MAX TRUE | About Records, Steroids and Workout | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #30

MAX TRUE | About Records, Steroids and Workout | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #30

MAX TRUE | About Records, Steroids and Workout | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #30

Max True is a professional calisthenics athlete from Belarus. Starting with calisthenics in 2005 he has more than 15 years of training experience. Max is 2x Muscle Ups Guiness Record Holder and known for his insane strength & physique.

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Age 31
Height 172 cm
Weight 70-72 kg
Country of origin Belarus
Profession Software Developer
Started with Calisthenics 2005
First Muscle Up At the age of 12
First World Record 2018

His favorite equipment & clothing:

1. Dip Belt

dip belt for weighted calisthenics


2. Wrist Wraps

wrist wraps for better wrist stability


3. Heavy Shorts

shorts for calisthenics workouts


The text of the interview (translated automatically):

also people asking which  steroids i take they don't ask   am i take you know i don't know  it's a tricky question that's good so i can say that yo gorillas welcome to the  athlete insider podcast by gornation my name   is phil and today's guest is again a really really  special one somebody who was requested a lot one   of the most ripped calisthenics athletes that i  know he's called the king of muslims the king of   reps and two times guinness world record holder  i'm happy to welcome you max true from belarus   hi my friends i'm glad to talk  with phil i'm glad to know that   he received a lot of questions  so i will try to answer as i can great we received like over 200  questions maybe even 250 so it was really   um yeah interesting and um yeah let's kick off  who is max true how do you present yourself uh so first of all i want to so  apologize for my english because   i don't don't have a lot of practice so sometimes  i will use google translate it's open here so   that's it so i'm 31 years old so usually  people think that i i have less age that   this number uh so i i think uh this  is because of calisthenics this is   uh the most healthiest kind of sport and i'm  from belarus i was born on the south of belarus   a small city called david gara dock i usually go  there once a month so to to visit my parents uh   uh i usually i'm making videos from from  this town a lot of videos because i have a   playground there uh near my house this was a like  uh present uh for my guinness record from my um   friend uh this friend is building playgrounds in  our country and this was very cool present for me   so the place where he built this playground is  very beautiful and it's very convenient for me   to visit my parents and do clearly staying there  nice i didn't expect that you're 31 years old   at all like i thought yeah of course you're you  just became father so congratulations on that but   i thought you're like 25 or something like this so  31 yeah keeping you keeping you young calisthenics   thank you nice um and can you do me a  favor and pronounce your full name for me   um i i like i always wanted oh it's very it's very hard for foreigners especially  so in uh in dollars uh we pronounce it uh truchanaya's second name so in english  manner you can pronounce it true on a bit so   first part of it it's true and as i'm a  programmer true or false boolean values uh   very frequent things that we  are using during programming so   it was obvious for me to use true as short  form of my second name okay interesting so   you already talked about your profession or your  like your real life you're working as a programmer yes i'm software developer now i'm working in checkpoint  software technologies this uh   israel company and we are doing security stuff so  i'm involved in a project called endpoint security   so we are protecting uh windows hosts from   different kind of vulnerabilities different kind  of attacks this is very interesting and i like   it very much so nice so you're usually people  ask me which language i use it's c plus plus uh java kotlin basically that's it   yeah so you're not only a hero in calisthenics  but also in the cyber security and i.t world uh kalista calisthenics calisthenics is like uh things that helps me to rest from  my main work so during my lunches   after work i go to the playground to exercise  so it helps to relax my brain relax my mind   to find another to find solutions that you  usually don't find because because when you   some uh far from the from your what to say from your work you you have to find  different angles of view to the problems so   usually it helps a lot to find the solutions  for your tasks issues that's true um that's   also like an empty mind it's also really helpful  to find solutions um for example if you are under   the shower and or on the toilet or stuff like  there you know like usually people get good   ideas there because the the mind is empty and  that's also for workouts that's true yes exactly   nice um people always are interested in the in  your body measurements how tall and heavy are you i'm one meter 72 centimeters and body weight it's differs from 70 to 72 so in this uh interval   okay so quite heavy like at least for uh for  uh yeah it's not as light as i 70 is heavy   for me like well for 172 if you  see calisthenics athletes like um   not like the weighted or the street lifters  um i think uh 70 72 kilos for 172 are is good so sometimes uh haters uh writing comments  on my youtube channel or something like   you know he's this guy is 50 kilos  so it's easy to do this stuff so   and then they are sitting with with with their big  belly and eat chips and like yeah yeah yeah yes   on this stuff i guess yeah but what we get this  these comments as well like for example when uh   we just had a video that was going viral from uh  natalia natalia uh i'm missing the second name uh   workout malicika oh yeah yeah i know  and i don't i don't remember her these two were going viral with their  muscle ups like easy clean muscle ups   and people were writing yeah they are like 4 50  kilo or 40 kilo everybody can do it with their   weight and it's lo you know like uh it's  so weird when there's a guy who is like   really heavy saying oh everybody  could do it with their weight and   um yeah there will always be haters writing this  but 72 kilos is good you have to feel good with it but thanks guts i don't have a lot of haters  so probably this is because i don't uh spend a   lot of time in the social network so that's  true okay that's also a good thing how to   to block haters just not to spend time with  them um what is your story how did you get   in touch with with calisthenics how did  you get the the person that you are today um so this started uh 60 years ago when i was  preparing uh to to the university so in my school   it it is very hard to prepare to the university uh  because this is this was school in small town and to be honest teachers are not very good so i had to prepare spend a lot of time learning  physics math learning russian language to prepare   for exams so because of that i didn't have a lot  of time but i liked sport i played football i visited visited karate so and uh i  didn't want to break uh with sport and   the only solution was uh to start  calisthenics because near my house i had bars   so it was very easy to go during my rest from the  preparation and do exercises so it was in 2000   uh five and uh this is the time when youtube  started i don't remember the year exactly yeah   2007 probably when youtube starts it i'm not  sure something like that so i remember that uh in after that in few years uh a lot of videos appeared on the youtube with  hannibal with american athletes that doing   different exercises it was uh very inspiring  very unusual at that moment and i decided   to spend more time with calisthenics  because i realized i realized that there are a lot of things that could be achieved so since that it was part of my life i was doing  calisthenics during the university and after that   i also still i i continued with that i had a lot  of words from from people that when you when you   will you will have a family or when you have a  job you will break with it because you don't have   you don't have time for that so i would say that  this is false statement because if you want you   it's easy to find 30 minutes in a day to do  calisthenics okay that's it so 16 years i i looked   it up uh youtube was uh founded 2005 uh so 15  years ago um so your journey is like a lot longer   than most of the people doing this sport was  it called calisthenics already when you started no no no no when i started i just did  pull ups dips and i didn't call it somehow so after that in probably 2010 it was  called in our country workout street workout and after that our people i mean russian people  realized that workout is something is this wrong   name for this activity because if you translate  work out into russia you understand that   this is just general uh word for for exercises  i don't know so you know i i think it's   better to call it at least street workout  calisthenics and now people understand that   it's proper name okay what was the russian  name was it wasn't it like something like   washka or something or can you  say it in russian the workout uh uh if you translate it it you know it is  translated like trinidovka okay like similar to   training but uh we call it workout workout in  russian manners that's it sorry just using an   english word okay okay and yeah yeah daniel was  asking an interesting question in my opinion how   long did it take from the first muscle up  to the world record how was the time span let me count first muscle up i was able to do anything i think 12 years old and  the record was two years ago uh so probably something like 6 60 16 years old 60 years 16 16 years   wow so something like that so 18  years ago you did your first muscle up yeah yeah maybe even elia wow something  like that was it easy for you to to learn   the muscle up did you always have the the  functional strength to do pull-ups etc   i think yes it was easy i spent  probably two months for that and i wasn't good enough in pull-ups at that moment   so i started doing pull ups and  soon i succeeded to his muscle up and what do you think is yours okay and what  do you think is your secret you know like   somebody who is watching your social media  profiles your results your records whatever   he is thinking oh this guy has to do something  completely different if he's that successful uh   he has to do something completely different what  do you think is your secret is it genetics is it   the food that you take is it uh is it steroids is  it what what is it like let us know definitely uh i don't have secrets because uh i i  can't say that my way was the the best   way uh to achieve this goal because i see that a  lot of people uh have much faster progress than i   in different exercises uh so i just almost  every day i did base exercises pull ups   less dips push ups so and muscle ups this  definitely wasn't optima optimized way but   it was very hard and long okay and if you  would start again now like let's switch back   20 18 years how would you change your workout  schedule what would you recommend yourself oh very hard question i know i have  the hardest questions i'm sorry i think main error when i started was that i did a lot  of pull-ups every day so i think you need to do   one day you need to do a lot of exercises and  other day you need to do if you want to do a lot   of exercises you need to to choose those exercises  that won't involve uh muscles that you used the   previous day so you need to do some rest that's it  i think because almost every day i was overtrained so you mean like every day you did pull  ups like every day seven days a week   yes yes yes only one day a week i did just one  set of pull ups and around about five kilometers   so it was like a test day  for me so i just did one set   tried to beat my record and after that around  five kilometers okay so you always focused on   endurance like strength endurance and  uh yeah i don't want to call it cardio   because of the running but still like  endurance yes yes yes i started weighted calisthenics seven years ago with weighted calisthenics you mean uh lightweight  and still endurance or additional yes yes   lightweight endurance okay um people were asking  did you have injuries on your way because you did   um you said you were over trained you said  you did pull ups every day did you have   problems with ten nighters  a tennis elbow or whatever i think no sometimes i had pain in  biceps in triceps in my back but usually   it takes something like months and  disappeared i don't have big injuries   and didn't didn't have it before so this  is because i'm doing basics basic workout   basic exercises and it's hot if you don't  use big weights it's hard to take injuries   okay and do you do stretching after the  workout or a long warm-up or um i do warm up   i just stretch in during workouts but sometimes  after but mainly during during workouts okay get   it um yes let's come to the the present how does  your workout schedule look like right now in 2020 so usually on monday i do a lot of muscle ups a little bit dips push-ups so it's uh  endurance day and it's a day of muscle ups   usually i do first first set it is 50 muscle  up without letting the bar 15 or 15 that i do 50. five zero five zero yes what well yeah  you know i'm doing rest on uh on the bars so   okay it's not consecutive okay but yeah  it's also hard it's very very hard but   uh not as hard as consecutive muscle ups  uh after that uh i'm doing one arm pull ups   sets with dips muscle ups dips  pull ups and in the end i'm doing like five sets of muscle ups maximum muscle  ups uh on monday it takes something like uh one   hour and a half uh also when it's warm outside  i'm doing a little bit running screen running on tuesday i do regular pull-ups about uh 230 something like that uh it takes one hour  and in the evening i do several sets of push-ups   it usually takes half of an hour wednesday is a a little bit leg day i do different  kind of squats jumps also i do human flag   dips a little bit   um thursday it's a weighted calisthenics i  do pull ups mainly with usually with 32 kilos it takes about two hours friday it's a running day  around about 10 kilometers saturday it is a weight muscle ups  day usually i use 18 kilos and sound a lot of different easy exercises so it's  like not a rest day but uh light workouts   okay i really like uh your explanation of  the leg day of a little bit leg day with with   the dips and human flag you know like the two  leg workout leg exercise that everybody knows no but i do i do them during the rest so  yeah but lex is using the last day of god   exactly could you repeat uh legs  legs are not your focus right um   yeah yeah sure sure you do it because of  health or aesthetics or why do you do legs boss health and aesthetics also  i had good results in sprint   during during in school in the university  my best result in 100 meters is 11.8 it's not something awesome but for me it's good results so okay and when you do explosive leg workout  like jumps and stuff like that uh you don't   you don't grow big legs right or is it um  because your goal is not to have like yes   but strong and effective legs yes yes probably yes i think you're right also because  of running 10 kilometers i think you won't get   big legs if you want big legs you need  to run only small distances yeah okay um   do you also work on skills that was a question  that was asked so many times can you do a plan   can you do a front lever um like uh um this also  frequent question in my instagram i usually uh i   asked answered several times but people keep   asking it so uh i can't do  planche i i can sometimes when i'm when i how to say rest when i uh   fresh uh so sometimes i i can do something like  planche about two seconds but i don't train it now i usually train a human flag so i have  good results in it i i can hold human flag for   more than 40 seconds uh what else also now i started learn handstand a  little bit so i now i can do some three push-ups   three hands and push-ups uh i started it i started  learning it recently so for me it's good result what else front lever ah for front lever yes i learned  it many years ago yes i can   i can do it also you can find it in my instagram i  don't post it very often but okay because because   i guess it should be quite easy for you because  you have the the power from pull-ups and   uh like the the back power which is  really important for the front lever   yes yes yes somebody was asking can you  learn the front lever only by doing pull ups only by doing i'll tell you how i learned the front  lever i did pull ups and during rest   i just did negative front lever and i think  in in two months i succeeded in learning   so uh definitely you need to do you need to  try it a lot of you need to do a lot of tries   without tries you won't learn it i think it's  impossible only with pull-ups okay get it   um i would be interested in your prs some some  of your personal records um because you said uh   like um you also do some weighted with uh 32 kilo  uh pull ups 18 kilo muscle ups um and uh yeah did   do you know like your uh your one rep max for  example for pull ups your record for one rep   i did 88 pull up and i didn't it was several  years ago and i didn't try more uh i to be honest   i don't like big weights on pull-ups and divs  so i think this is my personal record but i   don't train it and you don't have i mean  one one rep and you don't have the the   i don't know how to call it the curiosity to try  if you can do the 100 kg pull-up or is it like   it's just not important for you you don't  even want to try it it's important and there is a big possibility of getting  injures i think okay heavy weights okay so for you the health the health   side is there is more important than uh feeding  your ego or just trying out the 100 kg right i think this is because i have good results  in small ways and body weight exercises and   i don't have a big motivation to  do something more with big weights   and uh additional fact that you can get injured  so okay get it both of these um what was the   heaviest muscle up that you ever tried uh did  you do an attempt a few years ago or something i did three muscle ups with 62  kilos and this was my best result   but now i don't train with big  weights muscle ups i usually use 16 or 18 kilograms okay so 32 kilos and bigger ways i tried  but i didn't succeeded with bigger weights   but i think if i will train several months  i can increase this results okay and   uh like we have our product manager the  the fred frederick um he is one of the   like one of the really strong um weighted athletes  and he is doing like uh 20 to 22 23 reps with   32 kg pull-ups um so like he was uh he was  really strong before he became a father   he was really really active um if if he would do  uh the two others of calisthenics how many reps do   you do with uh 32 kg in pull-ups did you try your  rap my yeah my personal records is 20 23 it was   several weeks ago i'm going to publish  it uh on youtube and instagram soon okay   so it would be a closer lesson yes it was in garnetian t-shirts so  nice that's where the power comes from   yes nice that's great um and um yeah like um  if you tell somebody a beginner or even an   uh intermediate athlete uh three things that he  should improve to get better results what would   be these things what is something that you give as  an advice to somebody who is listening right now i think that the best thing is keep constantly do workouts  that the this is the main thing   and after some time you will have  you will get experience to progress so the the main thing is constant work uh also rests important so you need to rest but uh this is this advice is not for   for a lot of people because usually people  don't uh work enough for the progress this this advice is for people like  like me is it like funds in calisthenics i think this is main two advices and  that's now okay um and to have the   0.5 percent of body fat that you have no like  how many percent of body fat fat do you have uh uh several months ago uh  no not several months ago   it was in the beginning of the  year um i checked my body fat in   in a special hospital they have let's  say electro impedance i measured this machine measure measure your parameters of your body like  body fat muscle muscle mass   your bones and water i think as  well sorry water as well i think probably water yes so i have  this uh paper with the results   i can send you if you want later to play somewhere  in the videos as i remember my body fat was 8.6 something like that yes something like that and i i wasn't  shredded very shredded at that time   but i think it's uh value for my body something  like eight or ten percent body fat wow honestly   really it looks like one percent two percent i  don't know uh but uh yeah that's that's crazy when you have one or two you will you you can't  keep this body fat a lot of time you will i think   you will lose everything your muscles your your  health and it's not good to have very low body   fat i think and you keep it the whole year on  this level right you at eight to ten percent yes but when we have holidays uh usually i  eat a lot of sweets a lot of uh great food   from my mother so usually during holidays i have  greater value than 10 probably okay wow but i know   how to decrease my body fat so it's not very  hard okay what does your nutrition look like nutrition in the morning i  usually eat cottage cottage with with jam with fruits with nuts something like that at lunch i eat usually meat with vegetables and   in the evening also i eat meat  and vegetables also i have two snacks between main meals i take coffee probably with with sweets one or two  and or cookie something like that   sounds good um basically that's it so no  no carbohydrates no no rice no potatoes pasta potatoes here sometimes  so it's vegetables okay rice yeah but not very often i don't like rice okay so because when you say like meat  and vegetables for uh lunch and uh in   the evening um it's like not there's no  carbohydrates in it right yes agree okay you don't need it but also i i i drink a lot  of milk there is a lot of carbs i eat sweets so this is how i take carbs i think but yeah the  low chain like the the sugar uh sugar part   not the long chain uh carbohydrates that like for  example are in potatoes or rice or stuff like that   okay interesting um yes so um  and your opinion on supplements   uh was asked as well what do you think about  whey protein or creatine any stuff like that protein is a good scene when you  don't have possibility to eat meat or cottage for example if you don't have a possibility to go home so  protein is good but you shouldn't think that this   will help you a lot to this you do you shouldn't  think that this is the only way to gain muscles   because uh with simple food you can get  the same that you can get with protein um what else you asked creatine and   creatine uh i tried only once creatine and  i didn't had big increase in results only only it increased only my weight  i think it was additional water so   i decided that for me it's useless  probably for somebody it can be useful but   for me not i think also as i understand you you  are getting creatine from the meal from the meat   so i don't think that this is the supplement  that i should eat additionally okay   makes sense um yeah we already had  the question a little bit in the   interview before but um it was still asked najilka  was asking do you take steroids what is your   your question to that because you already  told me that people sometimes ask it it's very often question a lot of people asking  me do i take steroids and also people asking   which steroids i take they don't ask am i taking  i don't know it's a tricky question that's good so i can say that no i never  try i don't i have never i haven't tried asteroids and i don't think that   this is uh good uh stuff when you  want to keep your body healthy   if you want to take money with that if it's your  work probably you can get them but for me i'm   a software developer and i don't earn money with  that what is the sense of that i don't understand   people often ask because they don't believe that  my results could be achieved without steroids   but guys more than 16 years of  work of hard work you can try   just do workouts more than 16 years  and you will get even more than me   that's true that's um where um i can just say if  you talk about your calisthenics journey and it's   like 18 years something um you with steroids you  you don't have like such a long career because one   day your body starts suffering from the from  the yeah how to call it from the steroids you   know from it's toxic um for your body or like  it it takes takes the energy out of your body   in long term and if i listen to your um training  journey and uh attitude etc you always think like   you're really long-term you're not about the  short-term goals or pleasure pleasure etc but   you really think long-term and that's where it  only makes sense not to take steroids because   um you're really long-term oriented i think you  say in the beginning you said you want to you   one day you want to be able to work out with your  with your uh with your boy now with your child and   that doesn't work if you take steroids  because then you will be wasted in a few years   yes i agree with you i saw several people   that took steroids and they changed their body  in probably months or two they became from   these guys to very big i participated in men's  physique uh competition in our country and uh   for example in spring uh i saw guys that was so  so but in autumn they became very huge and it was very very interesting for me of people changing their bodies with steroids if  you look uh to my instagram to the videos uh my   body uh haven't changed since my journey started  a lot so i'm changing a little bit year by year so yeah this long hard way that's true and people  will always look for excuses i think this is why   they um accuse you of taking steroids or for  example the the comments that we had under the   the videos with the oh they are only 40 kg etc  because people always think oh i'm training for   years now and like they are training a lot but  not hard and not with the system and not uh with   uh with discipline etc and then they see somebody  um and they they have like crazy results and they   they just think oh i don't have it i work out for  a long time i'm impatient this guy has to cheat   um so um it's a legal regime um yes so um what's  your opinion on recovering faster we received some   questions about quick recovery and if somebody  can give advice on this if somebody was over   trained and has some string experience then it's  you um what's your advice to to training recovery recovery i think the best way is do  light exercises not rest   only rest at all lying on the  sofa i think the best way is uh pump a little bit your muscles with blood that  will help to recover not a lot but a little bit okay so active correct deload stuff  like this yes yes yes exactly and um   how does being a father influence your  training i think it's uh it's a big   change in your life since a few months  and how does it influence your training probably now you can hear he's crying so   uh now we because of uh corona i'm  working from home so for me it's easy   to train with child because i can take it take  him with me to the playground do my exercises and watch on him and so nothing has changed   okay and uh like i see it with with frederick  here um he suffered from like suffered it's a   big word but um you don't get as much sleep as you  did before i guess um how do you deal with that um he's sleeping well now uh when he uh when he had a stomachache he  uh cried a lot during the night   and uh this world was hard times but  now he sleep well he sleeps well and also because of corona i can sleep in the  morning more i don't need to go to the office   i have more time and no no problems with that nice okay that sounds good um and uh  yeah the last question before we come   to the end um your current goals what  what are you working on right now i don't have exact goal  right now and usually i don't   tell my main goal that i want to achieve because  i see a lot of people that screaming that   they are going to break records  they are doing something awesome and   etc i usually i just do and if i succeeded i  tell people about it because i understand that when you go and when you're  going to beat records it's   impossible to know if you fail  or not because this records so i have several exercises  that i'm going to focus on but   i prefer not to tell which  exercises i prefer not to tell that   i will do something very very big i prefer to just  show my results that's it yeah and that's like   that's the the image that i received from you in  this interview is like um you're somebody with um   less less words and more action like um um for  example like that you're so long in this game   and probably yes in this sport um like um that's  something really special and it's not something   that you tell everyone or have so many uh years  of experience etc and um it's really interesting   um because um uh it feels like you're not the  the marketing guy you're not like uh um the   the one who who does the the advertisement and  uh yeah is is uh talking a lot but yeah like   you're working in the background you're working  and doing your stuff so yeah that's really nice   to see and i think people will appreciate you get  to know you better thank you great thank you um   we have some quick questions for the end to end  this episode what do you prefer pizza or burger pizza definitely pizza okay great  are you a dog or a cat person cat person but but now i can't get cat in my house because my  wife have an allergy before the head cat and   we we lose him but when we decided  to get him uh my wife didn't uh   know that she had the analogy and after  some time she realized that and now   it's a pity but we can't get the cat so  it's okay very big problem for us yeah   i can imagine but you know that there are uh nude  nude cats right cats without without hair yes   yes but i don't like it okay um what  is your favorite location for holidays for holidays probably probably my parents home because i spent my childhood there and   all the memories from there and probably this  is the best place for me and the good food   and the playground with the training park um yeah  sounds like a perfect holiday vacation exactly   great uh what is the the worst exercise for  you the nightmare exercise that you hate all right um i can't choose the one exercise that i hate there  are a lot of exercises that i don't love but probably when you don't love  some exercises you can just do less of it i'll change it and i can't answer with it okay i i can't find the  exercise at the most as it i don't like at all   okay that's good um do you have a favorite  calisthenics athlete or somebody that you   look up to or follow and are impressed by his  results or are you focused on yourself only there are a lot of good guys that that i'm following on instagram on youtube and each guy good at special things so i can name some of them for example dima kuznetsov igor kofton zhenya  lois if you know him he's from belarus   you've lost strong he's called his name instagram  he's my good friend and uh javi from spain so there are a lot of guys that i'm following and but i can't name one person  that is like god for me   okay that's good um do you have a favorite book  a book that you would recommend to the people um probably a lot of the rings my favorite i  like such kind of books like fairy tales so   probably that's it but unfortunately today  nowadays i don't read a lot i usually read   technical books technical stuff  for programming related to my work okay uh what what is the favorite uh what was  the best calisthenics event you've ever been at um i liked very much world championship in moscow i was there twice in 2016 and 14. uh also i like burning gate yeah it  is in italy uh if you heard about it   guys did a good job especially with endurance  competitions it was very inspiring really amazing probably that's it okay nice   and the last quick question if you  have to decide muscle ups or pull ups muscle ups okay definitely muscle ups because they  involve small muscles you're also doing dips there   okay i expected that but still wanted to ask  that's good um if people have questions if people   want to get in touch with you how can they  learn from you they find you on youtube i think yes on youtube instagram that's it youtube and instagram are your your  profile okay nice we will put everything in the   description so if you want to check out uh max  social media accounts do that and yeah we're   coming to an end um before you can say goodbye to  everyone max i want to say thank you to everyone   listening to this um yeah it's been again  a long interview but i think a lot a lot of   great insights it was really nice that you you  took your time max because i know that you're   a busy man a busy athletes uh worker  father uh boyfriend and everything so um   yeah thanks a lot for that i really appreciate  it and i know that the people will appreciate   and yeah if you like the interview feel free to  share it with somebody who needs it to like it   do whatever you want with it and yeah max you  can end the episode thanks everyone for this   for listening thank you fields and thank  you guys for watching for listening um   it was really cool questions and uh hope you  see in real life when corona finish so thank you.