The first Advent Calendar for Calisthenics Fans

The first Advent Calendar for Calisthenics Fans

24 doors for your Calisthenics progress in December. There's something for everyone in this limited edition, whether you're a beginner or advanced athlete. Including seminars from elite athletes like Viktor Kamenov or Max True.

The First advent calendar for calisthenics fans

24 Doors for your Calisthenics Progress in Winter

For several years, we as a team have been playing with the idea of releasing an advent calendar for calisthenics that would help a calisthenics athlete have a successful winter season with small pieces of equipment and gifts. In previous years, it has failed due to the lack of sufficient quality gifts for the calendar, as it was our ambition to fill 24 doors with meaningful products.

In collaboration with

Elite Athletes

In 2022, the time has finally come: in collaboration with professional calisthenics athletes such as Daniel Hristov, Viktor Kamenov, Max True, Ruslan Saibov, Iris Easy and Vitalii Melnik, we have managed to release the world's first advent calendar filled with calisthenics equipment, accessories and video courses.

world's first calisthenics advent calendar by GORNATION

What's inside?

As a buyer you will receive 17 pieces of equipment and accessories for your workouts, 6 exclusive video courses that will be available only in the advent calendar and a store voucher. So the first calendar includes physical products worth over 189€, video courses worth 120€ and a store voucher for 10€.


For whom is the calendar suitable?

The calendar includes useful products for any athlete, whether Weighted Calisthenics, Statics, Dynamics or just Basics. The products can be used in a variety of ways and complement the existing GORNATION product portfolio, so there is very little duplication and the duplicate products still make sense.

You can find a report about our advent calendar on with all information about the calendar.

When will the calendar be available?

The Calisthenics Advent Calendar will be available from 05th October 2022 at the Early Bird price of 119,90€. There will only be a limited number of 500 pieces. From 12th October 2022 the calendar will be available at the regular price of 149,90€.

world's first calisthenics advent calendar by GORNATION Early Bird


-20% Early Bird Price until 12th October 2022 (119,90€)

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