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The Story of Viktor Kamenov (viktor_kamenov) | His Planche Training & Advice

July 09, 2021 5 min read

Kamenov started calisthenics after being inspired through athletes on YouTube. His biggest influencer back in the days was Hannibal for King. He wanted to do a similar thing since he was already motivated since gymnastics intrigued him. Another big motivational factor was his uncle, who is 52 years old and never complains about working out.

The Story of Dejan Stipke Stipić (iamstipke) | The Champion's Journey

July 08, 2021 4 min read

Dejan Stipic Stipke has practiced a lot of different sports throughout the years. His sportive career started when he was 6 years old as a gymnastics athlete until he was 18 years old. During this time he developed himself as a gymnastic representative of Serbia and participated in multiple competitions.

The Story of Mathew Zlat (mathewzlat) | How to do 195kg Dips and 125kg Pull Ups

July 07, 2021 4 min read

Mathew Zlat started his training back in 2012. First, he started to see how strong he was and was only able to do 15 push-ups. He was disappointed, and a family member found a strength trainer for him, and he noticed that he progressed really quickly.

The Story of Erik Barsi (erikbarsi_sw) | The Secrets of Planche

July 06, 2021 5 min read

Erik Barsi started his calisthenics career in 2017 which is at the time of writing 4 years ago. He mentioned that it has a lot to do with how you train and mainly genetics. Erik Barsi would consider himself as someone who wants to break his own limits.

ALESSANDRO MAINENTE | Calisthenics Training Advice | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #54

June 28, 2021 42 min read

TAYO "ABNORMAL BEINGS" | Workout & Nutrition | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #53

June 10, 2021 43 min read

DENTON CONTEH | Why You Should Lift Heavy | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #52 Pt. II

June 03, 2021 41 min read

DENTON CONTEH | Full Planche + 240kg Deadlift | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #52 Pt. I

May 27, 2021 41 min read

NIKOLA VEJNOVIĆ | Combining Endurance & Streetlifting | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #51

May 20, 2021 28 min read

JACK VINATI | Full Planche with 202cm & 103kg | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #50

May 14, 2021 30 min read

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