Ian Barseagle is talking about achieving his full planche in only 4months. | IAN BARSEAGLE | 1,88m Full Planche in 4 Months | Interview

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April 26, 2021 43 min read

IAN BARSEAGLE | 1,88m Full Planche in 4 Months | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #47

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The text of the interview (translated automatically):

You can get the worst exercise for plunge but  if you know how to progress all the overload   you will uh get the plunge faster than  someone doing the most effective exercises   but without progressing the overload your gorilla is welcome to the athlete and insider  podcast biker nation my name is phil and today's   guest is the young calisthenics beast from  great britain somebody that i looked forward to   to interview an incredibly strong athlete  in statics in muscle ups in weighted in   reps in general so yeah let's kick off with the  interview welcome to the show ian barzigle first   of all thank you for all you said and uh yeah i'm  ready and i've been waiting for this interview   i hope i can help some people with this interview  yeah i think so i think so you have some   yeah some interesting some uh inspiring uh content  on your instagram for example so let's kick off   who is ian how do you present yourself  how do i present myself someone who mostly   and only post calisthenics on social media but  this is not something i want to go with in life   so yeah social media is only with calisthenics  and there's you know some other stuff that i would   want to achieve in life which is has nothing  to do with sport this is how i present myself   when it comes to this yeah okay so the hard  facts how old are you i'm 19 i turned 19 in march   so one month ago one month ago okay well yeah  and now to the impressive stats uh in my opinion   how heavy and how tall are you so um i'm kilograms  and i'm 188 centimeters tall which is six feet two   and uh in pounds i'm 190 pounds uh heavy that's  uh really impressive if i see your your planche   progress your uh but also like your aesthetics  with front lever with uh everything so yeah i'm uh   interested in in your story so how did you get in  touch how did you get in touch with the sport how   did you get in touch with calisthenics with street  lifting etc okay so this is pretty interesting   so uh i started four years ago so three days  after i came in britain in the united kingdom   so i started the sport three days how it happened  is i didn't know any english and i just went to   a park and i see there's a random polar bar yeah  and there was a guy doing some you know freestyle   basically and i look and i'm okay that's  that's interesting and then i heard russian   music which is good because i speak russian but  i couldn't speak english so i was like okay let   me approach him and see how's everything going i  approach him and he speaks russian which is dead   and then we start speaking and stuff like  this and now he's my only and best friend   basically oh yeah and sorry if he can see this  but he motivated me but now i'm better than him but thanks for the motivation anyway yeah   okay so so you went full all in like when you uh  when you surpassed his his strength etc you went   all in with motivation i guess yeah yeah yeah it's  like it just started and i never stopped i never   stopped them i was very into this but at the same  time i think i'm genetically made for calisthenics   because i was like eight or ten years old and  i was able to do one-on-one slopes before even   training okay so yeah so i used to be like a  show-off kid you know every time i see a pull-up   bar i went and did some muscle-ups and pull-ups  and stuff so yeah i was built for this let's say   a little bit but uh do you come from a a sporty  family or like a family which does a lot of sport   actually my dad also used to do muscle ups when  he was younger so again his genetics probably   that's why most people know me for muscle ups even  though that's like five percent of what i do in   my workout you know it's just i post more muscles  because people enjoy more you understand yeah but   yeah uh so yeah my dad used to do one on pull-ups  uh muscle-ups nothing special because there was no   youtube there was no sources of like where you  can get good knowledge from so they were just   doing random stuff they see on the internet but  they just fought about yeah that's my background   when it comes to genetics wow for me it's really  interesting when you say like i was built for   kind of calisthenics and i have like good genetics  because i think a lot of people with your genetics   with your height i would say i'm too tall for  calisthenics i i'm uh for me it's too hard to   learn a full planche a front lever the leverage  is too too much like um how come that you say   that you have good genetics for for kilosonics you  see i agree 100 that if you're taller and heavier   everything is so much harder in calisthenics it's  it takes so much longer but personally i know this   just because i see other people who are totally  heavy struggling but in my personal experience   i do not feel this disadvantage so i even progress  faster than some short people i understand   but i think it's mostly because again i'm  a little bit genetically built for this   and i've got the upper body strength from weighted  pull-ups and dips so i've got the you know the   the strength for this and also because i've  got a lot of knowledge in what i'm doing   so i never do something that i'm not sure about or  something that i just watched a couple of youtube   videos about understand before i start  training a skill or actually focusing on   something what i do is i make i take a budget  of money i pay the best athletes in the world   at this movement money and i talk with them  on video chat and they give me advices and   then from all of their advices i make my own plan  and that's how i progress fast yeah wow so all in   yeah all in nice uh when you started what  were the goals was it uh the muscle up was it   um maybe um like a clean muscle up let's  say because you said that you did some some   chicken wing muscle ups as a kid um or was it  the genetics what was the goal in the beginning so my goal was actually to only get stronger  even now my goal is to just get stronger so   weighted strength in terms of lifting and body  weight sure so i combined both the both of these   things together that was always my goal and  just getting a good physique and some muscles   is just uh like a side effect you know from  training hard i never really wanted this but it's   a cool thing to have you know it's very cool and  uh when it comes to genetics the advantage i feel   that i dominate a lot in is me being able to gain  mass and muscles while always staying very lean   and at the same time eating a lot and  then being in surplus the whole time   i understand so that's the  advantage i get from my genetics   okay so for you it's easy to gain mars but  even like stay staying ripped uh during that   but you see the thing is i re i found out  i have good genetics from other people   and from seeing other people train not from me  feeling it because when you have a good genetics   you don't know if you have a good genetics or not  you know yeah you just train and you see progress   but i also think it's because i actually have  knowledge in what i'm doing and i tried to gain a   lot of knowledge before i started doing what i do  and of course the age you know i'm young like i'm   i'm in growth everything is not hard for me you  understand yeah yeah interesting people are always   interested and we received some questions from  a community when you started off with uh with   working out um for how long did you only do basics  or um was there like statics from the beginning   well so i started i think four years and uh five  months ago but seriously training it was maybe two   years and a half for free yes because so i mean um  one year and a half or two years of this was just   going once a week to the park doing some pull-ups  and then going home which is you cannot count   this as training so serious training with good  knowledge without injuries it was two years and a   half or three years um yeah something like this so  i don't really have a lot of years in experience   but at the same time it's a decent progress okay  yeah and like from the beginning you uh did you   integrate statics directly into the and complex  movements like also the muscle up into the workout   or was it uh i don't know the first half half of  a year was it only pull-ups and push-ups and tips   so you see because i didn't have  the knowledge that it's better to do   weights first and then hit statics because this  way you will have the bodyweight strength and   you will get the skills easy so what i did is  while training for weights again i combined   with uh statics it wasn't the best  way of combining but it still worked   you understand like now i have the more knowledge  so with my knowledge now if i would uh just go   back in time and start training i would have a  better progress but yeah i did both things but   i would suggest people to do lift weights and get  stronger at least at weighted pull-ups and dips   and then start combining it with uh body  weight skills this is more effective right yeah   because it's the same maximum strength that  you need plus the tendons and everything is   is prepared are prepared or what are the reasons  let me see why let me see why so if let's say you   want to get 10 seconds plunge yeah let me give  an example of the characteristics of the person   you are a 182 centimeters tall 75 kilograms  you're a beginner and you have let's say 15   a body fat and you can do uh 5 10 dips yeah if  you start only training plans and working on talk   going through progressions and stuff it might take  you with these characteristics like one year one   year and a half to achieve the plunge yeah but if  you with the same characteristics start lifting   weights and you get to let's say uh 50 kilograms  for 10 reps on pips in like six months yeah it   sounds like it's very quick but it's possible when  you know what you're doing and just because you   just started training your progress is very fast  so if you achieve this so which is five six months   and then you do you train a plunge for another  four months you can you can get the punch in four   months and you can skip most of the progressions  this is why it's very beneficial so you get to a   good point in uh weights and lifting weights  and then at after this point you get all the   skills quick you know instead of starting with  the skills and going a long way for each skill   it's it's too long and it might take off  your motivation because you see very slow   progress you understand that's why it's more  beneficial to lift weights and then do statics   so you recommend to everyone doing weighted  skeleton x uh yeah yeah yeah i'm sure it's   not it's not even boring i don't know how people  can find the boring i mean everyone's different   but personally i enjoy doing both the same and i  cannot get bored because i do both you know like   if i get bored of lifting i can do calisthenics  you know i never get bored of this so yeah i would   suggest people to do lift weights if they want  good progress in calisthenics so you get good   strength in lifting you get a decent amount of  muscles which is just a good advantage and you get   good progress in uh bodyweight skills so why not  to do it i don't understand yeah oh that's a cool   approach um and like let's switch to today uh how  does your workout schedule uh nowadays look like   okay so if my followers watch this they'll be very  very happy because i never i get this question   every day but i never answer it that's cool never  never so how my schedule looks right now right   now it's um let's say day one i don't work like  monday tuesday friday no because my cycle can be   six days my cycle can be eight days training cycle  no steroids okay so um yeah uh so day one i said   high intensity push workout yeah push workout  in a push workout i do um three five attempts   no i would say two three attempts of full plunge  trying to hold as much as i can for now it's like   three four seconds decent form um then i do two  sets of maximum hold or around maximum hold of   a straddle plunge yeah i don't go very intense  because i'm planning to do to lift some uh to   go work on strength and weighted tips so i don't  go very intense so my drains don't get too tired   so yeah i do this so when it comes to statics  in this workout i don't go very intense   yeah i just do the basics good training after this  i do maybe two three sets of constant push-ups   yeah i don't do 90-degree cancer push-ups even  though i'm pretty good at them uh i don't do this   i do only normal push because it involves too much  of your bias even biceps when you do 90 degree and   it's too much pressure that's why i don't do it  so i do two three sets of uh eighty percent out   of my maximum when it comes to doing constant  push-ups and after this i rest five ten minutes   and i go still do the warm-up for weighted  dips so uh if i plan to lift 95 kilograms   for weighted dips for like five six reps then  i warm up with uh 20 kilograms do five six reps   uh then go on 45 kilograms do again four or five  reps um then i do the last warm-up set which is   let's say 70 kilograms for again four reps so i'm  not going i'm not killing myself a warm-up just   telling my body that i'm gonna slowly go intense  yeah like i mean and one very important thing   uh that prevents me from having any injuries is  while i'm doing the warm-up i'm trying to feel   do i feel like something can pull do i feel like  something is going wrong if i feel perfect and i   don't feel any muscle pain or anything pulling  that's it i can go all in and i'm never gonna   get injured so it's important to see how you feel  so yeah if i feel amazing that's it i'm doing my   workout in good form going 90 degree with the back  of the shoulder so this is not 90 degrees you see   when it's when the front of the delt is in line  with the elbow i used to do this before but no   this is not 90 degrees when the back  of the shoulder is 90 degree of the   elbow it's a good form and try to round yourself  so you don't open up too much and then get injured   this is very unsafe i go injured a couple of  times like this so don't do this yeah after this   actually i don't understand what's the difference  between weighted push-ups and bench press   why do callist why would calisthenics people  rather do weighted um push-ups than bench press   bench press is way better it's more comfortable  it's more it's it's easier to slowly add weights   with them and progress the overload why do people  do weighted pushes like you need to have someone   with you so they put the weights on your back and  then take them off which makes a lot of noise it's   so uncomfortable so i don't understand so people  in the comments tell me what's the difference   between weighted push-ups how is weighted push-ups  better than bench press okay i'll be one of the   these pers uh people what about the the core  activation like uh doing bench press you don't   have any any core work in it and then the beauty  of calisthenics lies into like uh activating the   whole body and having having to activate the  core in every exercise i'm just that brand new yeah but when you do push-ups that's the last  thing you care about using your obs and core   like you just do push-ups you don't like you use  maybe two percent of your core to do the push-ups   you know so i don't think it's that important  you know like people say that when you do   full plunge you just score i don't like an  average person with an average weak core   is is enough to train plunge you know i think  it's it's shoulders when you think of the leverage   this is plunge so it's here that you're  holding with so it's scapular you just do   leans and so you lean into planche and  with time you try to lean more and more   and then you get it you know like think  scientifically and practically what's the best way   increase the intensity with time and increase the  angle that's it that's it everything is easier   and i think i'm taking too long with explaining  my training point yeah no it's it's perfect i   think people are interested in that okay because  it's a lot of details that not many people talk   about but i think it's important for people to  know so this is the first day so i do i started   doing brainstorms i never did in my life but i  started doing it because i feel like calisthenics   people skip this part of the chest in terms of not  looking big and making it look proportional but in   terms of if this muscle being weak you understand  so when you do some movements you can uh get   injured or with time later on you can have some  muscle disproportion which can lead to an injury   or a bad posture because you know some muscles  are strong but some are weak so i started doing   incline bench press it's more just to work  the muscle and to make everything proportional   so yeah i do bench press only focusing on working  the muscle not focusing on getting very strong   i focus on this only when it comes to  weighted dips so yeah and i train my triceps   that's the only part of the are my train because  you see look at the biceps yeah it's dominating   and look at the triceps there's nothing there okay  so i'm trying to i'm trying to work on it you know   uh yeah but i never trained biceps because i  feel like it's going to be too much if i train   the mozzarella i have enough it's proportional  that's it that's enough then you can't scratch   yourself anymore if there's some this melon in  the way actually i'm pretty flexible i can't touch   any parts of the bark i can't catch anything  but yeah maybe later on i will not be able to   for now it's fine for now it's fine so this is  day one so again um plunge full plunge uh shadow   plunge handstand push-ups it sounds like a low  but i'm doing just a little bit so i'm not tired   um then i do weighted dips working on strength  so i do four or five sets uh three to five reps   but i'm going intense so it's not that i just  take a random weight the three five reps and uh   it's all right no it's it's when it comes to the  progressive overload and stuff like this i take   it very serious that's the most important thing  it doesn't matter what you do at the training it   matters how you're gonna slowly improve with time  this is this is why i hate fitness influencers and   people who post on social media do this exercise  10 to 12 reps bro no i will fight you in life   if i see you don't say this stupid stuff why like  okay i do three to twelve reps next training well   for five trainings i'm gonna do the same thing  what's gonna change nothing why do you not explain   how to progress the overload how do i slowly  increase the intensity and get stronger with time   they never explain this they do these videos  only for cloud so please never listen you can do   only one exercise one compound movement and if  you just know how to progress the overload and   eat good and recover enough that you will have 20  times better progress than someone who does five   exercises and never cares about progressive  overload yeah you understand it's like it's   it's so much to speak about when it comes  to progressing overload and stuff like this   and okay so day two is rest one second i have  one question for day one uh what do you do if   you feel like there is a muscle hurting uh do  you stop the training at all like or do you   um just go down with the weight by a lot  okay so this usually happens if uh i do   too much on the statics and let's say i pulled  something because i did the movement a bit wrong   and i don't know i went too much it really  happens but if it happens and i'm going on   dips i do a dip and i'm like oh something's wrong  so i feel like if i do couple more sets i will   pull it or i will um i will rip something i  stop the training and i go home okay i go home   and because i'm young usually in two three days  i'm back so it recovers very quick so it's better   to recover quick than being injured for a couple  of months and maybe never getting back to your   results so i stopped training and i suggest people  stop training when you feel that you can pull a   muscle or you can feel like something's wrong  stop training and go home and learn about how   to warm up properly and recover enough that's  what you do in this situation yeah yeah and uh   okay day two is rest yeah so i don't do full  day on the day tube because uh scientifically   uh chest and shoulders so the opposite muscle of  the chest our shoulders isn't back okay so it's   it's actually only chops it straps the opposite  so if i do the pull day the next day because my   chest is dead and it's very sore i can still pull  something in the chest when i do weighted pull-ups   i can i can pull something you know so that's  why i give one day rest you know so one day rest   then the next the day after so day three i do  um front lever i do three sets of front lever   pull ups i do one or two reps for now one two  reps when i'll get stronger i'll do more reps   but for now is this uh after this i do two sets  of maximum holds you write it down for the future   yeah for my training okay and uh yeah after that  i do five sets of four or three reps of muscle ups   i don't do more reps because it's pointless i  work on explosive strength and getting them clean   you know so that's why i don't understand people  who max out on muscle ups you want to get it clean   work on them being clean don't do many reps  because if you do two sets of marks you know   the third set you will do them so dirty because  you're too tired so low reps more sets that's why   i tell people that's literally the best existing  way on this planet to train muscle ups okay   no one can tell me anything different i've seen  enough in my experience and i've talked with   enough people to understand what's the best so  this is the best way but again it depends on the   person because it depends how many muscle-ups  can you do how can you do them what level you   on so it depends on a lot of things and maybe it  also depends yeah maybe it also depends on the   on the goal so like your goal is more on maximum  strength but if somebody somebody's goal is to do   like 25 uh muscle ups or 20 muscle ups like really  endurance athlete would you still recommend like   a lot of sets and low reps well but um at the  competitions they count only perfect reps right   so you're gonna have to work on this first but  you see let's say you can do two dirty muscle   ups right now yeah that's a maximum you let's say  it took you one year or one year and a half to get   two or three reps but perfect just because you can  do them easy and very clean you can probably do 15   uh clean already because two or three are easy i  understand and you probably do some pull-ups and   weighted pull-ups on the side which  increase your endurance in the back and   biceps so you can probably already do 15 reps  same with me i never work an endurance back and   probably do a decent amount of muscle ups in a row  yeah um yeah so i would still suggest to work on   that getting it clean cool and dangerous yeah  and uh yeah this is day three day four is legs   yeah i do very heavy session only focusing on  getting my legs bigger i don't care how uh high i   can jump i don't care about just training them for  fun i care about them looking proportional because   that's the biggest problem with calisthenics  people uh people complain about legs oh your   legs are small that's why you can do stuff not  mine mine are proportional that's the main thing i   actually had elected yesterday so you know see  i do squats heavy squats i do front squats which   is more for the front part of the legs i do  leg press and uh walking lunges and calls   so i go very intense because it's a bigger muscle  that's why i do more compound movements it's the   biggest muscle in the body not for calisthenics  people like this but yeah it's the biggest muscle   in the body and you have to add at least one or  two exercises more yeah to kill it properly yeah   this is day four and after day four um now is  day five for me so yesterday was legs day five   i was supposed to do a medium or light intensity  plunge workout but because it's the first day back   after um lockdown in uk i feel too more muscle  pain than usually so i feel like it's going to   go very wrong if i do my session today so this  week i'll go more light in terms of statics   so i'm not training today i was supposed to but  i'm not training again because i listen to my body   and probably tomorrow i think i'll feel the  same because it takes longer to recover but   i will see i will see everything will  be perfect in two three weeks anyway   now it's just getting back you know so  supposed to do a light medium intensity workout   when i say medium intensity it's not the exercises  are i are easier let's say my maximum holding   blanche is six eight seconds i do uh four seconds  holdings and instead of six eight seconds which is   fifty percent intensity i do the same exercises  just not holding as long and not going as intense   but i do the same exercises and yeah on a light  day when you slide the intensity i do one or two   seconds instead of you know eight or six eight so  it's just the intensity is lower same exercises   lower intensity yeah um and i think then  uh this they i think it's just like more uh   medium intensive workout one more light intensity  and then repeat the cycle so go back to day one   yeah so i lift uh weights once a week i think  once every seven days yeah lifting weights really   means uh dumbbells for you right just to make  sure no no no i mean um so lifting weights is   weighted pull-ups okay and uh so on my pool  day i do weighted pull-ups and barber rolls   so like again same question with weighted  push-ups what's the difference between   australian pull-ups and barber rolls i can tell  you the difference same movement same muscles but   barbara rose is more effective because australian  pull-ups it's so uncomfortable to do them weighted   so you progress the overload but barbara rose  is very easy because you just add more weight   on the barbell and keep going that's it so  again i will start doing them this is my first   week doing bench press and barbara rose again  same reason this proportions training my you   know different muscles of the box i don't get  injured one day so yeah i do barber rolls um   for people that don't know is this that you  lean and you do this stuff with an olympic   bar this is barbara rose and uh yeah that's  the session done on the pull day by the way um   yeah that's kind of my workout plan right now  wow yeah thanks for going into detail i think uh   yeah i wrote everything down so  i can start the cycle tomorrow   um yeah something that i'm interested in um with  your physique um with your training background etc   tell us your your plans journey how did it go uh  how were the beginnings um you said that uh like   uh your usual um approach is to contact some some  pros in in this field um what advice did you get   what challenges did you have like overall planche  journey okay so first for those who don't know um   my plans generally started um i think five months  ago so when i just started training my plunge   level was one or two seconds hold but with not  my legs not straight not clean so it was a dirty   hole that was the day one and now yeah and now i  can hold full plunge for three four seconds with   decent form so it's parallel to the ground decent  form and straddle plunge for six eight seconds   again leg straight everything parallel to the  ground um so i progressed like this in four months   uh because first of all i i was able i was i had a  good skill preparation so i was dissonant constant   push-ups and uh weighted dips so i had very strong  shoulders and i think in general again like i said   i'm built kind of for this movement because  i never heard a person a store like me and i   said you like me progressing so fast i didn't hear  even short people progressing so far so i'm gonna   be impressed um yeah so what i did is i texted i  think how many i texted four athletes four pretty   heavy athletes um pretty tall not taller like me  but a bit shorter but yeah there they can hold   maltese they can hold full plunge and ask them  some advices and uh they said that for my level   like i already thought doing attempts would be the  most effective exercise so that's the exercise one   that i'm gonna do so day one i'm doing uh because  it was locked down i trained plunge more often   i didn't lift weights so i progressed fast because  again i only did statics so day one it's um doing   five seven attempts of straddle plunge okay that's  the exercise i did and by the way let me also talk   about something important it's injuries i i know  literally every single person who does sponge   that has bad wrists or injured wrists or shoulders  i never did okay because i know how to warm up um   so let me actually show you if you want  the best warm up for rest before plunge   only one exercise okay it's a dynamic stretch  okay i've got the bar right here so the bar   is on the floor yeah you grab it you just so like  go like this lean forward until you feel pressure   forward back forward back you do free stress like  this and on the first set you go just a little   bit until you feel a bit of pressure then on the  second set you lean a bit more so you feel a bit   more pressure on the third set you lean a bit more  than uh on the first two sets so then that's it   when you lean into plunge because your uh wrists  are fresh enough and warmed up enough you will   not feel any pressure i don't feel any pressure  on my wrist because of this warm up yeah and of   course before i do my actual plunge attempts i do  same thing increasing the intensity so i do launch   limbs very light plunge lens first it's very light  second set i lean a little bit more a little bit   more than in the first set again holding it for  a little bit just telling my body that i'm gonna   go very intensely and uh in the third last  se alain uh sixty percent of uh or seventy   percent of my actual uh tension in the muscle  when i do the planche attempts you understand   so it's thirty percent uh sixty percent and then  seventy eighty percent and then a hundred percent   which is uh planche attempts this is the best  warm-up you can ever do for planche and any skills   increase the do the same use the same muscles same  angle but increase the um what's it called the   intensity let's say that's the best warm-up for  any skills you see in calisthenics just think of   the exercise what's anatomically the exercise that  you use the same muscles and stuff and that's it   okay so um yeah and i do plunge attempts and  after plunge attempts i think i was doing   what was i doing i was doing negatives so i would  go into huntsman go straddle and try to go slowly   down this is second best exercise for um plunge  for shredder plunge for my level for my level and   then i think i was doing two sets of plunge leans  but i lean that much so i can barely hold for six   seconds you know so it's like when i do plunge i  was able to hold for like two three seconds which   is very intense so i was leaning not as much a  little bit less so i can barely hold for six eight   seconds that's the two sets just like a finisher  and that was my uh very intense workout okay so   that was the day-day one very intense after this  two days rest yeah i don't do every day because it   doesn't make sense you need to recover okay people  recover you don't need to do stuff every day   because it's very intense especially i need two  days so i recover two days and then i do same   thing like i said but instead of going 100  intensity i do the same exercises but not as   much so it's a medium intense workout same things  i also do straddle plush attempts but i don't try   to hold as much as i can so a little bit less than  my maximum and this is medium workout so after two   days i do a medium workout then one day rest and i  do a light workout again on the light workout i do   some buns you know just holding it until i feel  a bit of pressure because it's a light workout   so using the same muscles but not putting much  pressure on them uh this is like workout after the   light workout i rest one day and then i go back  to very intense training yeah this is uh the most   perfect way for me to train for my level and stuff  from what i found out because again i listened   to different people's opinion and i made my own  and the progress as you can see is very good   yeah this is with plush wow and did it like go  linearly or did it did you progress quickly in the   beginning and then it slowed down like how was how  was the the the progress the progress was always i   always saw progress so every sec every training  every intense training so which is once a week   i saw that i can hold it for one or two seconds  more which is very fast progress some people train   here for one year and they don't see progress i  actually saw progress every week so once a week   i saw progress i hold it for longer i hold it  cleaner maybe i hold it the same amount like   the last week but this time is the same amount  of time but cleaner so something is improving   the whole time um yeah something like this so i  had a good progress the whole time but right now   it's not as fast because i try to combine with  things again i'm trying to remember okay how do   i actually combine it with weighted calisthenics  to progress above so it's a lot of stuff going   on but i'm gonna i'm gonna progress i think i  will get to uh 10 15 seconds full planche in   next couple of months or maybe one year we'll see  how it goes i'll take my time with this yeah wow   cool what are the most common mistakes that you  see uh people doing in in planche workouts so not   only large workouts in general over training  is the most common thing that i see people do   and people the most common also thing is people  don't care about progressive overload like that's   the most important thing in you can get the  worst exercise for plunge but if you know how   to progress all the overload you will uh get  the plunge faster than someone doing the most   effective exercises but without progressing the  overload so if having without having the knowledge   about this yeah this is i think the most common if  i'm thinking of it no actually the most common uh   mistake is people not having knowledge about stuff  they do so diet uh and training they don't gain   knowledge they are lazy to gain knowledge that's  the most common thing me i was so passionate about   knowing everything before i get started  so i so i know that when i do something   that's how it should be done you know i'm not  making mistakes that was the main thing so   people don't just just don't be lazy and go  for it there's so much information on youtube   just open youtube or uh pay athletes  so yeah go work go work 40 hours a week   make the money pay the athletes and gain knowledge  that that's it that's it yeah simple mistakes cool   um yeah apps um do you have these apps because  of genetics or like do you work a lot on them   how how come that you have like uh these  these apps these nuts okay yeah these apps um   so it's genetics so i have them since i was  eight years old yeah and the one thing about   arbs that i want to say to people i don't  believe in this thing that training ups will   change them like i know it's a muscle but from my  experience again talking to people and everything   they say definition will change but i don't  believe in this i'll give you a quick example   of myself uh i trained abs for eight months just  because of my lower back injury imagine to heal my   lower back injury i had to train up and i actually  helped so i had very good abs before i started   training them so before i go injured and then  eight months first i've got a very good genetics   in all the ways um second i had a very good  diet third i started training up so this i was   like proving to people if this works or not  yeah i'm the best example for provide i would   say i trained eight months and guess what after  eight months same thing same abs same depth same   definition is genetics and body fat percentage  these are the two things that you need to focus   on so if you don't have abs is because you eat  too much stop eating like a pig and you will   have abs easy easy yeah so you think uh like um  nutrition is is important for your performance   uh you mean for abs or in general in general  oh yeah it's very important uh at the beginning   because of good genetics i thought that only  hard work is important because i was progressing   by eating you know normal foods but then with time  with time with time i realized that nutrition is   very important people think that oh i  worked hard that's why i achieved this   working hard is the easiest thing ever how can  you want to do something without wanting to do it   like i don't think there's people who work out but  they don't want to work out you know working hard   is the easiest part easy it's very easy i work  hard because i want to work out and i enjoy it   the hardest part is diet so i think two or three  meals a day it's something that it's fine to eat   but i don't really want to eat it but i eat it  every single day just because i have to eat it   for a good progress you understand  so diet is what shows that you're   determined and actually dedicated you  know so diet is very hard it's very hard   and it's very important like i said so you need  to know first you need to i think there's an app   i think this on google there's an app where you  find out for your genetics for your activity how   many calories you need to take a day because  again everyone's different but the average is   thousand five hundred just to maintain your  weight so go on that website uh it's like i think   it's sterling fury and they ask you about like  different genetic stuff about yourself and then   you find out how much you need to take yeah it's  something to do with this oh you can send it to   me afterwards so i can put it in the description i  can i can try find it i can try find it yeah cool   so yeah it's like calories calories are when  it comes to gaining weight if you care about   gaining weight it's calories it's not the food  you eat is the amount of calories you take okay   quick example you have one person that eats only  healthy foods yeah but at the end of the day he   will take 3000 calories yeah there's a person who  doesn't eat any healthy foods only fast food but   at the end of the day the amount of calories is 3  000 they will both gain the same amount of weight   but the difference is that the person who eats  healthy will gain a healthy weight so like will   not have any problems with heart or liver or  kidneys but the second person will gain the   same amount of weight but they will probably  die from a heart attack if they keep going   you understand you gain the same amount  of weight but you put too much pressure   on your body and it will turn very bad yeah so  eating the same amount like these two people   if the one eats healthy the other one doesn't  they both gain the same body fat percentage   yeah yeah from what i found out like my uh let's  say i went to college about this subject and i   learned and my teacher was a nutritionist so he  actually has a master's degree and from what he   told me yeah i think so yeah this is how it works  so it's all calories it's all about calories it's   not about protein fats and stuff it's calories  when it comes to gaining or losing weight   that's why people talk about surplus or deficit  calories because that's the main thing they talk   about it for a reason you understand so yeah  calories is the most important thing when it   comes to losing or gaining weight yeah how  does your nutrition look look like today   so my nutrition is usually four meals and  they all medium to big meals and overall at   the end of the day i think i eat around three  thousand three thousand five hundred calories   yeah this amount i would eat more but i should  this i can't like i'm like [ __ ] it's too much   you know it's i've had enough and yeah this is  the amount i eat for me to recover perfectly   to feel amazing like i feel always energetic  always energetic yeah and i eat in the morning   usually it's um i blend the food because it's  also before workout so the digestion is faster   because your body doesn't have to try to digest  the big foods that you didn't chew properly so   uh yeah it digests fast and what i eat is porridge  in a blender with um frozen fruits frozen berries   strawberries uh and with one apple so i cut the  apple fry in there one banana and uh yeah just   blend around and try to add like 200 grams  of uh or 150 of porridge yeah so i get all   the carbs i get this number of carbs a bit of  protein or there's almost no protein in porridge   and a lot of vitamins so the first meal is  to give me a lot of energy before workout   so it's vitamins you i literally got all the  vitamins i need in the day just for one meal   because you see how many fruits uh berries and  strawberries have vitamin c and then apple has   some other vitamins banana has the other vitamins  so i get every all the vitamins in the first meal   second meal is after workout i'll tell people  it does not matter what you eat straight after   workout okay there's not such a thing that like  protein window you know that people talk about   so protein window is that in the first 30 minutes  of the workout you need to eat a lot of protein so   it goes straight into the muscle no no so there's  no d so if you eat 30 minutes after workout or   you eat six hours after workout you will have the  same progress okay the studies that show this so   uh there's no studies that show that if you eat  quick after work or you'll have a better progress   so it's all in fact you know so yeah just eat  whenever eat one hour after training or two hours   and it does not matter what you eat straight  after just eat a decent food with carbs fats   and proteins everything is important it's not  all about protein yeah so just eat everything   your body needs everything um yeah i think i'm  talking about the right thing yeah i think i'm   going off the subject a bit yeah it's cool no  it's good yeah when i teach people something nice um yeah supplements what's  your opinion on supplements   overrated overrated okay overrated overrated  uh focus on your diet again learn about diet   learn about what foods how much food and  that's enough you don't need supplements   i tried creating because everyone's all  creating 20 strength nothing changed nothing   same progress same progress people have progress  because of creating because their diet is very bad   so at least something is enough at least they get  enough creatine into their diet from everything   else so it helps a little bit but yeah you start  this do you show that your strength increases by   five to ten percent if you take creatine so i  think that's the only supplement that is good   but it doesn't work with me so i don't see a  point but there is a supplement that i think   there is a supplement which is calcium and  spirulina if you know about spirulina yeah it's   like some yeah from sea so it's something that  you don't really get in foods and it has a lot of   vitamins that you don't really get from foods and  minerals so these are the two things that probably   no one talks about but i do take them calcium  i take awesome because um i've got you know   like after training my elbows are sore and it's  like a bit painful and calcium for some reasons   it makes me recover faster when it comes to  joint pain and uh yeah elbow pain so it's   it's a cool thing again it's hard to get enough  from normal foods because you do get it for milk   but if you drink milk you do get enough calcium  but there's so many bad things coming from milk   so it's better not to drink them even if you are  not um lactose intolerant you know it's it's bad   um cow milk was made for cows not for humans you  know why do you not drink uh humans milk you know   this one is made for you it's like no it's like  it's a long subject again i don't want to go too   deep because i don't know that much but i know  that it's it's not good it's not good and you   know what works for you because uh it seems that  you tested a lot and uh that you know your body   when it comes to diet i think it's not well like  someone needs to eat this food because it's better   for him someone needs to eat that food no i think  it's like they can eat same foods like me but   they can uh just reduce the portion or increase  the portion because let's say yeah if you have   a fast metabolism you can eat same feels like  me but eat a bit more than me you know or if   you have a slow metabolism so you gain fat easy  then eat the same foods but decrease the portions   yeah this is how you're gonna get good results  because in my diet you get all the proteins all   the all the fats all the carbs all the vitamins  that you need so you you feel amazing and you   feel energetic and i do eat fast food and bad  foods like once every three four days or two days   it depends yeah so two days or three days i  eat healthy and then one day i can eat more   crisps maybe or pizza or whatever i want because  i'm young and i've got good genetics so i digest   everything and it doesn't affect me yeah good for  your junk food yeah nice the question also from   the community came do you take steroids no i don't  take them you can see them always in my best shape   like i don't know you can put me in a in a  basement for a couple of months if i would   take steroids i would lose muscles very quick if  i don't i would stay the same i'll stay the same   i'll stay the same i'll stay the same like  literally i think when i'll get more more   famous more people will maybe make youtube videos  about me or he's lying he's natural and stuff   i'm ready for it whenever you want come to london  pay for the drug test and i'll take i'll take any   drugs that you want i don't care when what how  much blood you want to take from me where you want   to take it from it's fine take it and i'm going  to pass everything unless my mom put steroids   in the field but i don't think she does this  stuff secretly you know secretly doing something   yeah i'm always ready and do you  see it as a compliment if somebody   tells you that you or because i  guess you get the question as well   yeah yeah of course of course and imagine i get  so many people telling me this and i'm only 19.   imagine me in like three years or two more years  okay there's so many so many times so i think   i'll make uh i'll ask someone to come or maybe a  youtuber will come and uh take drug tests with me   you know just like to see if i'm taking something  or not but i think even after this people will not   believe you know you'll think oh it's fake or  something's planned it's fake i'll take as many   as people want to show them that everything  is safe you know i'm not taking anything   yeah what did what did change in your life  since uh because since your like social media   are working so well did something changed do you  get recognized on the street or like uh is there   something that that changed so as a person i  did not change like in a bad way so like oh   if someone tries to talk to me i'm like oh i've  got high ego and stuff and i see them as i see   my i set myself higher than others no i treat  everyone the same and i respect everyone you know   and if the best thing you can do if you see me  training or you see me somewhere and you recognize   me he's coming up to me and tell me that you saw  me that you know me that's the best feeling i   get like it's it's so like people recognize you  for your achievements in sport that's the best   feeling ever honestly and i do get recognized so  i've i went gym three times uh and three times   people recognized me in total six people in the  gym in the first session one dude was like oh   you i i know you i know you and i was like oh  how and he was like oh your motivational videos   inspire me so much i've seen on instagram so much  i was like that's amazing to hear yeah i was so   happy he made my day and the same day i went to  some other exercises so i was doing my session   and two friends so two dudes came up to me and  they're like okay you look way bigger in life   you look way bigger in life you motivate me what  you do and i was like that's i was very happy i   was very happy yeah so yeah it's it's amazing  when people recognize it it feels really good   okay cool um yeah we're slowly coming to an end  last question of the the big part of the interview   uh what are the goals for this year uh what  are your next steps what can we expect in 2021   from from young 2021 so this is because the  year just started well improving everything   i do so you see me do plus you see me do fro  labor you see me do weighted calisthenics if   the lockdown will start then the weighted  calisthenics progress will go down   because i will not do it because which is very sad  but if everything goes very good i plan to achieve   so my maximum on weighted dips right now it's  120 kilograms for one rep and i plan to get   to 140 145. for weighted pull-ups my maximum  is 85 kilograms i plan to get 105 i guess uh   and for muscle ups for muslims it's weird i think  i reached the limit wow in terms of doing it clean   like i need someone a stolen as heavy  like me who can do them way better than   me that's when i'm gonna get motivated  and try to actually go higher than i am   but i see like i think i don't really know anyone  from my high and weight who can do muscle ups way   better than me you know like but like frederick  who is doing the the uh our product development at   coronation yeah he is he is uh like at the german  championship two years ago before the lockdown   he did like the 45 kg clean uh and he is uh he's  weighing 98 kg and it's one meter 90 so uh maybe   this when it comes to weighted there's a lot of  athletes with me but i'm talking about explosive   bodyweight muscle ups because i'm not into weight  so i know people i know vitaly you know vitalife   he can do 55 kilograms muscle ups but his body  weight clean muscle ups aren't as explosive make   sense he's very good at weighted like and  he's still amazing a body weight of course   but i'm saying like he doesn't do them as smooth  on a screen like you know yeah so that's why i'm   not that motivated who do you think has perfect  muscle ups yeah yeah so your goal is to have like   one two two uh one two three uh perfect clean ex  extremely explosive muscle up extreme i already   do but i'm trying to improve okay more so like  i think you have four or five perfect muscle ups   i think what i'm trying to achieve this series  doing muscle ups like this we fall deep and we   fall keep at the same time so not using legs four  or five times right now i can do it three times   yeah so two times muscle ups like this and  my goal is four or five yeah yeah get it   sounds like a good goal yeah yeah yeah  muscle ups here that sounds like a good   goal and probably i'll get into weighted muscles  maybe i don't like it i find it like a bit weird   in weighted muscle ups and it's going to be very  hard to add them into my training routine you   know because it's a it's a big uh you know like  it's a big thing to add because you do weighted   polos with the dips and you're gonna add weight  to the bar slopes and then push eyes too much   too much so i'll see i'll see how it goes  yeah nice yeah yeah we always have some   quick questions quick uh quick answers  at the end pizza or burger pizza pizza   are you a dog or a cat person cut cats do you have  a favorite location for holidays a country a city anywhere not london yeah i still  didn't explore the world enough yeah   okay um yeah what are some  athletes that inspire you uh i can't really say the name but it's athletes  who are same high and way like me i don't know   why i guess motivated who can do way better than  me at some things but it's hard to find them so   for now it's it's uh i think i can say a couple of  athletes who wait i actually can't i think there's   one it's vitaly yeah he motivates me in terms of  like full planche weighted dips weighted pull-ups   okay completely weighted anesthetics and a heavy  weight you know bucky yeah yeah but so i think   vitaly and bucky they motivate me because they  are complete athletes i don't uh respect people   who do only plunge and they are amazing a plunge  only you know that's like they just train every   day like it's nothing that special but combining  weighted calisthenics with bodyweight calisthenics   is something i find impressive especially  if you're good at both so my goal is to get   close um to this beast you know it's coming  it's coming it's coming i've got time i've got   the time genetics and knowledge for this so it's  just it's coming basically yeah perfect patience   um yeah do you have a favorite  book that you want to recommend   hmm i'm reading one right now  but it's not to do with sport yeah is it is it a topic that you want to share  or is it something well i i i never really shared   about what i want to do in life when i will not  so yeah but it's to do basically with uh investing   and stuff okay it's something to do with this  cool but i know i've got no books to recommend to   people because that no one's interested probably  in this yeah okay do you have a favorite movie hmm favorite movie yes but i  forgot the name okay but i know   i know i know one that i find like really  amazing uh it's my second favorite and   i know the name of it it's baby driver  okay yeah yeah that one i really love it um yeah favorite song right  now favorite song okay um   it's my favorite artist is miyagi if people  know it's he's a russian singer he's got like a   very good style i i can never get tired of  his songs miyagi the russian singer yeah   uh the best calisthenics event you've ever  been at i've never been to calisthenics   events and i'll probably never go like no  competition uh no competition ambition one day no i don't think i'll go to any competitions  even if i'll achieve a good level enough   to go to competitions no i think most  athletes go there to make some money but   that's not a lot of money  you don't even make anything   what are you gonna get 500 pounds yeah like i  i don't do you think it's really because of the   money i don't think so because like most of the  competitions uh are without price money nowadays well um i feel like if i will go to a weighted  competition i'll have to train weighted more   than body weight but i don't want i just want to  do what i love not focus on something because of   some event you know but yeah probably i will go to  ukraine one day where a lot of different athletes   will meet up and a lot of people just to see  some different people you know talk to different   athletes i think it will be cool to meet some  people that motivated me when i started training   and now i'm actually on a similar level  like them that would be very cool yeah   that's cool i would want to meet some athletes  yeah if you'd have to decide uh skills or reps weighted reps weighted reps weighted so you  would give up the planche the the front lever   honestly i train skills mostly because they  look good okay not because i like it okay   yeah the the social media life yeah exactly  exactly um yeah and the final question what's   your message to the calisthenics community  something that you want to tell the listeners   something i want to tell the listeners hmm what  do i want to tell people uh discipline over   motivation when it comes to achieving something  in sport that's it discipline over motivation   and please uh i don't like when people ask me  questions how do i start with calisthenics how   do i get stronger no if you if you asking  me this question this means that first   you didn't have the motivation and the dedication  to just go and make some research by yourself this   is such a common question that there's so many  answers for and good answers on youtube or google   so it shows me that if i help you you will 100  not do what i tell you because you had so many   resources and you didn't do it like why would  you do it if i tell you you're not gonna do it   that's why i don't help people with who ask  questions like this yeah yeah just make please   your own research you've got time you've got  everything in this life just do it just do it yeah   that's it cool so yeah how can people get in touch  with you how what what what are the links that   people will find underneath that this video  in touch with me okay i'll i'll be honest   i'll be honest maybe right now i'll  still answer and help some people but   soon i will keep up with social media but i will  stop replying to anyone i feel like i helped   thousands in my life enough to just like uh yeah  move on so i don't think i will actually help   somebody i would appreciate if people want to  see my journey and uh just get motivated by my   content but i'll just be i'm an honest person  i don't think i'll reply to most of the dm's   okay so yeah but i really appreciate this  interview with you it was really like good to tell   people these kind of things yeah sure and there  was a lot of depth and a lot of content in it   so yeah we will put your social media links in the  description so people can find you and yeah we're   coming to an end yum thanks a lot for your time  thanks uh for making space for this interview and   sharing your knowledge your experience uh your  training uh experience and yeah thanks before   you can before you can end the episode i want  to say thank you to everyone listening to this   an interview or over one hour again thanks to  everyone who sticked with us till the end because   that's um that's uh insane that's that's really  cool so if you enjoyed this give it a thumbs up   it really helps out and uh yeah yeah you can  end the episode thanks again for your time   that's it perfect good luck to everyone and  thank you for this interview again that's it bye.