You want to take your home workout to the next level and have countless possibilities of exercises for strength building, stretching and warming up with resistance bands, gymnastic rings & co. by using a small piece of equipment? Here you can learn helpful tips about the door anchor from GORNATION for calisthenics | Door Anchor Training Tips & Advice | Calisthenics Home Workout

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5 quick tips for your door anchor:

  1. Please make sure to attach the door anchor on the right side of the door. The right side is the one where you have to push the door to open it and NOT pull it.
  2. The door anchor is multifunctional: You can use it for your rings, your resistance bands or yoga bands. In that way it supports you in our strength training but also in your flexibility and skills training.
  3. You can attach the door anchor on the top of the door or on the bottom. Like this you can diversify your exercises and the focused muscles.
  4. The door anchor offers you the possibility to train your whole body. You are missing a muscle group? Then you will find countless inputs on YouTube or other platforms on how to integrate new training stimuli into your training.
  5. The door anchor comes with a carry bag, so you'll never loose your helpful workout tool.

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