Yordan Stanchev about his long workout journey and why hate keeps our sport small. | YORDAN STANCHEV | Planche, Recovery & Injuries | Interview

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April 29, 2021 27 min read

YORDAN STANCHEV | Planche, Recovery & Injuries | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #48

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The text of the interview (translated automatically): 

You're capable of more things than you can ever  imagine when i started i was really limited in   my heart i was underestimating myself a lot it  was one of the biggest reason to don't really   respect faster in this sport in the beginning yoga  rules welcome to the athlete insider podcast by   GORNATION my name is phil and today's guest  is an impressive statics athlete an impressive   planche one of the most one of the strongest  planches in the world i'm happy to welcome you   to the show you're done sanchez from bulgaria  thanks for that deal welcome and hi everyone   we had some some tries in the beginning to  um yeah do the introduction right um i'm   happy that we're finally uh we're finally  gone with the interview and so we can kick   off with the question how do you present yourself  at least we made it in the end to introduce myself   okay um my name is jordan sanchez um a  calisthenics athlete obviously and um yeah i'm   trying to train people online whenever i  have the opportunity uh sometimes i attend   some competitions to judge yeah so everything has  started long ago 10 years of experience right now yeah a lot of time and i hope this thing will  continue many more years because that's a big   part of my lifestyle and it's a bit more part  of my life so that's for me well that's already   a cool introduction something that i directly want  to ask you said you attend competitions as a judge   right now you don't compete anymore or maybe in  the future again no i would like to compete again   but only static competitions because i had to  rethink again for what type of competitions   i should attend because some people know  but i have a herniated disc as diagnostic   so when i make something which is really  dynamic in in the same mean of the world some kind of root move to the body  and myospine is feeling everything   so the statics is a little bit more comfortable  to play with and my strength is there okay   and there there aren't so many competitions  that only do statics right there is burning gate   which is one statics competition yeah one  of them but still hadn't any chance to   go there because in 2018 they invited me but in  the same time there was a world cup in moscow so   everything was already done  so i couldn't attend there   okay okay yeah then uh the hard facts people  always ask this how old are you i am 22 years old   22 how heavy uh like how tall first how do uh  meter and 83 for okay and how heavy right now   right now i think 72 72 kg okay cool so quite  quite tall for for a calisthenics athlete like   for statics athlete um definitely um which makes  it even more impressive but we will come to this   later again concerning the height tell us the  story how did you get in touch with the sport   how was your first touch point with it  what were your goals in the beginning my first touch with the sport was in 2011  like i said 10 years ago there were some   bulgarian guys back then  the name of their team was   explosive force crew so they made the first  competition in bulgaria a video a one big   video of competition in sofia but i'm not  living in sofia so i just saw it 3d network then i realized before even to start with street  workout i was training uh science science really   young age because i had my first computer really  uh later uh no internet nothing and if i was bored   i was doing just push-ups in my room and  that was something i used to love to do i had   two of them both i was making a bite subscribers  also but just this uh basic just this basics   and uh that was um during the years and when i was  11 years old just before to uh make 12 years old i   saw these guys and i was okay probably that  is the thing i'm supposed to do because   before to start with street  workout i try to attend to   the fitness but i'm living in a really small city  and my mom found that and she said to me you're   too young to go to the fitness and science i know  you you put really heavy weights to start with   i won't be i won't become um knowing you're  attending there because you may affect your health   so uh driving something else okay then i  found uh there is something like parkour   she wasn't happy again i was climbing the height buildings in  my city again so we're thinking though   and i was like okay see this and i'm showing  uh a videos of muscle ups back then because   that was the main level uh muscle ups front lever  uh back lever there was no plunge back then um i   mean that's a massive sport that's a massive move  and she said okay it seems it seems legit okay and uh years later she is regretting that i guess because of the injuries or why yeah bailey okay  wow so um yeah interesting so the pakur if if your   mother would have been like more tolerant let's  call it or like uh less less careful you you would   have ended maybe as a professional uh i don't know  lifter or even parkour guy i guess so but she's a   caring mother so i can't blame her that's cool um  yeah what was your goal in the beginning did you   like you already said uh that there was no planche  really back in the days um back uh the level like   was much much lower but what was your goal was  it the muscle up that you wanted to learn was it   to get a physique or what was it um i was just  working for the skills notice my physical i mean   yeah i was uh aiming a bit for my physic but  uh it was more for the skill i was trying uh   both in the same time but moreover for excuse um  in the beginning i was i mean for the muscle ups   before to start with any front lever i went  through all the kind of muscle ups i mean   except for the one arm muscle up i went from this  grip the x-grip this grip this white uh whatever   it's in your mind i have done it already uh and  then first i tried with front lever i understood   it's harder than the back lever so  i went back into the back lever but   indeed i uh i've got front lever faster than  the back lever which was something strange   i don't know how probably more attempts  because i was training more on the on this logic more attempts and back then  less basics for the element itself so yeah   the element for which you're putting more efforts  it will go in front of the other skills so   in the beginning i was aiming  only for the front lever when i saw the planche i was like [ __ ] no way no  way to do that and yeah i started to try it many   times many many months um but if i if i have to  start again from nothing i will do it in in weeks   not not in months the the planche yeah the plunge  once you understand it it's easy okay so maybe you   can share one or two secrets today uh we'll see  but uh yeah wow that's that's uh that's impressive   um when you say like when you understand the  planche is it the the physics behind it or   like the training method that you need what do  you mean with when you understand the planche   uh it's really complex you think um a lot of  things are gathering uh during your journey   to achieve the planche uh it's a lot of  motivation yeah in the beginning is the motivation   when you go close to the planche in your  opinion only there comes the despair a bit then you try to think more what you  have missed what you have to do next   and just by eliminating your mistakes and  finding your opportunities everything comes   to its place so mainly mentality with  a lot of thinking about the movement   okay hard work also yeah yeah i can imagine um  so how long did it take from the first workout   ever let's like a street workout since you get  to know the sport to the first planche hold 2011 to 2014. i guess three years  from the first muscle up to the plunge   yeah okay so um yeah let's jump into maybe some  advice that you can give generally uh i know that   you like that you also create like personalized  plans for for athletes uh which is something that   maybe one or like some of the listeners are  interested in but uh general advice because   we received a lot of questions yeah ask him  what's the what's the good way to learn the plan   uh planche secrets you know like but some  some general advice some general information   input that you can give the listeners and me  of course about the plans well everyone is a different approach is suitable for different  people many people should know that also for some   guys it's better to understand the planche move  by a tech plunge progression personally i haven't   learned the planche by this way but i learned  it throughout leans on a plunge lens because for example if i put my legs  on some place like my shoulders   hate on the same place my like my shoulders hate  um i'm feeling uh i'm feeling the hate on for   which my hates for which my legs should  stay and uh then my muscle memory activates   so uh my body is remembering the exactly position  for which i'm trying to simulate the planche   and then i'm trying to activate muscle  by muscle and to think is this uh   is this joining in the planche i mean um  do you feel this muscle directly when you   do a planche attempt and i'm trying to make the  same thing but with plunge links because it's   way more faster and it's easier to understand  where to apply muscle pressure in your body   i mean that was my way uh some other guys  may may be easier for them if they use   rubber bands as i said many guys dot it with only  uh the planche progression but that was my way for   everyone is different wow and along the way did  you ever feel that your height was a disadvantage   i had this movement um actually when i  started i was around 15 centimeters smaller   but i was training mainly outside in  the beginning so i was doing calling   muscle ups and with all this hanging on the bar  probably it affected my body to grow a little bit so yeah sometimes it's i feel it because it's  like to uh tie a stick with the weights on your on   your legs and to say uh let's go to do the plunge  because uh your uh the lever of your body will go   a lot uh backwards and you uh you need to  lean more which will require an extra strength yeah makes sense and did you ever lose motivation   like uh that you said uh uh i'm doing parkour  i'm too tall for for uh aesthetics uh for that no   for that no in the very beginning i mean  in the first four years i haven't lost any   kind of motivation i was hyped as hell in  every workout in every workout no exception   but later when i was aiming to do this with a  professional purpose one day um and when injury   started to appear and like for the last year  when i had to stop six times in one year just   you train two months and then you  stop month and stop month and stop   oh there's no way to don't lose motivation  but i'm trying to take myself there do you know like in in retrospective nowadays do  you know what what was the mistake why did you   have all these injuries was it like genetics or  was it a bad training approach or something else many things so i was training um first of  all alone with no other guys alone in the   city i mean that's not an excuse to don't  research internet internet it's a it's a big   space for any kind of information you can find  everything but um there comes another factor   uh you're too um how to say um you're  confident in yourself and you want to   um reach all the knowledge by your own and  i'm still like that in some perspective   which is a bad habit uh i truly trust in some kind  of information and i want to find it by myself   that's why if somebody wants to know something  from me it's uh really hard to give something   for free anymore because it costs me really a lot  for my health and yeah many people should know   that uh when someone is reaching a high level  in something there is something behind it yeah   that's definitely something that's uh like i i  feel like it's evolving in in street workouts so   like um people are more and more appreciating  or seeing that uh like they can't get every   question answered for free because uh the  the athletes that are at the high level   they also have to make space behind beside their  real work or uh coaching is their work and so they   they also have to pay their lifestyle  with it since when are you offering the   the plans and the coaching sites one i  think it was in 2019 if i'm not mistaken   and your goal was to um because like i  i can imagine you get a lot of questions   when i see the questions that people asked from to  to ask you about the planche about uh the injuries   and nutrition and everything i can imagine that  you get a lot of questions like was it the step   um that you said yeah um i want to make  this my profession or is it uh the goal   that you what is your goal with with the  coaching and with the with your lifestyle   with the coaching my goal is one day to have my  own gym and to um to accept many people which   have uh i really desire to learn something because  um i've been trying everything almost everything   i mean there is uh no way some guy to  try everything but almost everything   from dynamics to statics and i was deeply  analyzing everything so i really can't help or if   i can't there is uh something better even than the  experience the the way to know how to observate   how to look at the people movement and to tell  their mistakes because you're already into   this part from long ago and you would know what  are the most common mistakes in every exercise   also not only this but um yeah i want to  continue but uh with a bigger auditory also   i want to back in some workshops not awesome  i i want to visit and really make different   countries i mean i don't want i don't really want  to stop with this that's what they want to do oh   that's cool if you would be like um if you could  talk to your uh 2011 um self like what would you   say what would you tell him to do differently one  of the things will be obviously please warm up   definitely because many years i really  skipped this and i don't know to   make experiments with my health anymore so warm  up was definitely one reason why you you're   you suffered under under the the hardest  reasons yes okay something else something else   you're capable of more things  than you can ever imagine   another thing because when i started  i was really limited in my heart   i was seeing many people doing some things  i wasn't able to do and if they trained   from long ago uh in my head was i'm supposed to  train uh even longer than them to achieve that yeah i was underestimating myself a lot yes it was um one of my uh   one of the biggest reason to uh don't really  respect faster in the sport in the beginning   did you like more over train or did you would you  now tell yourself train more train train harder about that so in the beginning i was  over training a lot really a lot um   in the first two years two years not months it  was years it was like i'm finishing with school   i'm going to the bars i'm  there until the night back home oh with with friends in the beginning yes there was um it was  interesting for them to see some new things   uh something they can try but later they can see  it took many efforts to achieve something um so   one by one there you go because they didn't have  the the high ambitions and the high goals and also   the motivation that you had yes yes they're not  ready to give the same the same amount of efforts   i i have given because they see my determination  and they're not ready for that and that's um   that's really impressive because um i think it  also needs a lot of the dedication to continue   the the sport if like your friends uh say it's too  much for me or something um it takes dedication to   stay with it and uh yeah but it's something that's  like i see a lot of times that um in the beginning   when the motivation is high like you really tend  to over train like a lot of beginners and their   joints aren't ready their tendons aren't ready  um so they go go in too too much yeah indeed   my preparation exercises are required in the  beginning before any element you're aiming for   so in the in the first year if somebody's really  starting from from let's say nothing like a normal   uh fitness level uh of a young young guy how of  how often does it make sense to train per week until his body is adapting to the pressure  and but the lifestyle of the calisthenics   i guess two or three times per week yeah and and  not the six or seven times per week that a lot of   people are doing it sure like me in the beginning  yeah i think like like i don't know like and this   is where tendonitis comes from like uh shoulder  pain wrist pain like everything like um yeah but the stranges i didn't have any 10 units back  then i have it now oh okay when i warm up and uh   i'm trying to do properly everything what  well yeah that's that's maybe the mystery of   the body is that something like this comes  ten years after or when the body is saying   no i don't want anymore um because also like  chicken wing muscle ups like i see people doing   the the chicken wing muscle ups and they say yeah  it doesn't hurt but i think like yeah but in three   five four years something it will hurt if you  have like the disbalance in your shoulders so   like the body is telling you uh you have tortured  me enough stop yeah yeah it's a warning signal   true um yeah let's talk about injuries um  you already talked about the herniated discs   what what injuries did you have along the  way and what what did you learn from them okay the first injury was in 2013 in the end  of 2013. it wasn't from any static move but i   was trying some kind of dynamics you know  when you are spinning around the bar just   with some kind of wristbands around your  wrist and the bar the giant right uh but i wasn't with the most suitable  bands for this purpose it was elastic and   at one rate uh it just stuck while i was  spinning around and yeah my finger just remaining i mean it uh it didn't cut from my arm  but there was a big hole right there well   that's insane and in uh in a matter of  seconds i saw how the car is changing okay that was the first thing um and no dynamics  anymore that's it no and i continued after   that with the lyrics but after that i said  okay i won't use bar for for a certain time   and i will um concentrate on planche  for now so they removed the blaster from   my arm but the finger was still not in  condition to train and i mean especially   for planche on the ground because back then i  still uh didn't have any powerlets in my home so i was supposed to train on the ground but for  plunge many pressure was there exactly in this   point where i broke my finger so i started  directly with motifs without to be able to   do a straddle planche and here i'm answering to  the next of the question yes you can do multis   without to do a full planche because the  things are not so strictly related and you   are working more on different muscles which are  um more for uh your weight uh for the width of   the planche so i was starting directly for maltese  and back then uh with the time i was training both   launching motifs in the same time when my finger  recovered i didn't want to waste any time because   i was already aiming for the competitions  and yeah no time as i said in my opinion   okay the next um injury was  because of a pure stupidity how to say it imagine a distance uh six meters um  like um hygiene from a place with the same hate   like my desk there was a ground from below and  i was supposed to grab a bar from this distance   okay i grabbed the bar but i couldn't remain  dropped for the bar so i fell on the ground and um   okay my leg was still bent and i directly  fell on my leg and it just cracked i mean   if you imagine you're like uh in this position  like like it's normal uh it was like for the   gymnastics move in this position yeah  and i my weight just fell on it uh   at least it was only a lack so i  continued with statics at the same time okay recovered that was the second injury the  next injury was i think from from backflip yeah   again the same leg but on a higher place so i was  supposed to do nothing for one month because um   i had only to lay because i broke this tight  bone the most hard bone to break in the wall body   i broke it and if they had to make me a surgery  they had to uh break my spine i mean there just   to make the surgery so i was so i was supposed  to only to lay in my bed and to go to the toilet   luckily uh i just had the exams for to  finish the school so i was focusing only   on the string yeah and that's i think  that i think are the main injuries   wow so you don't really like your legs um as  it as it sounds like it sounds like that yes   yeah but uh like i i respect that you can laugh  about that um and uh like it really sounds like   like bad things but um yeah it seems that you're  like you're not mad at yourself or something   you can learn something from the bad  situations more than from the good ones true yeah that's true that's a good  attitude um yeah training schedule people   asked what does your training look like  today how does your schedule look like it really depends because that's it i'm trying to um  switch between between uh light and uh   height intensive workout uh and heavy  workouts i mean kite intensified heavy in one   and i'm remaining one day in the week for basics  also for uh the wall body uh legs pull ups dips   everything um if i um do only a light workout  uh i'm trying to do a preparation of exercises   for the for the next heavy workout sometimes it's  right in the next day sometimes i'm it over i i   may overdid it so i'm doing one day of pulse  and then is the heavy workout usually i train   approximately four or five  times per week right now and yeah that's it okay what do you think of  complete d-load weeks um that was also a question of tweaks depending from the athlete i i  have never done that back up to girls so   like you are not doing completely load weeks what  you're doing like light workouts right exactly   and the the reason of the light workouts is  active recovery or like what's what's the main   purpose of a light workout it's mainly to um it's  mainly to stretch my tendons and muscles before   before the main load in the next workouts okay  okay um yeah diet what does your diet look like   do you eat a healthy um yeah um about eating  quilty most of the time yes because i'm living   in a small city as i said and here we have an  opportunity to produce a natural food by our own   so yeah our food in my family which we're  eating every day it's most of all natural so i don't need any kind of diets  because of that also genetics   it's really hard for me to gain any kind of  weight even with the protein i'm using it   no effects i'm trying it with different methods  still nothing or if i see something there is there is a case when i have to travel  and so again something about myself   i have a really nervous damage and when i  travel it uh refuse to take any kind of food   so yeah the topic with the eating for me it's  really difficult okay i always admire like um   the the people who eat like the the self-grown  food or like uh food like vegetables etc from from   really from the landscape because like uh we're  in a city here and you always only get uh the   tomatoes which uh taste like water  and like everything and like when i   when when you go like to a landscape  and you eat like fresh vegetables   from real ground i would say uh they they taste  like something and do you think at least yeah do   you think this makes a big uh big difference in  in minerals and like in nutrition values because   they grow in uh natural conditions while uh you  don't know how it's produced the other thing   yeah when you say like you live in a  small city what does small mean how many   inhabitants does it have around six  thousand people in the city so six stars and how far are you away from from sofia 260 kilometers okay bulgaria is a lot because  our roads are are not in the great condition so okay so you're not like uh  are you regularly visiting the   the guys in the in the gym like  they're like the the people from sofia   uh i thought i'm going uh more often  sofia because uh i visited my girlfriend   and we're seeing each other really rare and  that's the main reason why i'm going to sofia   okay cool yeah um and you have your dogs  like uh i always see them in in your stories   they are they are really young right uh puppies well that's cool that's uh something  that's really cool also if you live like uh   in a small city where you have some space for  them that's uh that's really cool they're afraid   the garden is devastated yeah um coming  back to nutrition you said that you take   a protein like in general your your opinion  about about supplements about supplements in my case they're mainly helping   because because of my fast metabolism  i can't rely a lot of a lot to the food   because i have fun extremely fast metabolism  no matter how much i eat there is no matter   and no matter is it a junk food or uh  just uh just sweets no it's nothing okay so like um if i can can sum that  up already in your interview it's really   planche advice um recovery advice like uh injuries  etc like everything how you say it depends on the   person so yeah like really somebody who is looking  individually at every um athlete that you have in   coaching or like as a friend and you have to to  um yeah see what fits for everybody so is it true   that your general advice for somebody wanting  to improve as a human being in calisthenics etc   really to test a lot of things to find his  the the right method for himself let it be   nutritious yes uh for the nutritionist currently  no i'm making only this um the routines only   just with exercises in them but um yeah  before to make anything uh i'm asking   the uh people to send me a video with the element  which they want to improve or they want to learn   and based on that i am i'm starting to think  what it's mostly more suitable for them   in what proportions like sets and traps  because there is not any universal program for   any people you cannot give the same  thing to everyone that's that's not a lot   my personal opinion yeah totally understandable  um when you see when you look into the future   where do you see the the future of our  sport where do you see the the future   of calisthenics and street workout i think there  is a big future in calisthenics actually because   it's a really free sport with  many different alternatives a lot of knowledge is already the internet  you can do everything by your own you can   learn everything by your own or there  are already a lot of experienced athletes   um in different uh ends of the  world if we can say it like that um   and uh straight workout can be connected  with many different sports because   for example i was trying to combine kick  kickboxing with street workout also and because the coach there is my uncle in the city  and seeing seeing some different exercises how   he's structuring the exercise one after another  i mean one want to be extremely quick just to   keep your breath and to keep the endurance  and the another part in the cemex are guys   just to uh just to keep this your strain to  increase by its own naturally i was thinking about   that and trying to implement the same thing about  my programs and to try like to make super sets   like not superstars like combos with basics  but combining straight and interesting one   yeah that's true like um that's what i like  about calisthenics and street robot as well   it's a really functional sport it will help you um  in combat sports uh as you said uh when you need   like explosive strength or like the the straight  arm strength is also uh helpful in a lot of sports   so um yeah definitely um what are your goals uh  this year what can we expect from you this year stay healthy and no injuries that's  the main goal um like for achievements   with uh on your skills um  i'm doing in process okay   cool yeah we're coming to an end of the interview   we still have some quick questions quick answers  at the end what do you prefer pizza or burger pizza maybe a bad question but  are you a dog or a cat person dark um do you have a favorite location for  holidays or somewhere that you definitely   want to go malty in maltese i mean um something  uh personally for me i hit the c if someone is   saying holy um they say let's go to the scene  no i get it two or three that is okay but wow   okay uh yeah what are some athletes that  inspire you in your workouts and your motivation i mean one by one through the timeline or just  one no if you have a few a timeline is good   okay someone noga is from bulgaria  who currently they're not training   one bake off is one of them then um zev zakarelli  when i saw him his videos can go for king also   next um it was nikita nissimov and  vladimir saptov from russia the end myself   cool cool um do you have a favorite  book that you want to recommend third book no i think um you can take information  from many different sources so um from any source   you can find something just one from any other  source you can find something more useful but   more of more of the things i'm finding it's a  lot of just information just to be there okay   um do you have a favorite movie favorite movie will be easier if i say an anime but  okay um favorite movies uh never back   down for example went and disputed okay  never back down and undisputed okay   um yeah last question uh for the favorite thing  uh favorite song right now do you have one   favorite song favorite song there's so many [ __ ] let's say the unguided um legendary for example okay um the best  calisthenics event you've ever visited in 2010 won the competition in bulgaria but which it wasn't like international but for us  it was something really great because uh if we do   a lot of statics if you're one of the um you're if  you're one from the one of the countries with the   best athletics in the world yeah in your country  would be that event okay that's something that   i also wrote down why does bulgaria have so many  strong athletes well what do you think is it like   is it the culture is it the genetics is it uh the  the mindset the hard working mentality what is it i think uh my sense the mindset moreover then  everything goes um i remember when i started   um so um at the first competition when i went i  was seventh from 38 participants but i wanted to   do it better so in the next competition i was  uh second with uh chances for the first place   but yeah that's another topic um we have a really  strong sense for uh to be competitive there okay cool and the last question for this interview   what's your message to the calisthenics  community what do you want to tell the listeners what are the listeners okay um i would like to  say um everyone is different and uh don't try to   be a copy of someone else try to find your own  style and to develop it even if you don't know   your strong sides there are such a sides so just  trying to find them and try to try to work only   uh not only on them but and to your weaknesses  as well because if you want to compete for   example on a statics competition uh there  is something like completeness for which   judges are judges are looking for another  thing um from don't be a copy it's um courage the other guys were trying to make  something which for them it's something big i mean   don't try to discourage them because i'm seeing  a lot of comments in the instagram network   and when someone is trying to reach something  and he's trying to make the better of himself   and they're like no that's not think uh  here this this this but that it's not a   um constructive way to say to the  people how to fix uh their way of   training how to fix uh their elements uh  they're just trying to to push them back and when i see some kind of comments i'm trying  to to take part in the comments and to say   look this is not right and you  please try to avoid try to avoid this because we're trying to be a big family after  all but yeah sometimes that's not happening   sure sure if i can add something  to that because it's also something   that is really really important for me uh not  only personally but like also with coronation   is um that i really feel that some  people also take the the perfect form   thing too serious and like that they hate too much  on on the form of somebody and like um people are   not allowed to post something with training form  or something from from their workouts something   spontaneous anymore because everybody is feared  that he will now be hated because of the form   it also goes a little bit into this direction of  what you just said but i think this is something   that can really slow down the the growth of our  sport if the family is not holding together but   there is the they they tear apart by the forum  by the hate by making fun of beginners because   everybody started it somehow i think like um your  muscle ups in the beginning also didn't uh always   look that clean mine neither so like it's really  important that you respect that and that's you   said that perfectly do this perfectly from the  very from the very beginning but um that's only   you said the form yeah that's one really  interesting because some guys are trying   to put some standard for the form at all but  there is not something like a standard i mean   this uh freestyle this free sport um you  shouldn't put the standard or something like that   okay protraction okay protraction is useful okay  i i cannot disagree uh you have better control   uh easier presses and it's easier for a longer  combo okay but uh you cannot say your planche it's   not clean for example because i might not like  the hollow body for example i made like another   form but that doesn't mean i can do it i just  don't like it everyone has his own preferences that's it i think you summed it up perfectly  fine um that's something that um i'm really happy   that you talked about it because as i said it's  something that's really important if we want to   grow the sport if we want to make it uh even  bigger and like um allow more people to to   live from it to um be able to work on it full-time  etc etc and this is something that just slows it   down and um yeah as you said like um the sport  is quite young still and there are people like   putting standards um for the planche form and set  etc and yeah i mean you said it so um yeah you're   on um how can people get in touch with you how can  they where can they find you we will put all the   links in the description but um you can find me in  my uh instagram profile your last dungeon and um   via my email which it's uh right on in my  um instagram profile also and with facebook cool that's perfect we will put all the links  in the description below also if somebody is   interested in getting his individual plan from  you to um be able to progress faster and to have   somebody who is like um looking from the outside  and to make sure that somebody's not over training   that somebody is progressing right um you also do  a video analysis right um yeah if some if somebody   it's um not able to understand everything by its  own by um everything i wrote in the rotin yeah   we're making a video goes cool sounds really nice  thanks a lot for your time i really appreciated   it and uh thanks a lot for all the insights that  you that you gave for the injuries for the planche   for your planche um yeah progressions that  were for you that's also something that i   um never thought about which definitely makes  sense um so overall really insightful interview   thanks a lot and yeah before you can end the  episode you're done i want to say thank you to   everyone listening to this till the end it's been  an interview again around an hour and i'm always   super happy if somebody is listening to this till  the end so big big thank you to you listening   to this and if you want to support the series  we are super happy if you give it a thumbs up   and yeah apart from that stay healthy and you're  done you can have the last words uh first of all   thanks for the opportunity to invite me to  talk to a few really appreciate that thanks   like you said to everyone who is for watching this  video and yeah i'm glad i was there to talk with you.