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Premium Parallettes MaxPremium Parallettes Max
Premium Parallettes Max
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Premium Parallettes Pro
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Premium Dip Bars
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Premium Parallettes Active
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Static BarStatic Bar
Static Bar
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Wooden Parallettes ExtendedWooden Parallettes Extended
Wooden Parallettes Extended
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Wooden Parallettes CompactWooden Parallettes Compact
Wooden Parallettes Compact
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Choosing the right equipment for calisthenics depends on your personal training goals and lifestyle. If you're looking for a flexible solution that's easy to transport, parallettes are ideal for you. Their compact size makes them perfect for street workouts in the park or quick workouts at home.

Dip bars, on the other hand, are more for the fixed location. They're less easy to transport, but offer great versatility for more intense home workouts or for the gym.

A static bar gives you the most options when it comes to stability and variety of exercises. While it is larger and not as easy to transport, it can be broken down quickly. This makes it more compact and can easily be used for outdoor sessions at the calisthenics park.

Pull-up bars are the be-all and end-all in calisthenics and allow for unlimited exercise variety to build a strong core. You will soon find chin-up bars in our assortment as well.

Dip bars are extremely versatile and are great for a wide range of exercises, from basics to weighted calisthenics and statics. They are easier to transport and have the flexibility to be used individually or standing side by side. This makes them the perfect choice for variable workout environments, whether at home workouts or in the gym.

In contrast, the static bar, also called the front lever bar, offers more clearance for challenging exercises like front levers, back levers and planches due to its long bar. The ability to combine two static bars brings another level of versatility into play. You can either set them up side by side for a similar experience to bars, or even bolt them together for an even longer and more stable structure.

So if your workout has a higher focus on specialized static exercises, the Static Bar might be a better choice for you.

Choosing the right accessories can greatly enhance your calisthenics workout with bars like dip bars or parallettes. Here are some recommended accessories:

1. Grip Tape: tape provides a better grip on the bar, absorbs sweat and can increase the efficiency of your workout by reducing slippage on the bar.

2. Resistance Bands: Perfect for those who need assistance with difficult exercises like the front lever, planche or muscle-up. They can also be used to increase intensity and volume during advanced exercises.

3. Weight Vests or Weight Belts: ideal for weighted calisthenics to increase the resistance and therefore the intensity of the workout.

Discover helpful equipment for your workouts on our Calisthenics Equipment page.

There are many reasons why GORNATION should be your first choice for calisthenics equipment and accessories:

1. By athletes for athletes: we understand exactly what you need for an effective and safe workout, as we are passionate calisthenics athletes ourselves.

2. Developed with professional athletes and world champions: Our products are developed in close cooperation with professional athletes and world champions in calisthenics. This guarantees the highest quality and efficiency.

3. Designed in Germany: Our designs are created in Germany with passion and precision.

4. Experienced brand: GORNATION has been around since 2015 and has established itself as a trusted brand in the calisthenics and street workout community.

5. Focus on best performance: Our main goal is to help you perform at your best. That's why our products are not only functional, but also extremely durable and high quality.

By shopping at GORNATION, you become part of the community that shares the same passion for calisthenics and you get products that support you in your workouts.