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by Patrick Toet July 08, 2021

Dejan Stipke Stipić


27 years 


171 cm/5,6 ft

Date of birth



83 KG

Home country




Type of sport


Natty or not?


upper arm size

45 cm

forearm size

35-38 cm


Dejan Stipic Stipke has practiced a lot of different sports throughout the years. His sportive career started when he was 6 years old as a gymnastics athlete until he was 18 years old. During this time he developed himself as a gymnastic representative of Serbia and participated in multiple competitions. After his Gymnastics career he had a break of 1 year and started in 2012 street workout in the time after. The main reasoning for switching to street workout and calisthenics is the fact that he never liked it and was really prone to injuries, to the point that he aimed to injure himself, so he didn’t have to train. Dejan’s main enjoyment was the strength aspect of gymnastics, considering pull-ups, muscle ups and so forth.


In the beginning of his street workout/ Calisthenics career, he started off with freestyle and started competing in this new sport. After only one year, he placed himself in the top 3 of the world by thorough analyzing the points system and good preparation. A note by Dejan himself is that if it wasn’t for calisthenics, he would have ended up in a bad place. 


Dejan Stipic Stipke’s current goals are to get overall better, there is no focus on competing at all. His workout week are split up as follows:

  • Monday: Upper body strength -> muscle ups, pull-ups, benching, dips
  • Tuesday: Lower body strength (Olympic lifting and squats)
  • Wednesday: Rest Day
  • Thursday: Pushing workout
  • Friday: Pulling workout
  • Saturday: Legs workout
  • Sunday: Rest day

The reasoning behind weightlifting is that he started to stagnate and was not setting new records in 4 years, after implementing weight he noticed quick development and set personal record after records. Dejan simply wanted to get the maximum out of himself. His objectives are to look like a combination between a bodybuilder and a powerlifter, with the strength of an Olympic lifter and a powerlifter. This comes with the sacrifice of not being the best in 1 particular skill, but being the best overall.

The main advice that Dejan gives to new calisthenics athletes is to properly warm up to prevent injuries. The second advice is to stick with basic workout like pulling, pushing and squats. And the third one is that form and quality are more important than the rest, definitely in the beginning. 

Dejan Stipic Stipke switches his nutrition diets and plans regularly. In 2016, he started with a Keto diet and went fully vegan in 2018. A funny backstory is that he was the one that made fun of vegans, but friends like Frank Medrano thought him different, and he switched cold turkey to veganism. With this diet, he ended up bigger and more shredded than ever before. Currently, he is following a Vegetarian diet. According to Dejan it is important to have knowledge about different diets and experiencing them to properly advise his clients. 

Dejan considered that a lot of people try diets but can not stay consistent due to a lack of research. If people would do proper research, it is easier to stick with that particular diet. Currently, he is using different kinds of supplements like B12 and iron. He thinks that everybody should take these supplements.

His goals for 2020 are a 200 KG squat and a 50 KG muscle up. Having too many goals is not good since you won’t accomplish all your goals, and you have bigger focus for those goals that you really want to achieve. He is not planning to learn full planche since it is an exercise which makes you prone to injuries, and besides that, heavy squats don’t go along with full planche. Same thing with the front lever, as soon as you don’t train it, you will lose it.


According to Dejan Stipke, a low body fat percentage is all about nutrition. He is currently around 10-11% body fat, but mentions that it is really difficult to keep a really low body fat percentage. Also, having fat and water around your muscles is good to prevent injuries.

Dejan Stipic says that people ask him how he gets enough protein intake, his answer is that enough plants have more protein than meats, and you don’t have to use whey protein shakes. He says: Give it a try and google for it! You will get a whole list of plant based foods.

Dejan Stipic Stipke has a diploma of master trainer in calisthenics and finished high school as a multimedia engineer. He is currently in a relationship. He lost his hair due to bad genetics and mentions that his entire family has a bald head. This is since a lot of people think that he uses steroids, which he claims not to take, and he is willing to do a test for it.

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