The popular parallettes for your workouts, whether in the home workout or outdoor. The wood/metal combination offers maximum grip together with stability and quality. The equipment, also called mini bars or push-up grips, helps you with your handstand, push-up or L-sit. Discover now! | Premium Parallettes for Calisthenics Workout | Equipment by GORNATION

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Premium Parallettes

We have written a guide for you to help you choose the right Parallettes.

Buying Parallettes, what benefits do they actually bring?

Parallettes are one of the most useful workout equipment for calisthenics training and take home workouts & outdoor workouts to a new level. They can be used for all levels, for training almost all muscle groups and expand the variety of your calisthenics & bodyweight fitness exercises. Parallettes, or also called mini bars or push-up grips, improve wrist position during exercises push-ups, handstands and co. and create a more natural position for the wrists. They offer optimal grip for your exercises due to the 40mm wide handle and increase the range of motion during push ups, handstand push ups and tricep dips. This makes them an upgrade for home gym, calisthenics park & outdoor workout.

The advantages of wooden parallettes & metal parallettes

Wooden handles have a great advantage with Parallettes in that they absorb sweat and are comfortable to hold despite the rough surface. Wood naturally brings many positive properties and has proven itself in equipment for gymnastics & calisthenics. Metal handles promote sweat production on the hands during intensive workouts and a loss of control occurs during exercises such as handstands, planche & co. This phenomenon can be avoided with cotton tape, because like wood it also absorbs the athlete's sweat and has a pleasant, rough surface. So that you can take your existing Parallettes to the next level or vary your GORNATION Parallettes with tape & wood, every pair of Parallettes at GORNATION comes with two rolls of tape to give you maximum grip during your calisthenics workouts.

Why buy Parallettes for Calisthenics at GORNATION?

Since 2015, GORNATION has been firmly established in the calisthenics & bodyweight scene, growing along with the sport. We work closely with Calisthenics World Champions, National Champions & experienced competitive athletes to offer products on a new level. GORNATION stands for quality, thoughtful designs & closeness to the sport. Our Parallettes have a long development time behind them and are well thought out and designed for bodyweight sports with non-slip & high-quality beech wood, stable & non-slip feet and accessories such as tape & if necessary a carrying strap. Many equipment suppliers do not use the equipment themselves and ill-conceived details such as a slippery, lightweight design then leads to problems for the end user. As an athlete-focused company, you'll find smart equipment that supports your workout and helps you get to a new level.

What are the Parallettes exercises in Calisthenics?

Parallettes are versatile and there are exercises for the whole body. If you want a detailed list from 13 calisthenics exercises for home and on the go, we recommend you to read the blog article we wrote about the equipment. Possible are all types of push-ups, handstands & planche, depending on your fitness level and the Parallettes variation you chose for your workout. The high MAX Parallettes are the most versatile and suitable for most exercises. The ACTIVE Parallettes are perfect for training on the go and can be taken along as push-up grips, but also as Parallettes for planche & handstands. The PRO Parallettes are best for hand balancing or if you are looking for low parallettes, but very stable on the floor. There are numerous exercises for push-up variations for triceps, chest & shoulders that are designed to build strength and help you achieve a strong, functional body. Some exercises you can look for more information on are Push Up Hold, Wide Push Ups, Planche Leans, Frogstand/Crow called in yoga, L-Sit, Bench/Triceps Dips or Straight Bar Push Ups.