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How to attach the Dip Belt

With 2 carabiners

How to attach a dip belt

Step 1: Attach chain to the right ring of the belt with a carabiner.

Step 2: Pass the chain through the left ring.

Step 3: Pass chain through weight plate hole (or through handle of kettlebell).

Step 4: Pass chain through right ring of belt and attach to left ring with carabiner.


With 3 carabiners 

How to attach a dip belt

Step 1: Attach both rings of the belt together with a carabiner.

Step 2: Attach chain to one of the rings with a carabiner.

Step 3: Pass the chain through the weight plate hole (or through the handle of the kettlebell).

Step 4: Attach chain to second ring with a carabiner.


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