer that question so if it's  if it's about um regrets and that regrets in that way you could say maybe with the knowledge you  have right now you want to make better videos you could use the knowledge and the analytics  i have right now to make those better videos uh yeah that uh that could but on the other  hand uh i would probably want to do that because those videos would be more optimized they would  maybe have performed better um better growth blah blah but i also do believe in the the the  path that i've taken so far and all the mistakes or all the learning curves and everything i've  experienced is why i am where i am right now or how i got where i am right now and  i wouldn't really take anything away from that so not go back in time and try to fix something that  does not necessarily need to be fixed because i'm in a good place right now so i think that's  that's my take on that so that's maybe that also clarifies why i don't really have any regrets but  yeah that's good but like that's uh that's why you look so young that's why you look so good uh  because you don't have any regrets that are uh like uh eating you inside you are uh happy sold  so yeah when they get when the camera isn't like thank you thank you i mean i mean uh i don't have  any i'm also kind of a boring person in terms of how people would describe it maybe like i don't  uh i don't drink never have i don't go to parties never really have i don't like i said my life is  videos making videos and then also working out now which is obviously sounds epic and it is  and i'm happy with uh where i am right now and i'm super thankful but uh  no i don't i'm not that i like i know i'm i regret that one time that i jumped off a roof because  i was completely wasted or something like that okay it didn't happen because i never i've never  been drinking right so i mean like i said maybe boring or i don't care but  yeah that's much yeah okay cool we're uh let's let's continue um talking about injuries like  uh maybe uh some you you talked about an injury like a year ago or something  injuries in general did you have severe injuries and what did you learn from them  i um i think my main takeaway from injuries is that at some point i injured my shoulder  because just not enough warming up not just being young being like 17 years old and being  like i want to get that planche i was getting close uh you can actually see an old video  of mine where i try to do a planche and i'm actually kind of close like if you give me a  another year of training i would get to a perfect straddle planche basically uh but literally  a month after that video i think or maybe a bit later but i got injured on my shoulder just  because i didn't warm up my wrists started hurting like crazy but my my shoulder started hurting like  crazy uh and i got that sort of figured out with a physiotherapist um but what i learned from that  is just take your time don't rush the process and definitely make sure to especially for the planche  or front lever stuff heavy stuff what feels heavy for you right now definitely warm up i  mean if someone asks can you do a set of pull-ups make sure to warm up i mean i don't care but for  someone that has never done more than a pull-up i mean yeah warm up because you you're going to use  a lot of that muscle you're going to lose a lot of you're going to use a lot of those uh  muscle fibers so you can really be putting in the work so you can definitely get injured um but  um yeah i think that's my main takeaway and uh besides that i had injuries but those are related  to football i still play football soccer uh nice and uh i got injured on my knees sometime which  just sucked and then you're just out for a bit and then that sucks for leg training as well i  do have to say leg training has been actually the biggest i mean i'm happy with my legs like they're  decently sized so you will never hear me but they're not extremely strong they're not extremely  but i i play football especially back then but right now like three times a week uh and i  combined that with one leg training a week so it's not like two like wait uh like trainings a week i  just don't want to do something like related five six times a week because then i just i would feel  exhausted the entire time um but uh yeah i i love football but it does i play i started playing in a  just a team which is only friends and it's quite a low level so some people might be a little bit uh  not so good at it and then just like are yeah they just [ __ ] you up because they can't play  football and i got injured because of that actually last month so i'm coming back from  that and my ankle was just completely swollen up and it still is but uh i'm i'm kind of back  now and uh that's that's good but it's always it's part of it i don't want to stop football  because of that because it could hurt some people around me like i mean you you do youtube quite big  right if you get injured pretty badly doesn't that suck for everything and i'm like yeah  but i like it and it's a good way of cardio so i stay away from getting fed again  big brain so that that's the thing uh no but for real i uh i like for one yeah it brings  some injuries sometimes but you can't really learn anything from that that's also my main point  it just happens maybe my takeaway should be stopped with playing football and just  do more cardio just outside running but no i like football also again if you love what  you're doing football it does never feel like cardio but i'm burning like a thousand calories  a session getting shredded is easy yeah that's yeah nice so same thing again if you  set like goals that motivate you if you do stuff that you like you stick with it consistency is  easy uh with it like this is this is something that i took away from from the interview and maybe  if we redo the interview in five years you will say damn it i should have stopped with football  but we'll see oh yeah yeah yeah definitely definitely uh i might just say that that's uh  that's a very realistic thing but yeah we'll see it's it's fun i love it as well so um  yeah you play it as well just with friends just uh in summer as well but last time i was on the pitch  my my best friend also hurt himself quite badly on the knee so it's always like  if you play with people who just play like on the weekends for fun it's it's dangerous so yeah it's  definitely uh you have to take the risk always somewhat injured in uh in my team so that that  just shows that i was glad i haven't been injured in like two years before that in my legs so i mean  nice but yeah yeah yeah definitely true nice yeah we are slowly coming to an end of the  interview we always have some quick questions quick answers at the end of every interview  first one fire fire fire fire first one favorite fooduh uh uh what do i like eating a lot oh i want to answer quickly jesus uh can i say  something can i can i say something unhealthy no no yeah of course free candle no i'm out  that is that is uh that's not is it known worldwide oh no i'm living uh in germany  close to the dutch border like uh this is why uh we spent like every every holiday like everybody  here around here is going to the netherlands to the seafood so yeah no no i those are like fried  stuff no i do i do like spirits or something like that uh but healthy foods i mean some some a good  uh uh my favorite food that is actually healthy is like a good uh chicken rice and broccoli that  sounds so bad but if you have a good dressing and you have uh some some rice cooked in uh uh in the  right type of spices or whatever and you add some uh steamed broccoli or steamed veggies and you mix  that together i love eating that like i just enjoy that's gonna be my dinner tonight nice  you can see i see the glands in your eyes so yeah i really feel the passion that's cool  the passion about my about my rice chicken and broccoli broccoli yeah man  are you a dog or a cat person good cat okay i mean i've yeah i've three cats at the moment at least  my family we have three cats now so cool good for you um the title of your first youtube videoholy [ __ ] i think it's uh i know exactly what it's about it's a happy wheels play so i i use  the game my channel was a gaming channel back in the day uh i it's a happy who's playthrough game  like not heavily inspired by pewdiepie or anything like that okay yeah because i i think your your  youtube link or something like there is this one thing you can't change i think it's the link of  the youtube video okay slash brownie does work but you probably see epic steam yeah yeah and like i  was just like oh the epic again i think we have to call this we have to call this interview epic like  it was i think the the work that was used the most but i think seems to be your favorite word  though actually if i look at my channel right now online you can uh there's only one video that is  online it's like a sort of reaction game and the maze game you can see that uh but my first ever  video apparently it's not online anymore i think i know i privated it uh years ago because i thought  i am too mature for this content that was like i don't know 18 or something um but if i put  it online right now i'm afraid that people will get a notification because this happened before  with big youtubers so i don't put it online but otherwise i would do it online okay wait yeah  nice notifications being sent out to 1.8 million people with this video that would be cool  i think i don't have 1.8 million subscribers after that notification  you're back back to 23 then yeah yeah yeah yeah exactly nice um yeah what what athletes inspire  you like uh doesn't have to be calisthenics but what athletes in general are inspiring  you i would definitely say that just seeing how some athletes i i just scrolled i follow  a decent amount of athletes actually i follow a lot of different types of athletes online and  my instagram feed sometimes definitely motivates me and sometimes obviously you should not compare  yourself too much but it most of the time just motivates me and also stories seeing how much  uh effort people put in uh uh at the moment but what kind of athletes specifically motivate me  at the moment poor checking the instagram bubbles which which name is the last one  last la the one on top right now is uh there you go that's uh definitely also putting in  the artwork always in the story um yeah i like i like some funny videos from a guy a bad guy  also uh awesome guy shout out to him uh he makes uh he's from he just waits but uh he definitely  posts uh some good memes and is also putting in the work uh but yeah just lots of athletes i  think uh most athletes would be surprised maybe uh but i know a lot of calisthenics athletes i think  uh and i just if uh follow the decent amount and just see them pop up and i'm like yeah epic  again epic epic you made you you brainwashed me to use it even more i think  i'm sorry for everyone uh for for the insane amount of usage of the word epic i  i apologize but also i don't because it's just an epic word  nice um what would you choose rather best skills or the best body the best physiqueis there also a butt is there also like if you have a so you you have a decent body and  the insane skills or you have decent skills and insane body either you're completely fat  and you can but you can do something you can play you can i can finally pledge no  no i think i would go for physique but that would mainly just be because of  uh i'm also doing youtube and i don't think lots of people will click a lot of videos with just a  better physique in there but otherwise what i like mainly about calisthenics is generally the the the  skills and the the training for that so maybe without youtube i would have gone for that one  okay if you could unlock one calisthenics skill whatever one blank okay soi mean it's kind of it's kind of gone and i mean it's i'm not sure how many people are  talking about this but i think on the channel mainly not even everyone is talking about it  but back in the day just it's kind of a meme now uh like hey brownie oh cool guy can't planche but  uh something like that uh no uh i think i plan to fulfill the meme let's just do blanche yeah i mean  maltese obviously stick maybe the baki uh crazy stench from stand from uh uh andrea narosa his his  his version was insane we made we're we're making a video uh right now on on that skill as well  uh it's gonna be pretty fun uh with some edits in there just uh just a secret um but uh yeah  no no that's that's epic that would be epic to be that's that that insanely strong i don't i  don't even think that's realistic for someone with my size but uh yeah he's insanely strongum do you have a favorite booki don't read a lot honestly like i just don't realize i really i  watch a lot of movies and i do have some some uh i definitely read some books but they are  some of these cliche books like think and grow rich and i was like  cool uh i i i just read him and i i i definitely understand him and i definitely feel like there  is some some some fun and some good takeaways there but i'm not really a religious promoter of  definitely read think and grow rachel or definitely do this but for some people maybe  might definitely be a good book or uh definitely a good book to just read biographies from people  you like uh or you people you find that like how are they even because that's what i'm interested  right now i it's a lot i mean i have no clue how people view what i do from the outside but it's  there's a lot of stuff going on there's a lot of people working with me uh together with me  together for me uh we're working but there's a lot of people involved how they manage all what they  do everything so for example elon musk the amount of stuff that that guy does obviously is insane  so i read this biography so like stuff like that that's that's what i read sometimes but uh no i  do i'm more like a movies guy if i like i said i like i like making videos i like making movies  nice so next question what's your favorite film movie favorite film favorite movie  you don't want to put things on spot i think story-wise i really liked uh interstellar and  also visually and my experience in uh uh the uh i think it was imacs and the amount of sound the the  sound system everything was just extremely well done i like inception as well you can already hear  i'm a christopher nolan fan uh then uh i thought uh tenet was pretty damn good as well there were  some obviously some funny memes about that online i don't think it's in my top x amount of movies  but just there you can see i'm a christopher nolan fan um but yeah those movies are definitely just  because i i like stories i like writing i like uh creating a storyline for people to follow  through a video i never record and then just edit chronologically and click upload there's always  a writing process and always trying to guide people through emotions or whatever and obviously  sometimes it's hard because you're making workout videos but that's i think that's the fun challenge  if you can make people feel things with a workout video that's epic [ __ ] say  [ __ ] that word now now i'm starting to rethink my usage of that word i'm gonna stop using that  forever no you won't but yeah i won't um yeah last question basically what's your  message to the calisthenics community what's the message to the the audience of this videouh i uh go subscribe to coronation  but uh smash league now i um i think the the main takeaway message is so  i hope everyone is just uh uh appreciative of everyone that joins the community and just uh be  nice like do do your thing and welcome everyone in uh what they do uh support them don't see people  as enemies don't see people in a in that type of way and just you know uh make everything uh yeah  just go for it together i think that's a that's a message maybe to the killstone community um yeah  epic cool no but honestly yeah really really good uh thing i really i think also that's really  important for the growth of our sport so um yeah thanks for taking the time um last question maybe  a little obvious for you but uh how can people uh get in touch with you where can they find you  maybe get in touch with you uh it's a little bit more difficult and we had a lot of questions why  doesn't you answer my gm's like did you get a lot of questions yeah like that a lot of people like  ask me what else you do why don't you answer my my instagram dm but i can't imagine like  um yeah how can people find you uh i i if you want to really get in touch  like a direct message i try to read everything um and i'm not even the biggest on on on instagram  close uh or in calisthenics at least so i have no clue how these guys are doing it but my  the amount of direct messages i get is literally during this podcast i probably already have to  scroll so far down it's impossible for me so i'm sorry for people to not reply  but i do try to read a lot of comments as well and i messages and definitely comments on posts of  that's where you can get in touch but where you could find me is youtube brownie and instagram  uh stem brownie and most platforms you stem brownie if you want to check that out nice  perfect then uh yeah thanks a lot for your time again it was a please so much for having me man  it's uh it's it's a great uh well i just think it's a great opportunity to be here and uh uh yeah  i hope people enjoyed the pockets i hope there was a little bit of value in there and hope uh maybe  some entertainment as well definitely definitely awesome thanks for being here thanks everyone  for listening to this till the end and so yeah have a great day so much leak subscribe hit bell.