Reach your next level and get stronger with the Resistance Bands of GORNATION. You can use the two-layered bands as a pull-up band as well as a fitness band and thus either make your training more difficult or make your bodyweight exercises easier. You can use the sports band as calisthenics equipment to learn muscle-ups or pull-ups. | Pull Up Band/Resistance Band For Pull Ups/Training | GORNATION

Premium Resistance Bands

Red 5-15kg
Yellow 10-30kg
Green 20-40kg
Orange 25-60kg
Set of 3
Set of 4
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The functional equipment for a successful workout. Versatile use as support or resistance for outdoor or indoor workouts. Particularly tear-resistant due to two layers & practical thanks to weight information on the bands. Available as a set and individually.


  • Faster progress by making your training & exercises harder or easier
  • Perfect for learning new skills like Front Lever or Planche
  • Resistance Bands with two layers not only look better, they also last longer and are less likely to tear or be damaged
  • The bands are made of 100% natural latex & are more skin friendly
  • Your band comes with a carrying bag & a voucher for video lessons showing you how to get the most out of your bands
  • Sets include a door anchor as a convenient addition to give you even more exercise variety in your home workout
  • Red: 208 x 1,3 x 0,45cm, resistance 5-15kg
  • Yellow: 208 x 2,2 x 0,45cm, resistance 10-30kg
  • Green: 208 x 3,2 x 0,45cm, resistance 20-40kg
  • Orange: 208 x 4,5 x 0,45cm, resistance 25-60kg
  • Material: Natural latex


  • Red - The light support Resistance: 5-15kg Most common uses: Warm-up, stretching, minimal assistance with pull-ups & muscle ups, improving front levers & planche
  • Yellow - The universal band Resistance: 10-30kg Most common uses: Assisting with pull-ups & muscle ups, learning front levers & planche, increasing reps, making dips & push ups more difficult
  • Green - The powerhouse Resistance: 20-40kg Most common uses: Learning pull-ups & muscle ups, leg training with squats & deadlifts, heavy resistance on dips & push-ups, learning front levers & planche
  • Orange - The maximum power Resistance: 25-60kg Most common uses: Learning pull-ups & muscle ups, leg training with squats & deadlifts, sprint training


  • Dispatch with tracking within 24h Mo-Fr
  • 30 days return policy on unused products
  • More information about shipping & returns HERE


  • Store the bands in a dry place for maximum durability
  • Avoid prolonged heat, direct sunlight & dust
  • Carry them rolled up in the included carrying bag, so the zipper of your gym bag won't damage the band
  • Our resistance bands can be cleaned with soap and water to then be hung up to dry
  • Pro tip: Apply standard baby powder after cleaning for maximum durability
  • If the band is torn & damaged, the band should be replaced

Buy Resistance Bands for your Workout from GORNATION

Resistance bands, or fitness bands, are used by athletes in weight training, calisthenics, gymnastics, and many other sports for achieving strength, mobility, and rehabilitation goals. The versatile applications and simplicity of the product make resistance bands a beneficial piece of equipment. The different strengths of the 2.08 m resistance bands adapt to your level and allow you to achieve the best possible results at home workouts or outdoor training. Through various exercises, the resistance bands can be used to train chest, back, legs, arms, and abdominal muscles very diverse, but also the training of skills is adapted by the bands to your level. Use the resistance bands made of natural latex either for support when learning the front lever or the planche by attaching them above you and using the band around your hips as a relief. You can also use them to increase your reps in your basics and endurance workouts by creating more reps with the support of the bands. You can achieve your goals with additional weight or in training for maximum strength by using the additional resistance of the bands e.g. dips, push ups, or squats. Thanks to two strong layers of natural latex, your Premium Resistance Bands from GORNATION will become your reliable companion during your workouts and are therefore less prone to tears. With the purchase of a Resistance Band Set from GORNATION, you receive resistance bands in either three or four different strengths and thus maximum variety and training possibilities. Also, each Resistance Band Set comes with a Door Anchor, which makes your resistance bands a very effective training tool for home workouts. You always know which band has the best benefit for you, because the resistances in kilograms are noted on the respective bands. The further the band is stretched, the higher the resistance becomes, hence the range in band resistances.

Recommendations for the Resistance Band 5-15KG (Red)

The red Resistance Band from GORNATION is great for your warm up and learning skills. With the red Resistance Band, you can perfect the execution of an exercise and get minimal support for front lever, planche & Co. The resistance is 5-15 kg less than the other resistance bands but brings you a lot closer to your desired skill. Improve & learn the front lever, back lever, full planche, straddle planche, or maltese planche. An effective warm up before your calisthenics workout also includes resistance bands, which prevent injuries to the shoulders, elbows, and scapula, for example, and enable an effective workout through better blood circulation. Also, improve your mobility with the red resistance band through countless stretches & mobilizations that will help you for your injury-free and successful career in calisthenics & weight training.

Recommendations for the Resistance Band 10-30KG (Yellow)

GORNATION's yellow Resistance Band is great for learning skills, but can also make your workouts heavier, giving you a strong boost in the basics. If you have mastered the basics and now want to discover the top class of calisthenics, this resistance band is the perfect transition into a new experience. Skills like the front lever or the planche feel impossible to do at first. With the yellow Resistance Band, you'll become much more familiar with these skills and develop a feel for the workout. Whether indoor or outdoor, use the resistance bands easily on your way to the straddle planche and surpass your limits. The resistance band makes your progress more measurable when training for skills. Once holding the straddle planche works well with the yellow Resistance Band, you've moved up in your training level and can move on to the red Resistance Band. Pull-ups, push-ups, and dips with an increased resistance will give you a whole new workout challenge. Take on a new challenge and use the resistance of the yellow Resistance Band for a next-level basics routine. Master the basics and discover the possibilities of advanced skill training in calisthenics.

Recommendations for the Resistance Band 20-40KG (Green)

The green Resistance Band from GORNATION has countless applications for beginners as well as for advanced users. The high resistance provides you with increased support during your workout with the resistance band. Pull ups, muscle ups, or dips with the resistance band make you familiar with the movement of the exercise. You'll build strength faster and increase the number of repetitions. The foundation for the first pull up without support. Explore new areas in your basics workout with increased resistance from the green Resistance Band. Push ups, dips, squats, and even pull ups can be made a lot more difficult and provide your body with completely new muscle stimuli. If push ups, dips, or pull ups are too easy for you, you'll take the boredom out of exercise and develop a new challenge with GORNATION's green Premium Resistance Band. Grow beyond yourself and use the resistance band as support or resistance in your workout for even faster training progress.

Recommendations for the Resistance Band 25-60KG (Orange)

The orange Resistance Band from GORNATION is used when initially learning pullups or muscle ups. The very high level of support makes a pull up doable for a person of any fitness level. Familiarize yourself with the movement sequence of the exercise and develop a feeling for the load of the execution. After the first few pull ups with the resistance band, you will give your body new stimuli and ensure an increase in strength. You will achieve a higher number of repetitions and feel less effort during the workout. The goal of an unassisted pull up becomes more attainable by training with the orange Resistance Band. Use the 20-60KG Resistance Band as resistance for your sprint or leg workout. You'll reach a new level of explosiveness due to the very high resistance and give your legs an extra boost during your resistance band workout. Leg training without weights becomes very versatile and can be done effectively both at home and outdoors.

Recommendations for the Resistance Band Set

With the Resistance Bands Set, you will provide the best upgrade to your workout. Depending on your current training focus, you can choose between different resistance bands with different benefits. Warm up with the red resistance band and complete your first planche holds. If you can't get any clean reps during the workout, you can switch to the yellow band. This way you increase the volume of your planche workout and thanks to the Premium Resistance Bands from GORNATION you can still work on your planche holds very well at the end of the workout. For a high-intensity basics workout, the green Resistance Band is there for you, taking you into new territory with stronger resistance during your pull ups or push ups. Thanks to the included Door Anchor for the resistance bands, an intense workout is also possible at home. To learn a new exercise, use the green or orange band to familiarize yourself with the movement. For example, start with the green band for the pull up. With regular training, you will develop enough strength to switch to the yellow or red band. Eventually, you will achieve your first pull ups, without assistance. After that, with the resistance bands, you have the ideal equipment to make the pull ups more difficult. With the Premium Resistance Bands Set from GORNATION, you always have the right training partners at your side.