Although the straddle planche is a very difficult skill to master, Lena Limoli managed to learn the skill after only 1,5 years of calisthenics training. What is the secret to her insane progress? | STRADDLE PLANCHE AFTER 1,5 YEARS | Interview with Lena Limoli

December 06, 2021 36 min read

STRADDLE PLANCHE AFTER 1,5 YEARS | Interview with Lena Limoli | Athlete Insider Podcast #60

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Maybe you are playing your workout in the wrong way and you think it's good because working out  on planche is not just doing tuck planche and then advanced tuck and things like thisyo gorillas welcome to the athlete insider podcast by GORNATION my name is phil and today's  guest is the planche girl from switzerland one of the inspiring athletes out there inspiring  many male and female athletes around the world with her aesthetic skills i'm happy to welcome  you to the show lena limouli hi thank you so much for having me here i'm really happy  and it's a good opportunity for me to speak also with the english people not just french  as usual so thank you so much yes you're from the french-speaking part uh of switzerland right so  you do most of your content in in in french and we already received a lot of uh story replies  on instagram saying from people yeah finally uh tell me when the interview is online finally  hopefully it will be in english so there are a lot of people are looking forward to this interview  and that's cool to make it happen thanks from from your side to to make it and yeah let's go it's a  pleasure thank you so much yeah lina who are you do you want to quickly present yourself who is  elena limouli yes so i am i'm from switzerland from the french parts and i'm 19 years old and  i study health i'm in first year of prophetic here so then i will have the access for trying an exam  to enter a physiotherapist school that's one of my dreams so i hope i will be accepted in this school  and i'm a sport lover especially calisthenics and i'm also a lot interested by nutrition  and by sharing what i love to do on social medias wow i think that's more or less it  cool sounds like a busy day uh like i guess your studies also take a lot of time but maybe  in the one or uh two possibilities also connect with with the sport right  um so sometimes you see connections between your studies and and your um career as an athlete  yes it's really interesting and i really wanted to have  studied that i can make links with sports and that can be useful for my life so  yes and i think if i became a physiotherapist that would be so good because i could have a gym  with gym parts and a physiotherapist part so that's that's the goal for me it was really  important to connect both um so i can go to to school and just say okay today i'm going to  to learn things that would be useful for me too in my life and not just for study or for the work  so yeah that's uh super cool um yeah because i know if we don't ask these questions uh people  will will ask them in the comments and we'll say yeah please tell me uh the hard facts um  you already said you're 19 years old how heavy and how tall are you okay the classic question i'm 50  kilograms and i'm one meter 59 and unfortunately not one meter in 60. that was a sad story but yeah  cool and yeah you are known as a really advanced athlete with advanced uh skills um so but you you  haven't been this person for forever so maybe you want to take us a little bit into your start with  calisthenics how did your beginnings go um how did you get in touch with the sport yeah  maybe i can explain my sports parkour like i begin when i was four years old  and i've done two or three years of gymnastics i think but i don't remember because i was too  too young then i've done a lot of different sports the main one where um soccer for eight  years then i've done boxing i've done parkour i've done um fitness also like bodybuilding uh  i've done poor lifting and rolling and all those things a lot of sports but for some reason i've  always been getting bored of the sports after a shorter or longer period and then just before  starting calisthenics i was doing boxing and one month for lifting then i had an injury i just  i i was running doing a football at school and i was just running and i hit the wall so i opened  my here my face and i had a conclusion so i had to stop and then when i can go again at the gym  it were closed because of the coding so at this time i started working out at home and now i  still work out at home and with weights and then i was just oh weights are boring so what can i do  and i was seeing a lot of content on instagram about calisthenics so i was like oh let's start  doing and stand again and then i started doing a back lever and things like this and that's how i  discovered the calisthenics but i have a fun fact is that when i was younger i didn't know what was  calisthenics but i've already had a picture of a guy doing a full planche here on my ummy room and i was writing all around the picture like oh today i've done five push-ups yeah and  it was like it was a goal for a long time but i didn't even knew what was calisthenics but yeah  wow so you're extremely active person you tried like so many sports um and uh yeah some spores  maybe have some some some parallels like uh boxing for example where you also need a lot of explosive  strength or like uh good shoulder strength but uh like there is no sport like there is no uh  10 years of gymnastics experience uh like uh which is completely linked and connected to calisthenics  so it's extremely impressive so if i understood you right you started with calisthenics in 2020  in the beginning of covet yeah yes yes a little a little after because at the beginning of the covey  i was still training for powerlifting at home with weights because i thought  the gym were going to open soon and then i just switched later like in june or july something like  this and they're started doing calisthenics so yeah i started in june or july 2020.  wow that's uh that's insane like that's uh one and a half years  from from now um and how did your beginnings go how did your workouts look like in the beginning  uh it was a little chaotic i think i was just training for fun so from june or july till october  i was just doing at the beginning just handstands and then instant and a little of basics and then  just trying back lever and things like this but it was really uh go with the flow like what i  wanted to do on at the moment i was just doing it and yeah it was not that good at the beginning  but it was fun at least and i think it's a good way to start something because at the beginning  you have to test a little and to see if it really will it's really what you want to do or not and  especially me because i i've changed so many time sports so i wanted to be sure that this one were  the good one for me and i think it is but i just wanted to be sure and to start slowly with just  discovering a little the sport so yeah mostly instance basics and back level yeah did you ever  think in the beginning that you would achieve like the the planche the the struggle plancheoh actually it's a difficult question because i i was hoping so it was a good for me since uh  i had a picture of the guy doing a full bench but i thought it was going to take a lot  more time but in a certain way yes i knew that i was going to achieve it because  it's strange to say but when i start something it's always all hundred percent or zero it's  not i have not a good balance between both it all or nothing with me so uh yes i was just  since october i've trained like 200 percent every time six times per week more sometimes  and yes it's strange to say but when i start something it's not for beinglike in the normal level i don't know i i'm not happy with my level right now i want always more  more more i'm not satisfied easily and so yes i i knew i was going to achieve it  someday because i knew i was going to work really hard for this but i was not accepting  to to arrive as soon as it goes what do you think was the the key to uh to unlocking the  planche so quickly was it your genetics or your training approach or your sports history what was  it that made you unlock the planche and like progress really quick in aesthetics overall  i think it's the way i planned my workouts because at the beginning it was chaotic  but since i decided to train on planche it was really structured and really every time  i had to do one rep more in each set it was all written on on a paper so i knew what i have to  beat every time and yeah every time just turn off the mind and go and do what what's written  so yeah planning workouts i've always always been like something important for me in the  other sports so i've learned a lot about it and i think i knew more or less how to how to schedule  a workout how to program it so i've just done it and yeah every time to 200 percent and yeah  just go with it and be consistent try to listen to your body and i've done this  stupid things that i wasn't listening to my body at the beginning so i've had injuries and things  like this but yeah mostly the consistency and the fact of programming your workouts is really  important i think and also with the mind you have to think that you are able to do this if you say  in your mind or i will never achieve this you will never actually if you say that  it's possible okay it will take time but you will work for it then yeah you will achieve it  it changed a lot it really changed a lot if you are able to visually visualize you by doing this  you will be able to do this it's don't know how to explain it but the mindset is really important in  calisthenics it's one of the most important things i think is your mindset during the workout are you  like uh in a in a relaxed mood or are you like um aggressive even or like what is your mindset when  you're in the workout itself i'm never aggressive because i know for many people uh being uh angry  or aggressive during a workout it's important and that it can help a lot of people but for me it's  not like this i have to be calm and to between each set i try to visualize what i'm going to do  and to see me succeed this and then i just focus i breathe and i go but never angry because when i'm  angry i just lose the balance or i'm not focusing enough on the skill and i'm just focusing on  for the reason i'm angry so it's useless for me in a workout so yeah i prefer to to be calm  and to think about it and just do this cool do you want to share a little bit the  structure of your workout nowadays like your typical workout week  yes i can i've changed a lot uh lately because i was just trying to  change the way of working out and yeah i needed to change because i have a lot of things to do  right now and a lot of things on which i want to work on so i had to find the right balance  but for now i'm doing i'm training six times per week two times full body saturn wraps two times  plunge and once to two times front lever two and for the planche workout because i know that  people ask me often uh who are homo cards so maybe i can explain a little about it so  usually i start by doing combos for first of all i could warm up for 20 minutes  20 to 25 minutes and then i do combo for a lot of time don't know how much but  as long as i can go i do converse and then i do singles and then like one hour of just  strengthening exercises for plunge and that's it that's like a typical workout um for certain reps  it's always full body setting wraps and it's the shorter workouts between one hour to one hour and  a half uh for plunge it's like it's like three hours and front lever one hour and a half two  so yeah i think that's planches three hours you said yeah from two and a half to three hours  because it's my favorite so it's the it's the happiest moment of the week so yeah i take  more time for it okay cool so planche doesn't take that long because it needs more rest than  front lever or it's just because you your focus is on planche right um both i think because uh for  the combo parts it's the for front fever i don't do combo because i don't have one lever so i just  train on progression and things like this but when i train for plunge doing the combo parts i take a  lot of rest between the combos like eight minutes or five minutes between five to eight minutes  so yeah it takes a lot more time to work out on this yeah interesting um  how long did it take you from the the first basics workout to the first  throttle planche hold where you've been happy with the forum etc  okay that's a good question and um so i started working on planche on october 2020. then i had the  injury so i had to stop for two months and a half to three months and i think my first skin  hold of three seconds three to four seconds was uh one day the first time i went to  to basel to meet the genesis team so i was there and there was such a good vibe and it was strange  for me to train with people and it gave me a lot of energy so there i think i've done my my first  planche and i was like a kid like oh i've done it oh it was that clean i didn't knew because  i don't know i wasn't feeling anything because it's strange for me to train with people because  i used to train at home alone like 95 of the time maybe so yeah it was more or less  the same feeling that i had at the competition like when you don't feel nothing and you're  just in that mood it was it was this so yeah i was really happy about it and it was in august  2021 yeah so from october to august okay and you started with calisthenics in general where in  june you said something right yeah so from the first basics workout like um not even focused  on planche but basics it was from june 2020 to august 2021 so uh a little bit more than a yearthat's strange but that's good that's good yeah it's super good like uh there's also maybe  something uh what's your opinion on um because i know that there are a lot of people listening  um maybe like also a lot of girls but also we have to be honest like also a lot of guys that uh  aren't able to achieve the planche in in that time so um maybe you want what is  your opinion on on this you know like there are people listening having maybe doubts are they  doing something wrong with their training uh but what are your thoughts why are some  people unlocking the planche quicker and one why are some taking longer  okay that's a good question and it's out there so first thing i think we don't uh all start with  the same bus like the same um yeah we don't have the same level when we start because  some people start from zero like they've never done sport before and other i've already some  muscular uh glasses and things like this so first thing that's why we don't active plunge  uh in the same amount of time like for someone is a longer period of time and other shorter one but  yeah that's the first thing so okay and then we we are all different like we don't uh progress umat the same um we don't progress as fast as other like that's absolutely normal  but the the best advice i can give is to ask somebody that's already has plans to  give you some advices and yes don't just do your workout for you try to to speak with others try to  ask yeah try to ask and just that's the best way because maybe you are planning your workout in the  wrong way and you think it's good because working out on planche is not just doing tuck planche  and then advanced talk and things like this it's also a lot of strengthening exercises that helps  more than just doing progression like yeah lean plunge instant push-up against the wall um stop  push-up when you're about to do this but before the push-up and things like this all these are  important exercises and then also you have to let your body rest you cannot train plunge every day  because you are just going to to get new injuries you have really to listen to your  body and working out on plunge uh three to four times per week it's way enough like if you have  a good program and you work on plunge four times per week you will progress really fast  and so i think nutrition and warm-up are both important things like if you don't warm up  enough you won't have the best activation you won't have yeah it would be difficult  and for the nutrition it will give you a lot of power and it will help you to recover faster  so yeah that's on my opinion also an important point and the best is to remember that you have to  enjoy the world it's not um you you have to enjoy like every workout it's not  just enjoying to hold the planche it's really enjoying all the all the small steps to achieve it  so yeah that's important because if you don't have it it's gonna be long and difficult  but if you love the workouts it's going to be a lot of fun yeah and you will be even more happy  when you will unlock it so yeah just have fun ask someone that knew more than you about planche for  how to program the the workouts train from three to four times per week it's enough for the planche  yes have enough rest enough sleep and a good nutrition and everything is going to be really  fast cool nice um yeah maybe you want to share some you talked about progressions and um we  all know these uh obvious steps to the struggle planche like tuck planche and advanced talk etc  but maybe you want to share some exercise that are maybe underrated or people don't have it on their  on their agenda to to build strength and to strengthen themselves for the straddle planche  somebody asked about handstand push-up how valuable do you think  are handstand push-ups for unlocking the planche and maybe you have some other exercise as wellfirst for instant push-up i think it's really useful or at least when i started working on  this i had a big progression on planche so i think it helps then for other exercises um  it's a little difficult because some person like to train with the resistance bands  to learn the the skill and i've never learned full planche i've never worked on full planche or on  straddle planche with the resistance bands so i prefer to do negative negatives helping me a lot  and yeah i think it's really it depends where you are but negative um lean plunge and  lean punch push-up are the three most effective for me i think it was and  yeah it's also there is an exercises where your arms are on the parallel  high parallel and just to try to maintain the position of straddle planche with just um the arm  on the bars and that helps for the form and for the muscle activation and yeah that's the  most effective i think for me in my opinion but it depends it depends um your uh like point like your  your mind where you have yeah weak points where you have difficulties you have to work more on it  yeah for somebody is going to be a shoulder strength for the core strength or yeah um  also like the having a big straddle or a smallest one does change a lot  too would you recommend generally to work on the side split like to have a have a wider umit straddle the final gun but uh on my on my opinion no because uh first thing is that  when you have a bigger split the reservation uh retroversion is going to be more difficult because  to do the restoration you have to um to squeeze the glutes and yeah it's easier when you have a  less straddle basically and if the the the final goal is full planche uh you will beless far from from this if you have a smaller straddle than a big one so yeah don't try just to  unlock the the straddle but think about later like if you take two months more to achieve a straddle  planche with the um a smallest uh split it's going to be really good for after for when you will  during the full punch so yeah that's why i don't work on on split but yes if the final goal is  is just a straddle branch yeah you can work on its feet it's going to be useful yeah for sure  did you ever think about um having a disadvantage to learn static skills as a female athlete or  like is it something that you never thought about or that you try ignored um i think  that's true we have more difficulties to learn the skills and maybe maybe that's why there are not so  many female because when you start working out and you see you work out good and you  yes you give your best and you work out hard and with discipline consistency and you see a guy that  start working out on branches the same time as you and that's unlucky really fast in confront  of you and that's what happened with me mentally it's difficult because you are like oh it takes  a lot of time and i think that's why sometimes a girl think that they cannot have a high level  and that they just give up because they don't see the progress uh fast and that's a problem because  i'm sure that we can have a really high level and i think i will prove it because in all the sports  i've done it was always a goal for me to prove that a woman can also have a high level so yeah  that's really i think that i want to prove and yeah i want to tell that even if it takes more  time you will achieve it even if you are a girl there is no difference even the fact that okay  girls are progressing faster but we can actually too we just have to have patience and to work  workouts and yes have discipline and everything is possible like really you see girls that have sick  full planche really big foot planche and you're like okay so that's possible too so i will work on  it so just try to to find inspiration and to see woman that does the skill that you want to learn  and yeah when you have when you are less motivated just watch this and yes see that it's possible  and that you are going to do it soon too like yeah it it takes more time for us but it's possiblecool uh yeah also i have to say when we did the question sticker on instagram there were like  a lot of comments from other girls saying uh no question but she's such a strong goal as such an  inspiration so you have like uh you're inspiring a lot of girls out there and um that's really  really really nice because i think the the sport definitely needs more more female athletes um more  um yeah um in in all areas like in in weighted in in endurance and uh in statics and freestyle so um  yeah i think uh you're doing an awesome job to inspire them thank you so much that means a lot  to me because it's really a goal on instagram to motivate it and to help uh the calisthenics  girl community to grow so yeah listen to this like hearing this it's it's really good like  it makes me so happy so yeah i hope i will motivate a lot of girls to start calisthenics and  see that it's possible for us too so yeah that's really the main goal with the social media for me  cool one girl who also commented uh uh how to say like an an awesome girl  and super strong girl as well um iris from austria um she's uh i can't wait to meet her  i really want to and uh yeah she's also a big fan so so um and she asked what do you  love most about calisthenics what feeling gives it to you when you when you work out  that's a good question first i want to say that she actually was my inspiration to start working  out on planche so that means a lot to me so yeah it's strange to knew this and then uh  what i love the most about calisthenics is that you have the control of your body and that's  that's something that i haven't had with other sports and that's what i love the most about  calisthenics but it's also that you always have difficult progression to do like it's not justlet's get with the straddle with the plunge progression you still have something  uh to to learn after like even if you are if you have uh first you have tech planche then you have  uh advanced tech then strata fool maltese and things like this and there's always something  to learn like it's really difficult to unlock all the skills and i think yeah for for some  some big athletes it's possible but personally i think honestly i will never  unlock all the skills never but that's cool because i will always have a bigger goal  to go and to work on and that's what i love there is always a difficult progression to to work on  so yeah it's not boring there is a lot of things to do so yeah that's what i love it's it's like a  video game where you can unlock one level after the other but there is no end and there are  exactly sometimes there are challenges that you don't think that you can uh  conquer or like that seem really hard but uh in the end like if you keep going you you can get  them all and yeah yeah that's a good it's a good game kelly thinks it's a good gameum yeah uh question also from the community it was um we see you mostly like at least on social  media working on a handset and planche so question was doesn't it get boring  sometimes and how do you deal with a workout that is kind of the same from week to weekthat's another good question um first thing that i want to to tell is that um i don't share every  workout on social medias because sometimes i just have to focus and i just want to to focus on the  workouts and not on filming or on making space on my phone because i don't have enough space and i  have to to record all the workouts so sometimes i a lot of time i work out on different things than  just plunge or instant it's just that i don't show it so yeah but people cannot know that i work on  other things so i understand the question but that's true but for a lot of time i've  only worked on planche it was the biggest focus on planche but it was not boring for me because umfor some reason i love it i love it enough for not being bored of training planche and um an  important thing is to know it that's um i when i train plunge it's not always the same workout um  really not when i was working just on planche i had two different workouts  two or three it depends but two main parts of the time so i just done it two times per week  like two times the first workout and two times the second so it was not boring because it was  not always the same thing and yeah i don't know for some reason i love it and it was good and i  think uh if competition was not a goal for me i would still train only planche like really  that's what makes me happy it's strange to explain but yeah it's a like an obsessionyeah um another question like can you maybe present your your journey to  become a swiss champion of this year because it's also something which  is extremely impressive uh because uh yeah we've been at the competition and  there were like a lot of strong girls um also so um it was a big um a big performance there  so um yeah maybe you want to share with us a little bit the the preparation for the um for  the um competition and also the competition day and the feeling afterwards yeah um first thing i  was not supposed to compete this year because i was thinking about starting next year to compete  and waiting to have a level with which i was not satisfied but happy about it  before doing competition but uh what happened it is that i spoke with um with julian uh  that were a part of the person that organized the competition and i've just asked oh but there is no  uh girl competition you haven't like done it and he was like okay let's uh that's he told me that  he wanted to do a girl competition but that he didn't knew if there were going to be enough girl  so uh i told him that i were going to found to find girls that wanted to complete and yes to  to speak about it on instagram and things like this and with the girl that i know personally  that those street workouts so when i've done this in a certain way uh i feel like i felt like  it was a an obligation for me to participate because uh yeah  i've done a lot for for this competition not not in the preparation but in um  asking and founding a girl for completing so then i was like okay let's compete let's do this  let's try and if it goes it doesn't go that well that's not a problem it's the first experience and  next time i'm going to be more comfortable with it and i will knew more of myself and  of how i deal with the stress uh i'm really bad with stress like really but that's okay so  uh what i've done is that i decided to focus on my strong points so planche and back level so  for two months that was a little strange because in the competition we  we were supposed to do freestyle but i have not a gym to train in so it was difficult for me  and outside for some reason in switzerland it rained a lot so it was also difficult  to train outside but i i we decided to make a team just for the competition with the guy of  lausanne so we have made that stenos team and we were a lot working out  all together so that was good and i've just like decided to focus on the strong points and not  try to unlock the front paper before because i just had like one month and a half to prepare  myself so during these times i've done a lot of combo i started doing combo because i i've tried  to do a two-minute set and it was a lot it was really difficult at the beginning so i decided  to work a lot of combo to gain strength endurance to gain endurance in the shoulder basically so  yeah it was a lot of combo and i've changed my rounds so many times like really so many times  because at the beginning uh it was supposed to be two rounds but in the end just one so it was like  okay i will never been able to do like presses and old all on the same round  so it was a little stressful for me to change the rounds every time but like the two last week i've  just done my rounds again and again and again and again just to feel more comfortable about it  so yeah in the end uh last week  before the competition i've been able to do it uh without failing uh every time i've tried so i was  comfortable enough with it to to compete i think then it was really cool like it's one  of the best experience of my life because i've met so many much so many people that  we do i was just writing on instagram and so uh being able to to meet them in real life  it was so so cool and yes i think i've learned a lot like really a lot on that competition and  it was so so cool i was really stressed and that was her heart for me like we can see in the video  during the warm-up i was just like uh really not focused but just so stressed so i was like  okay let's do the crunch okay let's do this this and after they were okay elena it's your turn in  30 seconds and i was like oh but i'm tired so am i going to do this and then it went really good yeah  once the music starts you just forget all the stress and you are  yes it was a really strange mood like yeah and the thing that made this really strange for me  and really um uh yes that was really strange it that there was there were a lot of people and  at home when i train there is nobody so it was it was really difficult to  see all the people watching and you are just like okay but i trained in my home  in my room and there is nobody and there there are a lot of person but that was a good a good thing  cool yeah was a super intense day and you did uh super well i think for your it was  your first competition then yeah thank you so much so uh then it's like a bit big chapel  um yeah thank you so much um yeah i wasn't that happy with the performance but that's okay i was  happy with everything except the straddle that was really high but it was just so difficult to  to understand if i was high or low it was i wasn't feeling anything so yes i was really  really sad about it like when i finished and then just watched the video i was like  oh but that's my favorite skill and i've done it really bad so yeah mentally it was difficult like  i was really happy about all the rounds but not my favorite part of the round so yeah  that was really difficult for me but that's okay he trained well and i think there are  really few people who are satisfied with uh with their first competition so i think first  competition is always a mental game um and uh it's really hard so i think you did well  thank you so much thank you um yeah people also asked about your journey to become a coronation  athlete because i'm happy to to welcome you to the team as well since a few weeks  so maybe you want to share the story uh how you became a coronation athlete  yes um so first thing it was like um kind of a goal for me or something i really wanted to  to a brand which one which i really wanted to work with when i started calisthenics  but i knew it was too early so i waited and i've done my road and then what i remember is that you  or something somebody on the team just following me on instagram and we started to speak and to  react into stories and things like this and just have the first contact like this and then at the  competition you were there and we it was the first meeting in person let's say it like this  and it was really cool and yeah that was our first meeting so we have the we had the opportunity  to speak and to start meeting each other and then since this day i was thinking like okay i  really want to work with them they are a great team a great mindset and things like this and  yeah really good quality equipment also because i want the parallax so i can it was the first time  i was trying them so um yes that was really cool and i just had to waited until my um  the contract that i had before with another brand uh had to finish before i can have another sponsor  so i waited and the day they told me that the day it ended i just rated you that  if you were searching for new athletes to sponsor uh i would be really happy and really  honored about working with you so yeah then we spoke about it and yes i'm here we've done  a shooting that was really good instead guards and yeah that's that's it that's the story nice  i don't know if i forget something but i don't think so more or less it's it was like this no  true should be good uh i didn't realize something so yeah uh super happy about that as well uh like  super uh happy to have like a a talent like you and in the team with uh with a great uh spirit and  uh yeah and love for the sport so um yeah um let's talk about injuries um injury uh you  yeah you currently you're currently recovering from small injury um and you also had injuries in  the past um maybe you want to share what did you learn from the injuries that you had in the pastyeah so um i've had one from training to match planche so i brought my um  serrated muscle and it was really painful like even the nights just when i breathed it was  just waking me up and i was like crying like okay i will never train french again like this  because i've just not listened to my body enough and it broke so first thing that i've learned is  that you really have to listen to your body don't just keep working out even if you feel  pain if it's a bad pain if it's just like your muscle or thyroid okay you can train but if it's  something about articulation and things like this it's you have  to listen to your body and it's better to rest um for two weeks than for two months  so just listen to your body and stop working out if you feel pain and yes you will recover require  you will feel less pain and in the end and yeah just listen to your body and rest when you have to  even if it's complicated it was really hard for me not to train for three months  because training has always been part of my life and it's always the the the part  of the day that i love the most and it's like my kind of meditation in some way like it's the  moment in which i just uh think about nothing but training uh so yeah um don't do like me and don't  just not listen to your body you have to listen to it and yeah rest when you have to rest because  if you don't rest you will just be so sad after it when you you will go to the doctor and that he  will say that you have to stop for two months or three months yeah that's going to be hard  so yeah i've learned to listen to my body and that's the best thing  i could learn yeah really when you have the injuries um  how do you deal with them best like what is your recovery advice um for like regenerationi think it deepened the injury when my muscles  was broken i couldn't do nothing but rest like really no workouts like  just go for a walk but no run nothing like really nothing so that was just a founding other things  to work on but when i have like uh the injury i have this time so a problem at the tendon um  i've done a few days of rests then no planche workout because i knew that it was thethe plunge that made me like feel pain so i was just not doing it and i was like doing  strengthening exercises for biceps with not that much weight but a lot of repetition  in order to like don't know how to say it in a proper way but like to break the tendon  more to get it stronger after when it recover so yeah that's that was the the  that was the plan and that's still the plan yeah cool but what i recommend is that  when you have an injury um try to work on all the things that you don't work usually for example  i've trained a lot on flexibility when i had the broken threaded muscle injury because uh  stretching is something that i don't like but i know that's important  so i was like okay i cannot train so maybe i can work on something that will give me progress  in my skills without training so yeah that's that's something important i think just work on  the points that you don't work usually and yeah try to try to work on something during the time  you were supposed to work out don't do just nothing but watching next weeksure nice um yeah how does your diet look like some questions about your diet  and nutrition you also share uh some recipes and uh yeah uh some some delicious  the recipes on your instagram so how does your diet look like  um okay my diet is really important for me because um i've been interested by nutrition  since i was like 14 years old maybe or 15 like really really young so i've learned a lot of  things about it because i quickly understood that nutrition are a big part of progression so um my  diet looks like i'm eating i count everything that i eat like i wait everything because it's part of  my lifestyle and if i don't do this i feel really stressed and i know that's not a good things but  that's like this and i've tried to change it but i can't manage like i feel so much stress but  when i don't uh at how many calories on what gram of protein i am during the day that's so strange  that's a bad thing i don't recommend it but that's what i do so for now i'm at maintenance  so i don't try to gain weight and i don't try to lose weight so uh basically i it's clean um  most part of the time because i love to eat clean not because i have to but because i'd love to um  so yes i'm around yeah i'm also just i don't care um what i eat because i know that i'm going to eat  clean but i just try to have the right amount of protein every day to recover and to burn muscle  and yeah to maintain it so for me it's like two gram per kilogram of  of weight so yeah that's it i just make sure to have enough protein to have the right amount of  calories and yeah i count everything and then maybe one or two times during the week if i go  to the restaurant or things like this i just eat and i enjoy the moments so yeah that's  that's what i've done but i've done it in the wrong way for a long time because  i was just thinking oh if i'm lighter i will have better skills you know so i was  in my calorie deficit for months like months and it was really difficult for me to train because  i was really tired and yeah i wasn't feeling powerful and then i just  thought about it and say okay maybe for calisthenics it's not good to be on a deficit  if you yeah if you are okay with your weights and if you are um used to to  to work out with it you don't have to lose weight you just have to maintain and to have enough  energy so yeah that was really a game changer for me when i started eating again more it just made  me more powerful and also more happy because i wasn't always hungry and things like this  so yeah that was really important so i've had a lot of more of energy and yes my workouts  are just better now than when i was in the deficit so yeah deficit is not the solution  interesting yeah um your plans for the year so uh what can we still expect from you do you have some  goals uh to know for the for the year like we're we're talking end of november not for the year but  uh maybe for next year like uh what i yeah some goals that you're currently working on  um just on sports or also social medias and things like this because they have many goals okay no not  that much but i have i don't like to set specific goals like two specific goals i don't like but  yes a general goal i like so uh my goal uh for um skills are the full planche always the full  planche and yeah i think i will unlock it soon or at least i hope so and then the front lever  to be more uh complete athlete because it's useful and yes i hope to compete next summer that will be  a goal and to meet um a lot of people that uh the street workouts i think i will use the vacation to  just go and meet people because i feel like i need to and i really want to like it's cool to  speak with people on on instagram but it's better to meet them in person so i think i will try to  meet people and go to different gym that's really what i think that it's going to make me happy  and yeah for social medias um i will just do more video on youtube that's what i'm working  on uh right now and that's what's the day that's why they are really full because of it and yeah  i want to to help as much people as possible with nutrition and with like planning workouts with the  motivation also and things like this so yeah being more present on social media is really a goal  and that's something i'm going to to work on and yeah for the study just to yes finish the year  succeed the exam and yes that's the physiotherapy school that that's the main  goal probably the most important because study unfortunately are the most important things for  for our family and things like this and i want to make them proud of me so yeah that's also goodi'm crossing fingers for you that uh everything is working out like uh the planche the full  planche the front lever and the studies like everything everything so thank you so much  thanks uh for the interview as well we're coming close to the end uh we always have the quick  questions uh quick answers at the end of every episode so yeah what's what's your favorite foodburgers i think burgers and sushithat's my favorite one nice are you more a dog or a cat person  a cat person but i have a dog but it's a chihuahua so it's more or less like a cat okaynice like everybody all athletes say yeah i'm more a dog person but i have a cat or like i'm  more okay but i have a dog that looks like yeah weird it's a family that she's a [ __ ]uh yeah what's your favorite colordo you count dark as a color it's okay okay perfect it's dark uh yeah what what athletes  inspire you always uh it is always since the beginning and i think it will stay like this  and uh victoria yeah and also valentine like a lot of planters because i love lunch  but yeah that's the three main one i think yeah cool yeah uh what's your favorite skilli don't know french always plunge yeah but before after the maltese  yeah and on the certain reps parts it's dipsso i guess the the next question is obvious uh like this one as well uh but pull or push  push always push and you uh i'm it's transformed a little bit like in the beginning  of my my calisthenics journey was pull but now it's push as well so yeah okay yeah  yeah it just comes with with a lot of uh handstand hand balance uh like it just comes with  that you're becoming like so strong and shoulders that um push movements become easier but um yeah  i think all everything it's it's a question of focus and maybe also a little bit of genetics  yeah do you have a favorite book that you want to recommendi don't read i don't read a lot but uh i read a book um in english i'm not sure but  it's like um 12 rules for life something like this it's something about self development and  things like this and yeah that's what why i've done this tattoo it's from this book  that i had the idea so yeah that's my favorite one i think right now cool  we'll try to find out uh the book and we will put it in the description for the people  who are who want to check it out um do you have a favorite music genre yeah yeah it's  i don't know how to say it in english too but it's like hindi like italian indie but it's not really  indie it's a little strange but italian music because i'm italian so it makes me just happy to  to listen to something italian yeah cool um yeah the best calisthenics event you've ever been atthe only one that i think you drink the most  it was the event it was the competition yeah the swiss championship the swiss championship yeah  it was really nice and really well organized on my opinion super nice people supe super  audience super like uh really emotional uh supportive crowd it was really um a big shout out  to genesis workout uh like it was super super nice too to be there yeah yeah thanks to them too yeah  great uh yeah last question uh what's your  message to the calisthenics community what's uh something that you want to tell the listenersthat's i think we are doing a really really really um good sports  and yeah even now with that situation we've seen that a lot of people started uh doing calisthenics  street workout and things like this and yeah i i was going to say i think it's the better sport but  the best sport but there are no best parts but just keep working out and yeah keep making person  dream about it because when you see someone doing uh even just handstand people are like oh how  you do this oh i want to control my body so yes keep inspiring person keep meeting keep sharing  and yeah keep we have to keep help helping each other because that's i think uh characteristic of  our sports so yeah we have to to keep doing all this and yeah i hope to meet as much possible  as much person as possible in this sports uh next year and during the all the next years  in general so yeah we are doing a great sports and let's keep supporting each other yeah sure  great um yeah where can people get in touch with you where can they learn from youthis social media i'm more active on is instagram um and then it's on youtube  but on youtube unfortunately i think i will continue to do just uh content in french because  i don't feel comfortable enough to to do a lot of video in english because it takes yeah more time  but they will probably be subtitled in english so if you want to learn more you can also go there  and yeah if you have to if you have questions if you have something to to tell me you can write me  on instagram and i check the message often so yeah that's where you can you can speak  awesome all the links are in the description and in the show notes so um yeah if you want to find  lena on instagram on youtube you will find her um so yeah we're coming to an end big thank you for  your time it was a real pleasure to get to know you even better to um yeah to let you share all  your advice to the audience to the calisthenics community so um yeah thanks to you and before you  can say goodbye and end the episode lina i want to say thank you to everyone listening to this  till the end super grateful for that it's been a an over an hour interview again um and i'm super  uh proud and uh happy for the people listening till the end so thanks for that if you liked  the episode give it a thumbs up on youtube uh on spotify uh yeah you can do nothing but uh just say  thank you uh there so yeah thanks anyways lina you can say goodbye and thanks again to you yeah thank  you so much for everybody that has been listening uh to the podcast and thank you uh to you for  this opportunity it was really cool and it was really a pleasure so thanks for this opportunity.