Calisthenics Bars

Calisthenics Bars



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Pull Up Bar MultiPull Up Bar Multi
Pull Up Bar Multi
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Pull Up Bar UniPull Up Bar Uni
Pull Up Bar Uni
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Metal Parallettes Pre-OrderMetal Parallettes Pre-Order
Metal Parallettes Pre-Order
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Premium Dip BarsPremium Dip Bars
Premium Dip Bars
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Premium Parallettes MaxPremium Parallettes Max
Premium Parallettes Max
Sale price119,90 €
Premium Parallettes ProPremium Parallettes Pro
Premium Parallettes Pro
Sale price99,90 €
Static BarStatic Bar
Static Bar
Sale price149,90 €
Premium Parallettes Active Pre-OrderPremium Parallettes Active Pre-Order
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Wooden ParallettesWooden Parallettes
Wooden Parallettes
Sale price59,90 €

Calisthenics Workout Bars from GORNATION

Maximise your training with the Calisthenics Bars Collection

Discover our bars for calisthenics & street workout. Get stronger now with high-quality Parallettes, Dip Bars, Pull-Up Bars and the Static Bar. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, our products offer versatile options for optimal muscle building

Perfect for every fitness level and training environment

Our workout bars are perfect for every fitness level and offer optimal conditions for your training in the home gym, calisthenics park or outdoor workout. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps in calisthenics or an experienced athlete, our products will help you achieve your goals and increase your fitness levels.

Versatile push-up handles for effective training

The Premium Parallettes from GORNATION, also known as push-up bars or mini bars, are indispensable tools for your calisthenics training. You can perform a variety of exercises with them, including push-ups, dips, L-sits and different handstand variations. The robust construction and non-slip rubber feet guarantee safety and stability during your workouts.

Dip Bars for a stronger upper body

Our Dip Bars, also known as Dip Station, enable effective training to strengthen the upper body muscles. They are ergonomically shaped and offer a stable design that ensures a secure and comfortable hold during training. You can use them to work specifically on your chest, triceps and shoulder muscles.

Pull-up bars for versatile training at home

Our pull-up bars, also known as chin up bars, are perfect for a versatile and effective home workout. They enable a variety of exercises such as pull-ups, muscle-ups and leg raises. The sturdy steel construction ensures optimum safety and maximum durability, while the easy installation and customisation make them a great choice for any training environment.

Static Bar for advanced calisthenics exercises

The Static Bar is an indispensable tool for advanced calisthenics enthusiasts. You can use it to perform static exercises such as front levers and back levers, handstands and various planche variations. The high-quality construction and stable base provide the stability required for challenging exercises.

Start your effective calisthenics training today

Achieve your fitness goals and start your effective calisthenics training today with the large selection in the GORNATION online shop! Discover the versatility of our products and take your training to the next level.