Calisthenics Cup at FIBO 2024

Calisthenics Cup at FIBO 2024

The Calisthenics Cup at FIBO 2024 is more than just a competition; it's a showcase of the vibrant calisthenics culture. Whether you're there to compete or just soak in the atmosphere, this event promises an unforgettable experience. Join us and be a part of this exciting journey in the calisthenics world!


Prepare to be a part of something extraordinary! The Calisthenics Cup at FIBO 2024 is not just an event; it's a celebration of strength, dynamics, and community in the world of calisthenics and fitness. Scheduled from April 11th to 14th, this event, held at Köln Messe (Messeplatz 1, 50679 Köln, Germany) in Hall 10.2, is a highlight for fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life.



Event Overview

The Calisthenics Cup is designed to bring together the calisthenics community, from beginners to experienced athletes, no matter if freestyle, statics, endurance or weighted. It's a unique opportunity to experience the dynamism of calisthenics and street workout up close. Whether you're a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, this event promises an experience that resonates with everyone.



Event Schedule and Activities

The first two days, April 11th and 12th, are Open Days focused on community interaction. Visitors can test their skills on calisthenics bars, try out the latest equipment from GORNATION, and indulge in some shopping. The real adrenaline rush comes on April 13th with the Freestyle Calisthenics Competition, followed by the Endurance Competition on April 14th. Both days are packed with challenges for the visitors and opportunities to interact with top calisthenics athletes.



Participation and Registration

For those looking to showcase their calisthenics skills, registration is open until February 16th, 2024. Head to to apply. Endurance competition applicants must complete a specific qualification routine, ensuring that the competition remains intense and competitive. Information: All participating athletes who were chosen after their applications will receive a ticket for the 4 days of convention.



Secure Your Spot at the Calisthenics Cup at FIBO 2024!

Don't miss out on this extraordinary event! Grab your tickets now by visiting the official FIBO homepage at FIBO Tickets. Ensure your entry to experience the excitement of the Calisthenics Cup in person.



Prizes and Recognitions

A total of 4500€ in prize money awaits the winners, along with coveted GORNATION equipment like Parallettes, Rings, and Dip Belts. Prizes are distributed across various categories, ensuring fair and exciting competition for all.



Special Guests and Performances

The event boasts appearances from calisthenics champions like Max True, Viktor Kamenov, Daniel Hristov, Simon Imhäuser, Jasi Svilenova, Malin “Malle” Jansson, Daniel Flefil, Alisia Persa and many more. These icons of the sport will be part of the shows and performances, providing inspiration and entertainment throughout the event.



Sponsorship and Promotions

Thanks to our event sponsors – GORNATION, Barzflex, and Chief’s – attendees can look forward to exclusive discounts on GORNATION equipment, the opportunity to try out top-quality calisthenics bars and parks provided by Barzflex, and sample the delicious protein bars offered by Chief’s.



Media Coverage and Online Presence

Though there won’t be an official live stream, the full battles will be available on the Calisthenics Battles YouTube channel. For live updates, follow the event on Instagram at and



Contact and Further Inquiries

For more information or support, the official website is your go-to resource. Or just write to the event page on Instagram. 



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