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by Philipp Hülsdonk November 20, 2020

The best Deals of the year are coming - big discounts, the official launch of the GORNATION Parallettes and also the launch of the Performance Collection. In this article we will answer the most frequently asked questions in the last days about the BLACK WEEKEND.

When will it take place?

It will start on November 27 at 12AM (midnight) CET and end on Monday 11PM59 CET. So you will have all the benefits of BLACK WEEKEND for these 4 days.

What will happen on BLACK WEEKEND?

  1. The 4 days have three main specials that are the following
  2. The biggest discounts of the year are available and on selected products of the store you will have up to -63% of discounts. There will be the cheapest prices of the year for calisthenics equipment, clothing and accessories.
  3. The Premium Parallettes will be officially launched and available from Friday on. There will be limited stock for everything so we can't guarantee that the stock lasts.
  4. The new Performance Collection will be launched on the same date and will contain quite a few new pieces with functional and breathable material. There will be clothing pieces for men and women with highly requested new products and new designs.
  5. There will be another small product launch and two free chalk samples in every order. Only as long stock lasts.

Will there be an early access?

Yes, there will be an early access for all the GORNATION Club subscribers, means our free newsletter. So if you want to get notified about an early access on Thursday already, sign up and get a mail before everyone else!

Will there be restock for all products?

There will be restock for nearly every product, yes. Right now it's quite hard to handle the high demand but we did our best to have at least 95% of the products on stock. We did our best to prepare for the high demand of the BLACK WEEKEND, but can't guarantee that it will last for everyone.

Will the new Premium Parallettes be discounted?

No, they won't be discounted, the discount was only available to the pre-orders. They will be in the shop for the normal price from Friday, November 27th on.

You have more questions about the biggest discounts on calisthenics equipment and clothing of the year? Feel free to send us a DM on Instagram!

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