5 Benefits why You should train with Gymnastics Rings!

5 Benefits why You should train with Gymnastics Rings!

5 benefits of using Gymnastics rings. The Must have Calisthenics workout equipment that will bring your workout and skills to the next level. Work on your muscle-mind connection, balance muscles and shock your body to new stress levels.

Being a master in full body control in every dimension is the goal of every calisthenics, street workout, gymnastics or crossfit athlete. Most athletes use strength and endurance training to gain more body control and reach their goals. Fortunately, there are many ways to reach your goals. This blog article is designed to present you the benefits of a unique piece of workout equipment: The workout rings, also known as Gymnastics rings. They offer advantages for functional strength building, fat burning and the development of strength and endurance. But what exactly are these benefits? Let’s get to the benefits.




Benefit 1: Versatile piece of workout equipment, train everywhere!

It does not matter where you are. Workout rings are extremely versatile, and you can mount them pretty much anywhere. It doesn't matter whether you are in an urban area or in an outside park. You can hang them on a pull-up bar, tree branch, staircase or wherever you feel creative! With simply adjusting the ring straps to your preferable height, you can execute your workout and modify it for push and pull exercises. Take care that you have a stable fixation and verify that the place to mount them can handle the weight. The must-have in your equipment arsenal!

Benefit 2: Stabilization plays a major role in ring workouts!

Ring workouts bring a total new element to your workouts! Whether this is for endurance, strength or stabilization, the gymnastic rings will add a new complexity to your movement patterns during your exercises. For example, for a regular push-up your hands are fixed on one particular spot on the ground. Performing the same “regular push-up” slightly elevated on the Gymnastic rings will add the difficulty of keeping your hands on the same spot in the air. Through this stabilization you improve your mind-muscle connection and can boost your progress. This translates to almost every exercise you’re used to in these workout rings so be ready to feel sore after your first trainings

Benefit 3: Reduce your injuries and inflammations!

Workout rings will stimulate the natural movement pattern of your body. This will result in less stress on your shoulder, elbows and wrists. Performing these exercises through natural movement patterns will reduce the stress on tendons and ligaments compared to fixated bars. 


Benefit 4: Increase the hypertrophy of muscles that you usually don’t use!

Due to the unstable nature of workout rings you have to engage deeper muscle fibers. The pecs and lats are frequently used to stabilize the rings. Being suspended above the ground requires more energy from your muscles, requires control and time under pressure. Which benefits the development of your chest, back, arm and core muscles. To be stable in mid-air you need to use your body as one to be well controlled. Incorporating ring workout will provide a different type of stress stimulant on your muscle which results in a stimulus for hypertrophy of your muscles.

Benefit 5: Increase your mobility.

Most ring workouts are compound movements which translate into the usage of multiple muscles groups, and joints. The exercises that you perform on rings challenges your body to stay under control while under tension and move through the range of motion. For example using the exercise skin the cat which moves your shoulders through the whole range of motion while staying in control.

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