The 7 most useful Calisthenics Equipments - and how to use them

The 7 most useful Calisthenics Equipments - and how to use them

Find out everything about the most useful Calisthenics Equipment and how it can increase your Workout performance.

Calisthenics training equipment can take your workout to a new level. Whether it is to set new stimuli in training, increase training progress or prevent injuries, there is something for everyone.
The good thing about the selected equipment is that it can be used anywhere, whether you are training at home or outdoors.


1. Workout Rings

Rings, also known as gymnastic rings, are very popular for training with your own body weight.
Due to the additional stabilization of the body required, new stimuli are set in the workout. This means that not only one muscle group is worked, but often many groups at the same time.
They can also be attached very easily and everywhere, whether at home (for example, with a door anchor) or during outdoor workouts flexibly in the environment.



2. Chalk

Many athletes have a problem with sweaty or slippery hands during training. Chalk is the perfect solution for this. An ultimate grip is provided by applying the chalk to the hands during any workout, whether on the bar, parallettes, rings or on the ground.
Another advantage is that the chalk is very easy to wash off with water.
It is often used in bouldering, crossfit, gymnastics or even weightlifting.


3. Parallettes

Parallettes offer endless possibilities and are one of the most popular workout tools in gymnastics, calisthenics, functional fitness or crossfit.
They can be used for basic exercises and their variations like push-ups and dips, but also for advanced skills like planche, l-sit or handstand.
Whether in the home gym, or outdoor training, both are possible.

4. Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps can be grouped into two categories, each of which brings different benefits.
The commonality: both variants provide support for the wrists. The risk of injury is minimized and stability is increased for better performance.
The Performance Wrist Wraps place a greater focus on increasing performance during workouts and provide consistent wrist mobility.
The Power Wrist Wraps deliver the benefit of even greater wrist stability with limited range of motion.


5. Elbow Sleeves

The problem often arises that the elbows start to hurt after or during training and the joint cannot cope with the high load during functional training.
The elbow sleeves counteract this by ensuring better blood circulation and stability.
They are also very comfortable to wear and support the muscle attachments of the upper and lower arms.


6. Resistance Bands

By using resistance bands in your workout, you can increase or decrease the resistance and either learn exercises like pull-ups or muscle ups or make exercises like squats or push-ups more difficult.
Likewise, the resistance bands are ideal for warming up before or stretching after a workout.
They are therefore versatile, whether for outdoor or indoor workouts.
Whether the goal is to learn a specific skill or to increase the number of repetitions during training, both are perfectly possible.
Due to the different strengths of the resistance bands, no training level is neglected.


7. Workout Grips

By using Workout Grips, or also called Pull Up Grips, painful spots in the palms, sweaty hands and the pressure on the cornea are prevented.
Optimal grip is guaranteed, whether doing muscle ups, pull ups or similar exercises.
They are therefore ideal for any workout and can lead to an increase in performance, since the full focus is on your body and not on painful palms.



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