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Premium Resistance BandsPremium Resistance Bands GORNATION
Premium Resistance Bands
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Premium Resistance Bands SetPremium Resistance Bands Set
Premium Resistance Bands Set
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Elastic Bands SetElastic Bands Set
Elastic Bands Set
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GORNATION Door Anchor & Transport Bag for your Home Workouts and connect Resistance Bands, TRX, Gym & Workout Rings to it. FIt at home. ancre de porte. Ancoraggio della Porta. anclaje puerta trx.Door Anchor
Door Anchor
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Resistance Bands and Accessories by GORNATION

Discover the variety of our resistance bands

Our Premium Resistance Bands are the ideal addition to your home workout and offer you numerous ways to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, our Resistance Bands and Elastic Bands support you in your home workout and make your training more effective and versatile.

The benefits of resistance bands

Resistance bands offer a variety of benefits for your workout. They are lightweight and portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Thanks to their elasticity, they are easy on the joints and are perfect for warming up, improving flexibility and strength training. With our training bands, you can target different muscle groups and customize your workout.

Resistance bands in calisthenics training

Resistance bands are an essential tool in calisthenics workouts. They support you in performing various exercises and help you to learn the correct technique and gradually increase the intensity. With resistance bands, you can learn difficult exercises such as muscle-ups, pull-ups and dips more easily by providing additional lift and support. They are also perfect for intensifying a wide range of exercises by adding additional resistance to increase muscle strength and endurance. Whether for basic exercises such as pull-ups or push-ups, or isometric exercises such as planche or front levers: resistance bands allow you to make your calisthenics training more varied and effective and continuously improve your progress.

Our resistance band sets: all in one

Our resistance band sets with 3 or 4 bands contain everything you need for a well-rounded workout. The sets consist of various resistance bands with different strengths that are perfect for every training level. With the included door anchor, you can attach the bands to any door and make your training even more versatile. The resistance band sets are ideal for your home workout and allow you to train effectively at home.

Versatile training options

You can perform a variety of exercises with our resistance bands and elastic bands. Whether strength training, muscle building, stretching or rehabilitation - our elastic bands can be used flexibly and offer you countless training options. Use them for exercises such as bicep curls, tricep presses, squats, lunges and much more. The training bands are also ideal for improving stability and balance.

Resistance bands for every training goal

Our resistance bands are not only suitable for strength training, but also perfect for mobility and flexibility. With our Elastic Bands, you can improve your mobility and relieve tension. They are also ideal for warming up before training and cooling down afterwards. No matter what your training goal is, our resistance bands will help you achieve it.

High-quality materials and workmanship

The resistance bands from GORNATION are made from high-quality, durable materials that guarantee a long service life and high load-bearing capacity. The robust Elastic Bands retain their elasticity even with intensive use and offer you safe and effective training. Our training bands made with 100% natural latex are skin-friendly, so you can concentrate fully on your workout.

Start your Home Workout with GORNATION

With the resistance band collection from GORNATION, you are perfectly equipped for your workout at home. Discover the variety of our resistance bands and improve your fitness with targeted exercises and effective workouts. Visit our online store and find the perfect resistance band set for your home workout. Achieve your fitness goals faster and more efficiently with GORNATION!